Listed: Bunnies and Birdies…

Finally, after a morning of slight stress and ice cream bribes (entertaining kids and updating your site don’t go together), they are listed.



All to be found here in the Spring Specials section and a few here on Folksy.

I had quite a lot to say about the new bunny purses, I bought the tweed forever ago (in the Winter actually) and have fallen in love with it, there is a beautiful golden fleck that runs through it giving a really nice texture, in fact so nice I’m keeping a Turquoise purse for myself. ย I’ve also only finished half the pink batch but really feel I need to get them listed. ย I wont say any more, I managed to delete the entire front page of my shop this morning by accident (obviously) and have spent the last hour re-creating it so I need to go and have a click through, make sure everything is working, oh and I’ve added ‘customer accounts’ in the hope it stops people having to add their full address details whenever they buy. ย Again, hope it all works as haven’t been able to test it.

Back to the boys….how much longer to go? ๐Ÿ˜‰

15 thoughts on “Listed: Bunnies and Birdies…

  1. Oh Beth, what a pain to delete your front page but hey these things do happen! Love the new products…very spring like.
    Jane x

    1. It’s on it’s way, many thanks Justine, I really do appreciate that you keep buying my creations. I think it would have been much better to break up last Friday, it feels odd having 2 weeks with Easter at the end (and not in the middle) but then we’re off for the Wedding so I guess it’s almost 3 weeks altogether! Thank goodness for the sun it’s making things a lot easier. I hope you’re having a good Easter hols and have some time off work to play with the kids? Bx

  2. How have I missed your blog for so long? Your creations are beautiful and I have really enjoyed scrolling down through your past posts – except the one about packaging which has made me feel slightly inadequate – lol!

    1. Thanks very much, really glad you’ve enjoyed reading and that you’ve taken the time to comment. I’m off to visit your blog and have a good nose around with my morning coffee ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Luverly.

    Just had a catch up on your last few posts. I am insanely full of WANT for your Donna Wilson pot of newly sharpened pencils!

    1. Hi Flora, I love my pencil pot, both the pot and to see it full of nicely sharp ready to use pencils. I am a geek ๐Ÿ˜‰ Bx

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