I’m feeling a little grrrr today.  We returned at the weekend from a lovely visit to Germany to stay with M’s family.  It was perfect.  Relaxing for us and great for the boys to spend some time meeting everyone and learning about Germany, we have been before but I figure this will be the first time they really remember the details and they loved every minute.

We packed very light and so had little space for bringing back goodies but we did squeeze in some Hanuta (I am a firm fan of dark, plain high coco content chocolate, I don’t really eat any other kind but there’s something about wafer and hazelnut that I can’t resist), some of my Mum’s favourite liquor nut chocs and some mustard because it’s very cheap and I was desperate for the glasses for use afterwards (they have Die Maus on, a character the boys know from DVD’s they have in German).

Anyhow back to my grumpiness (which is already subsiding as I write this post).  I just felt very cross about my daily chores this morning, the depressing tasks of stacking the dishwasher, putting on another load of laundry, having to step over the millions of toys already strewn across the house even though it was left nice and tidy when we went away.  I am not a very good housewife.  I need a cleaner.  It’s just boring stuff to do when I really want to pop upstairs and sit in a tidy (which it isn’t) studio and create things.

However, I am cheering considerably as I have remembered that C is on his ‘full day’ at pre-school so I don’t need to rush in order to go pick him up and I have decided I’m not going to wrap F’s B-Day presents (another ‘has to be done today’ job on my list), they are all in their original Amazon boxes (both our families live so far away presents are often ordered from Amazon wish lists) and he really couldn’t care less, as long as he gets to ‘open’ them.  He will have plenty of nicely wrapped things at his party on the weekend and ditto for the cake, I just bought a pirate cake for his party and I am cooking a simple chocolate chip loaf cake for his actual birthday, he’ll be more than happy with that.

Hurray, I am now no longer grumpy at all, I just took the cake out of the oven and it’s perfect and I have just taken the photos for this post (bet you wondered what they were but I figured if I just moaned and there was nothing to look at you’d abandon reading this blog).  It’s an order I am packing up for the Craft Shop at the Saint Patrick’s Trian Visitor Complex in Armagh and as regular readers know, I do love neat piles of finished work, this always makes me smile.

For the rest of today I plan to tidy and hopefully clear my head for some serious work, I really need to finish the new brooches and there are a few bits to photograph and list such as new Lavender Birds.  I’m also clearing through my stock and getting ready for a giveaway, so lots to come 🙂


19 thoughts on “Grumpy…

  1. Hurray – no more grumpiness :0) When it comes to boring old housework, I tend to put the radio on really loud and sing and jig about. I find the cheesier the music the happier I become.

    I love visiting Germany (oh the food – what a joy!). I remember when I first visited with my family way back in the late seventies/earlier eighties, we came home laden with Ritter Sport chocolate bars (I can’t remember seeing them in the UK at that time).

    How did the ‘Trunkies’ cope? Were they a hit with everyone and did they do their job OK?


    • Hi Jill, the ‘Trunkies’ were FAB! They really were good, the boys loved pulling along their own cases (we filled each half and half with toys and clothes) and they were well admired in both the airport and Germany. We even managed to pull F along on his when he got tired which considering he’s the size of a 7 yr old was pretty decent going. They are money well spent.

      Funny you mentioned Ritter Sport as they are the other bars that came back with us, namely some mini selection boxes.

      I don’t think I mind housework so much, more the picking up and tidying, especially as it’s not my stuff. Hey, I guess that will improve as the boys get older…..or maybe not 🙂 Bx

  2. I too am a grumpy housewife! Carting ’empties’ back to the kitchen, washing up un/ loading the dishwasher and washing machine, ironing, thinking about what to cook, shopping list, to do lists, feeding a baby, potty training a toddler. It’s a full on full time job!! Sewing is what keeps us sane! Oh, and the little ones 🙂

    • Oh *rolls eyes* it all drives me bonkers. At least we’ve done all the potty training now, that’s one less thing to worry about. It just goes on and on and on and on…….Bx

  3. I’m going to join in the grumpy housewives club too, there is nothing worse than tidying up after other people. Doing the washing up and then 5 minutes later there is some dirty something else needing to be washed grrrrr. I’m glad you had a good time in Germany and those glasses are just so cute.

    • I agree and it’s the 5 minutes later bit that kills me, the boys can make a mess much quicker than I can tidy it. Bx

  4. Glad you had a good trip Beth, I too love the mustard you can buy abroad with the glasses, my Mum still has some of mine I had as a child. I enjoy seeing you rows of neat work, very productive and lovely colours. I hope your son has a very happy birthday,
    Jane x

    • Thanks Jane, it’s F’s party this weekend and he’s very excited. I can’t believe he’s getting so big, not sure where the time went. Bx

  5. ggggrr to housework, what is the point when it all gets ruined within 10 mins anyway! I had to do some today when all I really wanted to do was make little crochet hearts 😦 Gorgeous birdies by the way 🙂 x

  6. Oh what a lovely colourful post!
    Thank you for the sewing machine Doctor number, I may give him a call next time. It would be so much easier for him to come to me so at least I could carry on working and at least I wouldn’t be tempted with the shops in Tunbridge Wells! x

  7. Yet one more grumpy cleaner here, hi everybody! It just bugs me that as I work from home (I have a workroom upstairs) I feel that I still need to do laundry-dishes-tidying up also during the day even I just would love to sit by my desk all day. I am all in for having a cleaner 🙂
    Your creations are lovely as always, and I am so happy you had great time in Germany! Wishing you sunny and beautiful June!


  8. Great! – you worked through your grumpiness! Lovely, lovely birds and owls (well, owls are birds, but you know what I mean! Abby x

    • Hi Abby. I usually do work through my moods, I can’t stand moping and over the years have found many good ways to cheer myself up. Glad you like the new birds 🙂

  9. I feel the housework pain too….. hate it… but I hate the mess even more so the relentless hamster wheel of picking up continues.

    I think you should get yourself a cleaner and get upstairs and make some more of your lovely creations – soooo pretty.

    • Hello, thanks for commenting. I agree, I hate the mess more, it practically waves at me each time I try to run past so I always end up tidying it. Thanks, glad you like my work. 🙂

    • Hi Dot, apologies, your comment got spammed (how rude of my wordpress account!!) so I’ve only just found it. I am quite a ‘neat’ person so I just cut carefully with sharp embroidery scissors. I find cutting felt shapes quite relaxing, it’s the kind of job I do on a rainy day with some mellow music. Thanks for dropping by 🙂 Bethx

  10. I so want a cleaner too, and a gardener come to think of it. There’s so many other creative things I’d rather be doing than household chores. But then I realise I make most of the mess by leaving material and inks around the place, oops!

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