I’m still a bit all over the place at the moment, we are fast approaching half term (but wait, didn’t we just have school holidays??!!) and I have rather a lot to get done in the next few days.  We will be visiting the in-laws in Germany (ash cloud permitting) and it’s the first time the boys have flown that they will remember; so for the occasion, we’ve bought them a Trunki each so they can pack their toys and if needs be, be dragged along when they get tired.

I remember these being pitched on Dragons Den and thinking ‘what a brilliant idea’….I seem to remember the Dragons weren’t all that impressed, especially by the plastic catch which wasn’t strong enough on the prototype, oh how wrong they were.

I’ve also made myself a skirt for the trip, it only took half a day and has been made out of fabric I already had in stock.  It’s a copy of a favourite one from Jigsaw that I wore for many years and has quite an unusual cut that produces a gentle swing to the bottom.  Now, HUGE  apologies for the really awful photo but I wanted to show you the pattern pieces laid out ready to cut so you can see how they might work once sewn together

the final skirt is a really flattering fit and I have been meaning to take a pattern from the original for some time.  Inside I lined it with some liberty tana lawn in ‘wiltshire’, one of my favourite designs.

I’ve been buying new fabric; also for clothes making, whilst I’m on a roll

some lovely ‘Little Folks’ voile by Anna Maria Horner from M is for Make (in the sale so a bargain).

I’m also trying to get some samples made up for new products and for this have bought some Metro Dots in Marigold from the fabulous Saints and Pinners, one of my favourite fabric shops.  I have a very special project in mind for this and it was inspired by the Buttercups I have been sewing for new brooches for the shop.

I’ve really been enjoying stitching these, they are such a lovely sunny yellow and have been brightening up my work bench.  I just need to keep going and finish them, I’m still finding myself jumping from project to project and not being able to settle.

Finally and actually the most important part of this post is a big thank you to Justine, who surprised me with a wonderful gift in the post this week

She made me a gorgeous Hoop Travel Bag with linen and red riding hood fabric, it’s perfect and reminds me what a wonderful community there is in blogworld.  It’s most definitely coming to Germany with me, probably with some nice little hand stitching project to keep me happy.

Sorry for the slightly disjointed post, I need to focus and have a big tidy up this afternoon, the house and my workspace is quite frankly, a bit of a mess and for me it always makes me feel unsettled when this is the case so I shall be spending the rest of today putting everything away and will no doubt feel happier for it 🙂

25 thoughts on “Disjointed…

  1. Really lovely skirt Beth, I’ve been thinking about making one with a slight swirl in it myself recently. The contrast lining is a lovely touch too. Can’t wait to see what you make with the AMH voile. x

    • Don’t get your hopes up Jane, this skirt has been waiting for nearly a year for me to actually get around to drafting a pattern – lol! But I must admit, as it was so quick to do I might well keep going as I do have lots of ideas of things I’d like to make in my head. Bethx

  2. Love the skirt – well done – looks a fab shape! Love the knitted fox too! Enjoiy your holiday. Love the trunkis – great. Abby x

    • I forgot to mention the fox, he sits on my tailors dummy when it’s not the season to wear him, I bought him ages ago from etsy and he gets lots of comments. Bx

  3. The lining fabric you’ve used for the skirt is lovely. I’ve just ordered an Amy Butler pattern and some fabric to make myself a top. Where i’ll find time to make it i’ve no idea!
    Have a fab time in Germany. I wish mine lived there (for more than one reason!!) xx

    • The last part of your comment really made me laugh! I look forward to seeing how your Amy Butler pattern goes (I do hope you’ll be blogging about it?). Bx

  4. I love the whole post! I don’t get much time to visit blogs anymore so I feel like I’ve had a nice little catch up on what you are up too. The skirt is gorgeous, the brooches are also fabulous. I’m off now to peruse fabric from Saints and Pinners!

    • Thanks Isa, I do just feel like I’m chatting on a bit randomly sometimes, but it’s a fair reflection of who I am in ‘real life’. I love S & P’s, they were one of the earlier UK shops to sell quilting fabrics and so will always have a special spot for me (although I know there are loads of great on-line shops these days). Bx

  5. Yes, the Dragons Den lot were adamant that it was a Bad Idea. Can’t think why, they seem the kind of case any child would be desperate to have!

    Is that Basil Brush draped round your dummy’s neck?! I thought I hadn’t seen him for a while!

