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My sewing mojo is a bit all over the place at the moment.  I think it’s party the on off holiday situation with the boys and M being away quite a lot, plus I am very distracted by the garden.  I find if I force myself to do some sewing (usually after a break for a few days), ideally a small, fun projects; then I find myself back to normal and itching to get things done again.

I have been beading new tags, I am forever running out of these and it’s a nice to do whilst I have the boys around.

Planning some dyeing sessions (I’m washing bedding and towels today to get all the whites out of the way as you need to do this just before bulk colour washes for obvious reasons).

Admiring the posh notebook that my generous sister bought for my Birthday ages ago,

now it has a home in my nice new bag.  This is my first none Orla K bag for many, many years but I couldn’t resist as it was half price for a few days and I’ve always fancied a nice leather satchel style.  I was going to treat myself to an original Cambridge satchel one day but this was a lot cheaper with the discount (it’s from Boden).

Planing some cushions for the living room with this

and finally, I’m all excited by working out the new flower brooches, again it’s a nice little project for doing here and there in amongst the gardening and school runs.

I say finally but we had the important event over the weekend of C turning 4, and thanks to inspiration from this post over at Scented Sweetpeas I made him a Pinata in the shape of a fish.  It was hastily made, I have to be honest and the fish part was a last minute thing after a school Mum asked me what shape Pinata I was making (errrr a balloon shape?!) but the boys loved it, especially being able to bash something with a stick until it breaks – the highlight of the day for them 🙂

16 thoughts on “This and that…

  1. I didn’t know about your gardening blog Beth, I shall have a read. It looks great. The garden is a huge distraction this time of year, and rightly so in my opinion. There is nothing more satisfying than growing things. I wish I had the space to grow all the veg you do, how lovely for you! I also am a firm believer that if your heart is not in something you will do it badly. Sooner or later the sewing will get done and the mojo returns, your work is always delightful. Have a productive week either in the garden or in your sewing room.
    Jane x

    • Hi Jane, I do indeed have a gardening blog but it’s a bit dull reading at the moment, mainly lists of planting, it becomes more fun when I get to the eating the produce bit 🙂 I agree, I don’d sew if I’m really not in the mood as it feels like a chore instead of a pleasure. Bethx

  2. Your bag looks lovely! I’ve been lusting after a proper Cambridge satchel too for aaaaages, but not sure when my bank balance will be amenable to the idea. Will have to keep an eye on Boden…

    • I’m loving the new bag, it’s the perfect size and I’ve forgiven it for not being the perfect shade of tan (it’s a bit pale for my liking). I would have loved a Cambridge satchel though……Bx

  3. oh wow that pinata is just stunning and puffer fish idea really wonderful (I will have to borrow that one me thinks) 🙂 I am so glad someone was able to create something from my tutorial. Funnily enough I recently made some little easter bunnies out of felt for my little ones inspired by your gorgeous bunny purses, I must add a link from them (blogged about them a few days back) to your makes, they are lovely. Hope your mojo returns soon, great idea to sew in the garden 🙂

    • Your tutorial was great, may thanks for posting it 🙂 and I love the bunnies you made, they are super cute. Mojo is still hiding, sadly, but it’ll come back in time. Bx

  4. Loving the pinata so, the puffy fish is adorable, no wonder boys loved it! And sewing + sun + garden = I know! I am mostly doing knitting these days as it can be done in outside, and I have done some needle felting there too with a great success (and burnt nose). But we must enjoy these days, sunshine and beauty, who knows when the rains starts?

    Have a wonderful day and a happy weekend soon, too!


    • We are in desperate need of rain, we haven’t had any for many weeks now but I do agree, I shall be making the most of the sun whilst it shines 🙂 Bethx

    • Thanks Regina, I do enjoy dying fabric and it’s so nice to see all the new colour fabrics all stacked together. I hope yours has gone well 🙂

  5. Love the pinata.

    I meant to let you know the purse had arrived but I’ve been a little disorganised lately. I really like it and it’s beautifully made (as always), I’m sure N will love it too.

    • Oh no worries at all, I don’t expect anyone to let me know if things arrive and I know how crazy family life can be, I’m all over the place today, too many things to do and so little time. Just glad you like it. Bethx

    • Thank you, I’m glad you enjoy reading my chatter and yes, there is a gardening blog but it’s a bit slow at the moment, it gets more fun to write when I start eating all the food I’m growing. Beth 🙂

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