Still here…

I feel like the boys have been on holiday forever (and it’s not even the long summer ones yet!), it’s been lovely but also quite exhausting, M is away (again and over the whole of the Bank holiday/Wedding weekend) so I’ve been ‘home alone’ and mostly hanging out in the garden with the boys.  On the sewing front I’m in the middle of a number of projects.

I wasn’t going to show you these as they are for next Autumn but I’ve made a start on some ‘Special’ mice,

I’ve also been sewing new lavender birds in a bright summery orange, they just need eyes and the second half of the batch making up.

On my desk is a little pile of cashmere bunnies, these are waiting on new tags (I have lost a brand new batch somewhere and can’t wait any longer for them to turn up so have had to order new ones grrrrr) and dresses,

and finally I am also working on ideas for a new banner/logo/business cards.  Not there yet with this one but I know in my head where I’m going.

On the usual note, bloomin’ blogger is no longer letting me comment, there was a brief window when I could but it’s been snatched away just as I was finally catching up on my blog reading and this time it’s all forms of blogger comments (even the ones in separate windows).  Fed up of this now but I don’t know how to correct it, ho-hum.  Right, only 1 precious hour left before school run so I had better make the most 🙂

18 thoughts on “Still here…

  1. Glad to hear all is well Beth, I love the photos of the loose limbs, made me smile when I saw them. Time is marching on, at my silversmithing class today we were told there are only 7 weeks left! Where did the year go!? The weather has been so kind though, I’m loving all this sunshine.
    Take care,
    Jane x

    • Hi Jane, I’m loving the sunshine as well, although I find it distracts me from working! Hope you manage to cram as much as possible into those last 7 weeks of silversmithing, I look forward to reading about when you make. Bethx

  2. Happy images, Beth, your handmades always makes me smile! I am so sorry about that annoying blogger-bug, happens me sometimes but it doesn’t take that long at the time. I wish it’ll start working for you again.

    Happy May (is it really already?)!


    • Hi Mia, as you’ve probably noticed I have been able to comment again (hurrah!) so it’s nice to be able to say hello 🙂 The year is racing by and it’s only just started, I also can’t believe it’s May. Bethx

  3. Hello- very gald to have found you, as I couldn’t trace you back via your lovely comment on my blog! What intriguing looking little projects there- loving the bunnies especially xx

    • Hello, thanks for dropping by, yes I can’t use my blog ID at the moment due to pesky blogger commenting issues. Glad you like the bunnies. Bethx

  4. Gorgeous little mice Beth and I love that orange for the summer birds.
    On the blogger problem I did experience that problem myself a while back, maybe it’s a WordPress thing. I opened a blogger account and use it purely for commenting on blogger accounts, that might solve your problem.
    Vivienne x

    • Hi Vivienne, I abandoned trying to use my WordPress ID a while ago, I think the problem might be with my laptop, but sadly I am no computer expert (although I’m married to one). Opening a blogger account might well be a good idea, thanks! Bx

  5. You could try a different browser? It happened to me a while ago, but changing browser solved it. It is also worth looking on Blogger help as they often have solutions to problems.

    Love the sewing, too!

    Pomona x

    • Thanks Pomona, it’s something I’ve tried so I think it’s my laptop, it’s generally a bit ‘buggy’ (it’s a lovely new MacBook Air so shouldn’t be really). I shall be getting my husband the computer geek of the house into the case when he finds time. Bx

  6. Lots of lovely things here – I especially like the new bunnies, they look very cuddly. I think your new banner/logo should be very stunning and will look forward to seeing your final design.
    I do hope you get to relax a wee bit when M gets back. John is away just now until Saturday night and again for 10 days in a weeks time and again in June – oh well!
    Thanks so much for your lovely message – it made me all smiley and cheery. Juliex

    • Hi Julie, I hope you’re also getting some relax time with J away so much. I’m really enjoying the bunnies as the fabric (a cashmere and wool mix) has such a lovely feel to work with. Sadly I don’t have all that much of it so I’m a bit panicky about how long my stash will last! Hope you’re feeling well and managing to eat OK? Bethx

    • I’m all over the shop with my projects at the moment and need to focus, the banner should really be taking top spot as it’s desperately needed but I’ve already moved on to something else! I blame this sunshine, it’s ruining my concentration 😉 Bx

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