    Lovely sewing. 🙂

    • Hi Helena, It’s one of my favourite ‘you got it wrong’ Dragons Den moments. The cousin of the inventor is on my twitter list and she said he’s just been awarded an OBE, so well done him, clever man with a clever idea 🙂

      From now onwards my fox scarf shall be known as Basil – lol – boom boom 🙂

  6. Sometimes you just have to post a whole load of random stuff, otherwise it never gets blogged.

    The Trunkis look great – tempted to get one for the toddleer when he’s a bit bigger. And /i love the skirt, looks like a really flattering shape! And beautiful lining. Was it hard pulling the pattern from the old skirt? Is the old skirt still in one piece?

    • Hi Jo,

      I agree, and my life is rather random at the moment.

      I recommend the Trunki, I had a practice ‘pull the kids along’ session yesterday, just to see how possible it is and it does work, plus they can wheel themselves rather well on them.

      The skirt was falling apart so I just cut it up for the pattern, it would have been quite difficult (but not impossible) to draft a pattern without doing that, although the ‘kick’ around the bottom and the fact it’s cut on the bias would have been tricky.


  7. I had a skirt just like that in the early 70’s. It was a full length in 2 colors and the girl’s outfit for junior high choir. Ah, the memories.

    • I can picture that exact combination now! It does have a bit of a 70’s feel, especially as it’s in needle cord 🙂

  8. Beth, your new skirt is gorgeous! I love the lining you have chosen. I still want to copy (and slightly modify) a favourite dress (that I have worn to death over the last few years!). Just have to find the right fabric…and courage. Did you cut up the skirt you were using as a template, or just trace pattern pieces from it?

    Have a wonderful time in Germany! I have only visited with my parents, and my Dad has always insisted on driving. That was an adventure! He has even driven us to Poland each time we have had a holiday there. Can’t wait to read about your trip when you return.

    Gosh, apologies for the long comment.

    • Thanks 🙂 I did feel a bit bad cutting into some Liberty T L just for lining a skirt but I also like the idea of it having a ‘posh’ lining. I did cut the original skirt up as it was falling apart but I have often taken patterns from clothing in the past that haven’t been cut up.

      We drove to Germany last time we went and it was a loooooonnng drive so I sypathise with your holiday memories. I’m quite looking forward to flying with the boys, although all in all it’s still a long journey it’ll be nicely broken up into segments so should be easier…..I hope.

      Don’t apologise 🙂 Thanks for commenting. Bx

  9. Hi Beth,
    Those Trunki’s are so brilliant, I can definitely see the attraction for two little boys!!
    Love your buttercups, they’re such a lovely sunny colour.
    The skirt is fab and the contrast lining looks great.
    Have a wonderful time in Germany, hope all goes to plan. My daughter went to Frankfurt yesterday morning with her job and is due to fly back this evening, ash cloud permitting! She doesn’t care though, she says she’ll get to see more of Frankfurt if she has to stay a while longer and her work will have to pay for it!!
    Vivienne x

  10. Hi Beth
    Love your skirt, and the colour is gorgeous, it does look like a skirt you’ll get lots of use from. I bet the liberty lining feels lovely as a liner.
    Enjoy your holiday, we’re off camping I can only hope that the weather improves, (sat here 9.45am in the dark whilst raining outside)!! I’m sure the boys will enjoy the adventure of flying!
    Jenny x

  11. The skirt is beautiful! I remember seeing the Trunkies on Dragon’s Den too and I snigger at the stupidity of the dragons whenever I see them for sale.

  12. Hiya Beth, I guess you’ll be in Germany now. Hope the travelling goes well and you have a lovely time away.

    Your skirt is beautiful and, I think, if you’re taking the time to make something then why not finish it in special tana lawn….it’ll make you feel good whenever you wear it….and that’s the point really isn’t it?!

    I just bought some metro dots marigold too and I love it – it’s such a happy sunny fabric.

    I’m completely all over the place at the moment too, hoping life will settle down in the next wee while. Juliex

  13. Hi Beth I have been very disjointed too as we lost our phone/internet connection for several days. We now have all new wiring and are back on line. I love those Trunkies, my daughter and I have always said I will buy them for her children when she gets round to hopefully having some! Enjoy your trip. I also love that knitted fox fur hanging round your mannequin..how cool is that!
    Have a great weekend,
    Jane x

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