Stop, I want to get off..!

I feel like everything has just speeded up and I’m on a runaway train holding on by my fingertips.

I wasn’t quite expecting this, I was on course for a nice neat run up to the Summer holidays.  I’ve thought about (and nearly made) teachers gifts, the house was clean and tidy plus I was getting a grip on the garden ready for six weeks of mayhem and madness.  Sadly since then it’s all gone a bit crazy and I’m a tad stressed.  In fact the above photo is a ‘typical’ event from recent days when I accidentally knocked a pot of seed beads down from my shelf, they went everywhere.  Seriously, it took me 2 hours to collect them all back up and boy can glass beads bounce – it was like the Sony Bravia advert only instead of José González as the soundtrack, there was just my voice shouting ‘noooooooooooooo!’

On the plus side, I am more prepared than ever before for the Autumn/Winter change over in my shop.  My workspace is a bit crazy but I am half way through many products and others have been cut and boxed ready for sewing when I get the odd chance between entertaining the boys.  I haven’t achieved quite what I had hoped to but it’s a good start and certainly makes me feel a little more relaxed.

I also feel like a smart arse for making my life easier but actually writing the making notes on many of my pattern pieces from last year.  Blimey that makes a difference.  When I am making something for the first time, it takes a while to work out the pattern and construction and I feel at that moment that I’ll never forget as it’s all so fresh in my mind, but I often find when I come to make more that I need to work it all out again, to this end I’ve started writing everything down as I go along. Smug, me? No 😉 (bet you were all doing this anyway and I’m just a bit useless).

Since starting this post (yesterday) I really have pulled my finger out and today have completed most teachers gifts so in the next few days I’ll show you what I’ve made with this lovely pile 🙂

11 thoughts on “Stop, I want to get off..!

  1. i hope the stress eases off soon…just imagine how great you will feel when autumn winter comes around and we’re all pulling our hair out.

  2. Sympathise with the bead spilling, been there, done that, nightmare!!
    Looking forward to seeing the teacher gifts, I know I’ve said this before but I’m sure the teachers are thrilled to have your boys in their class because of all the lovely things they get!
    Vivienne x

  3. Hi Beth,

    I wish you’ll be feeling better soon – the stress is alright for a day or so (so things needed get done) but not for longer. And you should be so proud, you’re on your autumn-items already! I was supposed to knit mittens for autumn during the “slow summerdays” but I only have 1,5 pairs finished. Talk about autumn-supply *rolls the eyes*

    And I LOVE the pattern notes, I do not even have a pattern for everything. Shame on me.

    Happier days!


  4. Those will be lucky, lucky teachers, to be receiving anything you’ve made for them Beth – your pieces are always stunning :0)
    Sorry to hear about the run away train stresses – sounds to me like you need to sit in your beautiful garden, with a glossy mag and a Pimms (or should that be G&T).

  5. As far as writing down directions go, I usually have to do that the second time I make something. I save the pattern pieces and feel the same way you do, this will make sense when I get them out again. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.
    I can hardly wait to see what you make from that beautiful tree fabric.

  6. Your work space looks so organised unlike mine! I bet you cursed when you spilt those tiny beads.I’m surprised we didn’t all hear you! x

  7. When you get off can you drag me off too!
    I’m beginning to wonder why I make so much as it puts unnecessary stress onto myself but I can’t stop!
    Can’t wait to see your teacher gifts, I haven’t started sewing mine yet, that’s my job for next week, talk about leaving it to the last minute!

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