New Birds…

I’m feeling a little melancholy today, not necessarily in a bad way, I’m listening to ‘girly warbling folk music’ as a friend of mine would say (she once made me a mix tape with this as the title, back in the olden days when people made mix tapes) and it’s raining outside which I LOVE.  I’m a big fan of rain, I kind of assume that’s because of being brought up on a farm in the Dales in the middle of no-where on a windswept hill…..maybe.

The music and weather fit the pace of my sewing perfectly as I’ve spent the last couple of days hand stitching flower brooches, which is generally taking a lot longer than I’d anticipated although it is nice to work at this slower speed.  I’m slightly worried about the pricing of these now though as there is a lot more work involved than appears, which is never good.

I’ve also been stitching eyes onto some new Lavender Birds, in orange

and pink

they can be found here and on Folksy.

On a completely separate note, F lost a tooth the other night, I wasn’t quite ready (I’d planned a Monster tooth pouch) so had to write a hasty note from the Tooth Monster (the Fairy was busy, apparently, or so the note said ;))

I *borrowed* (ahem) an image from Jamie Hewlett, because he rocks and so I could add a PS the note which reads:

‘I don’t look like the picture, that’s my cousin doing his shopping, I am green’

I plan to put a different photo on each time that isn’t the Tooth Monster so F can make up his own image in his head.  I may have created rather a chore for myself as he already has 2 more wobbly teeth but I couldn’t resist starting a Tooth Monster dialogue.  F doesn’t do Fairies.

I also wanted to show you this great Dotty Baby Bib I bought a while ago from Jenny from her shop Sew Vintage Obsessed, oh how I wish these options were there when my two were small, how fantastic to have such a stylish (and very well made) bib, it almost makes me want to have another baby (not really).  In case you don’t know her, Jenny also writes a lovely blog here.

Ok, the sun has come out and it’s time I stopped swishing around in my studio listening to lovely harmonies and wishing I still had long hair and not very short, very red hair instead 🙂

Nearly forgot, thanks for all your comments re housework, I’m glad it’s not just me and I’m a bit behind in my blog reading so apologies if I haven’t commented for a while.

10 thoughts on “New Birds…

  1. Love the Tooth Monster idea – I think it might scare Violet, but if I told her there was a Tooth Dinosaur or Dragon. she’d love it.

    How cool is that bib, I’m totally getting one of these for my next one (if it ever happens).

    Fab new birdies Beth – the orange colourway is really Summery and cheerful.

    You’ll have to spill the beans on what ‘girly warbling folk music’ you’re listening to – I’m nosey like that :0)


  2. Hi Beth,
    Due to a sick laptop I’m just catching up with your posts! So glad that you had a lovely trip to Germany and that Co Armagh is still loving your creations!
    Love all the colours in your post today, very pretty and summery. 🙂
    I remember when my son lost his first tooth he swallowed it and we had to do what you did but in reverse and write the tooth fairy a letter explaining what had happened and how sorry he was that he didn’t have a tooth for her!!
    Vivienne x

  3. We certainly need lots more rain don’t we Beth, my lawn is just so sad and dry. Glad you enjoyed your melancholy day , it certainly did not harm to your creativity. For the tooth fairy my 2 had a tooth pixie (in the days I knitted I made it) with a little pocket to put the tooth in. Fun memories, I should guess the tooth pixie leaves more than the 50p mine had as well. That’s inflation for you!
    Have a great weekend,
    Jane x

  4. I think your tooth monster idea is fabby – maybe you’ll need to hunt out and print up some pictures to have ready to save last minute panics (says me wo’d never be organised enough to do that herself!)?
    Jenny’s bib is beautiful – I love the fabrics she uses.
    I like rain too – one of my favourite smells is rain after a dry period when you can smell the soil in the air. Juliex

  5. Hello lovely!
    Love your Tooth Monster idea – G wrote a letter to his Tooth Fairy (he is strangely cool with fairies) and asked her name. It is Whisper – isn’t that beautiful? 😉 He hasn’t written to her since though as he’s had big teeth for yonks – he was an early starter I think – his first tooth came out in a King Prawn in our Christmas Day starter – magic 🙂
    The new lavender bird colours are delicious – very sherbety and yum though I’m looking forward to seeing the finished brooches too 🙂

    • Hello, hello. So sorry, your comment got spammed (how rude of my wordpress account!!). I think that’s really sweet, wish F had an intrest in anything other than ghosts, aliens and monsters but that then he wouldn’t be F I guess. Glad you like the birds, I do enjoy changing the colours as we work through the seasons. Bethx

  6. Thank you Beth for including my bib in your blog, and for buying it in the first place!!!
    I love the idea of your monster cards, but knowing my oldest it would give him nightmares for weeks!!
    We have also had lots of rain and it’s cold! I have spent today trying to convince #2 (3yr) that is is now summer, his response “Don’t be silly Mummy, you get to play in the paddling pool when it’s summer”, well he does have a point!

  7. Your flowers look beautiful, Beth! And just bravely rise the brooch price you had in mind, your items are so beautiful and SO WELL MADE. Believe me, dear! Have a relaxing weekend – and sunshine from so so so hot Finland (I think we hit +30c again today!)!


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