And the Winners are…

As picked this morning by the good old

Which are the comments left by:

Emily M, Lola Stanley, Jane Marland and Chris Karling.  I’ve emailed you for your addresses, thanks for entering, your parcels will be on their way as soon as I get your addresses.

Big thanks everyone that took the time to comment, it was a great response to this giveaway and I’ve found lots of lovely new blogs and websites to browse around, which is always the best bit for me.

It has been a while, I’m sorry, I hadn’t intended to leave it so long between posts but we are busy with all the end of term activities, which seem to be going on for ages.  The boys still have a few weeks left but that time is packed which along with the hot sticky weather,  doesn’t exactly make me want to sit indoors sewing so I’ve already slowed my pace ready for 6 weeks (eek!) of little boys dominating my day.

There’s been some on-line shopping.  This lovely parcel comes from Flora of Through The Round Window and contains

I just couldn’t resist the sunny colour (this is Flora’s photo) of the Nasturtium.  It’s actually for a present but I have quite a few pieces of Flora’s lovely glass including some egg men that stay up all year around in our kitchen window.

I was very quick off the mark at the Orla Kiely sale and managed to buy this shift dress, I love the buttons in the back and the Airtex fabric.  I don’t buy clothes very often so I do try to treat myself to something from the OK sale, even though the prices still make me wince slightly.

I also treated myself and F a while ago to this great leather pouch from Ren at Fairy Steps.  It’s really mine, I plan to walk to and from school come September and wanted something stylish that could be attached to my belt to carry my key in.  F has taken rather a liking to it though, he thinks it’s perfect for his pirate costume so we have agreed to share it.  Of course the stylish romantic image of myself tripping along to school in my tweed jacket with belt and fancy pouch will be ruined by all the bags I will no doubt end up carrying for the boys and my cross, red face from repeating ‘hurry up boys, keep moving’ but a girl can dream.

I also bought (some time ago but keep forgetting to blog) this Blyton Picnic Tin.  I’ve been after it for ages and see that many of the new version have different crockery.  I really, really wanted this vintage powder blue version so had a hunt on the internet.  This is definitely a picnic set for the car as it’s actually rather heavy but I so love it, especially the cheery enamel red tin.  I haven’t linked to one online, as prices vary a lot, so it’s worth googling the name and having a good hunt around.

I’ve also been distracted by the garden, we are finally at the eating stage, which is the best bit.  In fact I’m about to go and pick up C from preschool and then we’ll spend the rest of the afternoon outdoors, may as well make the best whilst the sun shines 🙂

30 thoughts on “And the Winners are…

  1. Ooo lucky lucky winners, I really am quite envious …. gorgeous buys too . Dresses not my thing I’m afraid but only because with my stumpy footballer legs I look stupid in them !! I was just thinking , you really should start a shop on Etsy too , I reckon your little bunnies / mice etc would definately sell on there?

    1. I keep avoiding Etsy as I can’t face posting to the US, I avoid the Post Office at all costs as it means trying to park in the village. I’m not sure if I’m a dresses or trousers girl…guess a bit of both, just depends on the time of year but I am partial to the odd skirt. Bx

  2. Congrats to the winners (she says through clenched teeth)! 🙂
    I am in love with your picnic tin, that blue crockery is gorgeous. Of course I love the Orla too!!
    Your home grown looks great, still waiting here for some.
    Be grateful for only 6 weeks, the kids are already off here having finished at the end of June until the 1st Sept!
    Vivienne x

    1. Oh no, 6 weeks is quite enough – lol! Actually, I always enjoy the summer hols once I get into the swing, it can be a bit crazy though so it’s nice to start with a clean and organised home as there wont be any more done for a few weeks now! Bethx

  3. Oh well done all the very lucky winners :0)
    I’ve been busy in my garden too – I love that I can say that now. All our boundaries at the back are Laurel hedges and haven’t been ‘attended to’ in some time, so I started attacking them with some shears this morning. I’ve had to stop though as the sun is just too hot and I’m dehydrating :0(
    Lovin your fab new buys and especially your picnic tin. I’ve been collecting picnicky type things for a while now – I just need to find the perfect basket to put them in.
    Jill x

    1. I hope the hedge trimming has gone well, we’ve never even touched our completely out of control border on one side. It really needs a professional tree trimmer but no-one will touch the job it’s so overgrown – lol! You need some nice electric clippers. Hope you do find the perfect basket 🙂 Bx

  4. Well done to the winners Beth. You have bought some lovely bits and pieces,the new dress is gorgeous. We are just picking our first beans, your produce looks totally yummy, enjoy ;0)
    Jane x

  5. Great finds, Beth! I so agree that buy quality, not quantity- sort of clothes-philosophy. It’s always better to treat yourself with something you’ll wear/use for long time and then wait until something great comes up.

