Flower Brooches…

In all honesty I fell like I’ve been making these FOREVER.  There was a lot more sewing involved than I’d expected and as mentioned in my last post I’m not sure it shows in the naive simple style of the design but there you go, I like them, I am especially pleased with the sunny yellow buttercup brooches.

I was heavily influenced by the Racey Helps books I recently chatted about, especially Kingcup Cottage which is one of my favourites,

how nice is this illustration?

It’s quite a sad story actually (but with a happy ending) in that no-one wants to come to Francesca’s party (a frog) as her house is too soggy and she puts dried flies into her scones, so that all ignore her party invites.  Bit rude really, in fact the first time I read this to F he got a bit upset for her, it all ends happily though and they all feel bad and come to her second party and she realises not everyone likes soggy houses so she hosts it in the wood.  Good old-fashioned story telling, I like it.

So I decided I wanted to make a nice sunny yellow flower version of my felt blossoms and went with Buttercups (the leaves had more interest to me that those on Kingcups).

Below are the progress photos I took along the way:

The eagle eyed will spot I changed the beads from misty ones to opaque ones, the originals just weren’t right but I do now have a mountain of yellow seed beads to use up at some point.

The brooches have been mounted on cards

as well as being available as plain brooches and of course, I made some of the original Dog Rose version similar to the one I made for my Mother

I have other ‘cards’ in mind, namely little felt birds ones which I was supposed to do the Christmas before last but I’m still playing around with the best way to attach them to the cards, for the meantime the new ones are available here.

I have quite a few things I’d like to make for the house so I’m planning a little shop making break although I still have loads to get done before the Summer holidays arrive and there’s also a giveaway coming up, when I find the time to take the relevant photos 🙂

29 thoughts on “Flower Brooches…

    1. It’s my own fault, I really wanted to hide the brooch back and also repeat stitch the beads so created work that I need not have done. Still, it wouldn’t be ‘mine’ if it wasn’t a little over thought out 🙂 Glad you like them. Bx

  1. I love the buttercup brooch……..in fact one has just found its way through my paypal account! I must remember to look out for the Racey Helps books, they sound lovely and the pictures are beautiful. Juliex

    1. Thanks so much for buying one, really glad you like them that much 🙂 Yes, Racey Helps are great, out of print now but I would imagine very easy to pick up in second hand shops as the were very popular in the 70’s and 80’s. Bethx

    1. Thanks, glad you like them. I like the idea of giving a card/present in one, hope others like the idea too!

    1. Hello lovely lady, thanks for dropping by and for commenting. They were a nice little project to have on my desk as I don’t often work in yellow, very cheery. Bethx

  2. What a brilliant design, Beth. They are just lovely, and look very labour intensive! I hope they sell well x

    1. Also, I wanted to comment on the book at the beginning of this post. I definitely remember reading it. There is something so eternally appealing about animals living in little tiny houses (sometimes in strange locations too). Beatrix Potter, Brambly Hedge, and Badgers house in Wind in the Willows all spring to mind.

      I think I’m going to enjoy buying books for my nephew!

    2. Hi Gracie, many thanks for buying one of the buttercup brooches, so glad you like them and yes, they have flown which is always lovely; when you spend time making something you really like it’s great to find other people think they are nice as well. I think the books were very popular for many years, I an slightly confused as to why they are out of print but I guess times change. As for me, I LOVE animals in little houses dressed in clothing. Bethx

  3. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful… You’re a true artist, Beth. I cannot wait the new birdie-cards!

    Wonderful and creative week!


    1. Mia you are too kind, thanks for such lovely words and considering the beautiful things that you make it only adds to the compliment. Still in love with your brooches, need to pop over and buy myself one. Bethx

  4. They’re really fabulous. And like another commenter here one of the buttercup brooches also found it’s way through my paypal account last night – can’t wait to wear it. It’ll certainly chear me up on miserable days like today when it’s super overcast (but no actual rain)! ;o)

    1. Thank you for buying one! Really pleased you like them, I now have other projects in mind using the buttercup flower, Maybe it’s the rain we have (finally) had but they seem to have hot a spot with their cheery yellow petals. Bethx

    1. Hello, hello! Nice to hear from you, I really liked your packaging when I was lucky to win the giveaway and think you have that one well sorted. Hope all’s well. Bx

  5. Hi Beth,
    Your brooches are GORGEOUS! Love them!
    Thanks for such lovely comments on my blog over the weekend! I get hair envy too, I think other peoples hair always looks better than your own! And you should definitely take a day into London for some vintage therapy!!
    Have a lovely weekend
    Xx Gem

    1. Hi, thanks for dropping by and for commenting. Glad you like the brooches and the header, funny as I was thinking it’s about time I changed that (the header) but maybe not now 🙂 I’ll be popping over to sketchandcolour.blogspot.com for a read after I’ve dropped the boys off today. All the best, Beth

    1. thanks, I’m a sucker for detail but oh did it create a lot of extra work. still, it made me happy, hence the ‘back’ photo 🙂

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