Summer holidays so far…

We’ve made a good start, I have managed rather a lot of sewing today, plus done all the laundry AND cleaned the oven.  Ok, so actually the oven cleans itself, I just have to switch it to the correct program and ignore the burning smell that fills the house for the next hour or so but it still feels like an achievement considering we are now into the Summer holidays (insert Psycho screams here 😉 ).

I have allowed the boys to create a cinema in their bunk beds complete with blankets hung on the walls, lots of cushions, popcorn and DVD’s playing on the in-car player we bought for our loooooong Germany drive a few years ago that attaches to the headrests.  I was against any kind of player in the car but it made 16 hrs bearable and I concede I was wrong.  I feel suitably guilty that they aren’t running about outside or playing some educational game but they LOVE it, there will be a long walk tomorrow to make me feel better.

I have mainly been clearing unfinished projects and preparing boxes of hand sewing for our Yorkshire trip.  I will get about 2 hours every morning to sew (M goes back to bed after he kindly takes the early shift with the boys, as most of you know one or the other often gets up at 5.30) so I would like to make the most of the time.  It will be good to get ahead with the hand stitching as I often find it quite…well, slow.  Therapeutic and calming but slow.

I’ve also been making mini clothing.  I LOVE sewing mini clothing, I’m not sure quite why it brings me so much pleasure but it does.  I like the whole process from dying the linen (all the coloured linen I use is hand dyed) to stitching on the buttons.  It’s also pushed me to finish some open projects that have been hanging about since last Winter, but more on that later.

The colour palette surrounding me is generally very Autumnal in tone, lots of purples and greens with some berry reds thrown in.  I recently bought some Tana Lawn, Betsy print in a purple colourway, I wasn’t expecting to like it quite so much as I’m firmly in love with the pink and pale green/blue versions but now it’s here I love it.

On which note, one of the last Betsy Bunnies went off to a new home the other day.  I’m kind of sad to see the last ones go but it’s time to make way for new designs.

I bought myself some new books for our holiday.  Despite my love of the Kindle I do still like real paper books as well, especially when they come so beautifully packaged as the Penguins Classic Hardcover range.  I’d happily buy every single one of these, the only thing I was a little disappointed  about was the lack of ‘decoration’ inside, I think I was expecting at least a nice book-plate but it’s all very plain.

It was the perfect excuse to buy some book clips from Hidden Eloise, I’m a terrible corner folder and I know it’s wrong, especially on lovely hardcover books so I thought why not.   I’d buy pretty much everything from her shop and as always the presentation was spot on with the clip delivered in it’s own tea bag style package and a great business card bookmark.  Two bookmarks, there’s no excuse 🙂

UPDATE sorry for anyone getting loads of emails but I totally forgot (again) to thank Jenny of Gifts by Jenny for kindly passing along some blog awards.  I am so bad at getting on with these things and didn’t want to leave it yet another post before saying thanks and linking back to Jenny so I’m adding this update.  As I find tends to happen in the amazing world of blog/twitter land it turns Jenny’s husband is a friend from my teenage years back in my Bolton Abbey.  Small world 🙂  Lovely blog, go have a nosey and thanks Jenny!

16 thoughts on “Summer holidays so far…

  1. Your mini clothing is so cute Beth! 🙂 The purple colourway fabric is very pretty and definitely autumnal.
    Dracula!!! I do quite enjoy a scary story myself ( Jeckyl and Hyde being my favourite). My daughter is just back from Romania and was staying in Transylvania, I asked her were there many Dracula things about but as is always the case, just lots of tacky touristy stuff!
    Vivienne x

    • I’d love to try and squeeze in a Whitby visit when we are next in Yorkshire so I thought I’d get into the mood with a re-read of an old classic. It was that or Wuthering Heights which also always get’s me into ‘Yorkshire’ mode. Shame it’s mostly tacky things in Transylvania but I guess that’s what you would expect. Hope you’re enjoying some sun! Bethx

  2. I’m glad you are getting some sewing time during the school hols Beth. I think the boys indoors cinema is a great idea, don’t feel guilty about it at all; I am more than sure that they get out lots! A little of everything in moderation is always my motto. How strange to find a mutual friend via your blog…the world is often a small place. Enjoy your summer,
    Jane x

    • I think it’s the fact they insist on it being all dark (like a real cinema) when the sun is shining away outside. Luckily since posting this they have given up and are now preferring the outdoors so I don’t feel too bad at all 🙂 Bethx

  3. I am intrigued by a self cleaning oven! Not that I ever clean my oven, but the idea that if I wanted to I wouldn’t have to is rather appealing.

    That Betsy print i so lovely – I don’t think I’ve seen a colour way yet that I don’t like. Love this season’s mini clothes!

    • The self cleaning oven is amazing, basically you run it on a super hot special setting for about an hour and it turns any fat etc into soot which you just gently wipe off. I cook a lot and HATE cleaning the oven so this was a must when we put the new kitchen in here. Or I could just be very, very lazy 😉 Bethx

  4. I NEED a self cleaning oven! Hoping to get a new kitchen this year so will have to look out for one of those.
    By the way I got my new issue of Mollie Makes today and here was a nice little write up for you in there.
    Enjoy the holidays xx

    • Thanks Jo, I was very excited to get my new MM through the post and take a look. Self cleaning ovens are the way to go, most definitely 🙂

  5. I love opportunities for hand sewing. The Liberty fabric is beautiful! I’m so glad you have been able to get some sewing in – and your oven clean.! I confess, I have let the kids watch a few movies back to back to have the time to sew. 😉

    • It does make me feel guilty but I think some ‘me’ space is quite important during the long summer holidays. I get a bit stressed if I don’t get any time out I’m a much nicer, more patient person with a little peace here and there so everyone wins in the long run 🙂

  6. Your sewing looks fantastic, Beth!

    I am big fan of those felt flowers you make, and all that hand sewing… Huh. But the result is just so worth it! I am wishing you wonderful days, with time to play and time to sew!

    Happy August!


    • Thanks Mia, I think if I come back from our holiday with a nice tray of finished stitched flowers I will be a very happy bunny 🙂 Bx

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