I’m still a bit all over the place at the moment, we are fast approaching half term (but wait, didn’t we just have school holidays??!!) and I have rather a lot to get done in the next few days.  We will be visiting the in-laws in Germany (ash cloud permitting) and it’s the first time the boys have flown that they will remember; so for the occasion, we’ve bought them a Trunki each so they can pack their toys and if needs be, be dragged along when they get tired.

I remember these being pitched on Dragons Den and thinking ‘what a brilliant idea’….I seem to remember the Dragons weren’t all that impressed, especially by the plastic catch which wasn’t strong enough on the prototype, oh how wrong they were.

I’ve also made myself a skirt for the trip, it only took half a day and has been made out of fabric I already had in stock.  It’s a copy of a favourite one from Jigsaw that I wore for many years and has quite an unusual cut that produces a gentle swing to the bottom.  Now, HUGE  apologies for the really awful photo but I wanted to show you the pattern pieces laid out ready to cut so you can see how they might work once sewn together

the final skirt is a really flattering fit and I have been meaning to take a pattern from the original for some time.  Inside I lined it with some liberty tana lawn in ‘wiltshire’, one of my favourite designs.

I’ve been buying new fabric; also for clothes making, whilst I’m on a roll

some lovely ‘Little Folks’ voile by Anna Maria Horner from M is for Make (in the sale so a bargain).

I’m also trying to get some samples made up for new products and for this have bought some Metro Dots in Marigold from the fabulous Saints and Pinners, one of my favourite fabric shops.  I have a very special project in mind for this and it was inspired by the Buttercups I have been sewing for new brooches for the shop.

I’ve really been enjoying stitching these, they are such a lovely sunny yellow and have been brightening up my work bench.  I just need to keep going and finish them, I’m still finding myself jumping from project to project and not being able to settle.

Finally and actually the most important part of this post is a big thank you to Justine, who surprised me with a wonderful gift in the post this week

She made me a gorgeous Hoop Travel Bag with linen and red riding hood fabric, it’s perfect and reminds me what a wonderful community there is in blogworld.  It’s most definitely coming to Germany with me, probably with some nice little hand stitching project to keep me happy.

Sorry for the slightly disjointed post, I need to focus and have a big tidy up this afternoon, the house and my workspace is quite frankly, a bit of a mess and for me it always makes me feel unsettled when this is the case so I shall be spending the rest of today putting everything away and will no doubt feel happier for it 🙂

This and that…

My sewing mojo is a bit all over the place at the moment.  I think it’s party the on off holiday situation with the boys and M being away quite a lot, plus I am very distracted by the garden.  I find if I force myself to do some sewing (usually after a break for a few days), ideally a small, fun projects; then I find myself back to normal and itching to get things done again.

I have been beading new tags, I am forever running out of these and it’s a nice to do whilst I have the boys around.

Planning some dyeing sessions (I’m washing bedding and towels today to get all the whites out of the way as you need to do this just before bulk colour washes for obvious reasons).

Admiring the posh notebook that my generous sister bought for my Birthday ages ago,

now it has a home in my nice new bag.  This is my first none Orla K bag for many, many years but I couldn’t resist as it was half price for a few days and I’ve always fancied a nice leather satchel style.  I was going to treat myself to an original Cambridge satchel one day but this was a lot cheaper with the discount (it’s from Boden).

Planing some cushions for the living room with this

and finally, I’m all excited by working out the new flower brooches, again it’s a nice little project for doing here and there in amongst the gardening and school runs.

I say finally but we had the important event over the weekend of C turning 4, and thanks to inspiration from this post over at Scented Sweetpeas I made him a Pinata in the shape of a fish.  It was hastily made, I have to be honest and the fish part was a last minute thing after a school Mum asked me what shape Pinata I was making (errrr a balloon shape?!) but the boys loved it, especially being able to bash something with a stick until it breaks – the highlight of the day for them 🙂

Still here…

I feel like the boys have been on holiday forever (and it’s not even the long summer ones yet!), it’s been lovely but also quite exhausting, M is away (again and over the whole of the Bank holiday/Wedding weekend) so I’ve been ‘home alone’ and mostly hanging out in the garden with the boys.  On the sewing front I’m in the middle of a number of projects.

I wasn’t going to show you these as they are for next Autumn but I’ve made a start on some ‘Special’ mice,

I’ve also been sewing new lavender birds in a bright summery orange, they just need eyes and the second half of the batch making up.

On my desk is a little pile of cashmere bunnies, these are waiting on new tags (I have lost a brand new batch somewhere and can’t wait any longer for them to turn up so have had to order new ones grrrrr) and dresses,

and finally I am also working on ideas for a new banner/logo/business cards.  Not there yet with this one but I know in my head where I’m going.

On the usual note, bloomin’ blogger is no longer letting me comment, there was a brief window when I could but it’s been snatched away just as I was finally catching up on my blog reading and this time it’s all forms of blogger comments (even the ones in separate windows).  Fed up of this now but I don’t know how to correct it, ho-hum.  Right, only 1 precious hour left before school run so I had better make the most 🙂