    I would wish you hot and sunny days but you mentioned sticky 🙂 so just happy week!


    P.S. Congrats to the lucky winners, not that I would be a bit jealous or anything…

  6. I’m one of the lucky winners and I’m absolutely over the moon, thank you so much Beth for such a lovely and generous giveaway. LOVE the Orla Kiely shift dress too! x

  7. Oh I had my fingers crossed and so the kids too!!
    Love your new dress looks like a classic and the pouch is great,
    I’ve bookmarked the shop for OH birthday so thanks for sharing 🙂
    Hope you enjoyed your afternoon in the garden
    Jenny x

    1. There are some lovely things in the Fairy Steps shop, luckily I have super wide feet so the ready made boots wouldn’t fit, otherwise I’d have been tempted! Bethx

  8. I can’t believe that I am one of the winners! Thank you so much and commiserations to those who were unlucky this time.
    Chris x

  9. Congratulations to the winners, you lucky things!

    Thanks for the mention Beth… your Orla dress is gorgeous, I love those square buttons!

    1. Yes, it was the buttons that clinched it for me. Even my husband comment on (how nice) the dress (is) so that’s a first. Love my egg men and the nasturtium so happy to plug away. Bx

  10. I am one of the lucky winners. Just got my parcel. (yesterday postman apparently missed me, I don’t know how since I was the whole day in, one of those things)
    Beautiful things and the smell is fantastic! I think I am going to leave the little bunny in my car. Thank you very much.
    l love the dress and the leather pouch….these vegetables look great! broad beans my favourites – a bit sauted in olive oil and then crack en egg on top, stir a bit, pinch of salt and you have a healthy fast food.
    Lola x

    1. You are most welcome, glad you like the parcel 🙂 Your recipe for using broad beans sounds delicious, I’ll be trying that next. Bethx

  11. Yes I agree that the veg looks really yummy!
    Just popping in to give you a Versatile Blogger Award – details on my blog. xx

  12. Oh, those potatoes… I’m hoping to have a grand total of that many that our in your bowl. I did a very bad job getting them planted. I should have hundreds and hundreds of tomatoes though. I the picnic set is amazing. I love that vintage powder blue and to be near an Orla Kiely store – wow – love the dress!!

    1. Hi Regina, we have potatoes coming out of our ears but sadly the tomatoes are very behind, so I hope they don’t all ripen when we are away on our holidays as I’d be lost without a good stock of puree in the freezer for the winter. It’s the powder blue china that makes the picnic set, I think, I’m really pleased I managed to get a set now they’ve moved on to a newer style china.

  13. So many lovely treasures here! Thank you for the link to Flora’s folksy site – I haven’t seen it before, and now am seriously contemplating one of her glass pieces of a singing bird. And the egg men. 🙂
    I also love your new picnic set – those colors looks gorgeous.

  14. Ooh where did you buy the picnic tin from please? I’ve been searching for the powder blue version for ages, the newer ones are rubbish in comparison, and don’t have the cute cruets or flasks either! X

    1. Hi Danielle, I bought mine from but it looks like they have sold out, sadly. It took me a while to find a set with the power blue but they are definitely out there so it’s worth a hunt through google links. Good luck! Bethx

      1. Aww shame it’s sold out, but thanks anyway! A lot of the places selling them online use the old description still, and some even use the old picture but then when I’ve emailed them to check they only have the horrible floral china version! Booo! One day I’ll find it! Cute blog btw! 🙂 x

      2. That’s a bit naughty, to use the old photo. I hope you do find one, if I see it anywhere ‘for real’ I’ll let you know. Bx

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