Oh yes, to say I’ve been a bit grumpy today would probably be an understatement; I am cheering considerably as I write this entry (which I will finish tomorrow, due to the need for photos), drinking wine and watching an old Dr Who episode but today, for some reason, has been a challenge.  Still, I have finished some blinds for my sister, which are partly to blame for the grump as I really don’t enjoy what I think of as ‘straight line sewing’.  It’s party why I don’t sew many clothes for myself and also why I didn’t slip into making wedding dresses or ball gowns after my degree, which would be an obvious and sensible way to take the costume design when not actually designing and making costumes.  Don’t get me wrong, I love designing and making period work and have a bit of a thing about early 20th century dress designs (hence a LOT of time spent browsing this site after recently watching Atonement and becoming slightly obsessed by the green dress) but I always see the faults in things I make for myself and prefer smaller more detailed work for my daily fix.

I digress. On the cheery side, I am in Molly Makes this month – hurrah! – I did know, they had asked for some photos but it was still a thrill to see it there in print, little old me.  Lovely.

I haven’t actually had a proper chance to read the new MM but from speed reads in-between blind making and catering for the every whim of my boys (one of whom is sick. He actually said to me today, “Mummy, I wish I had a bell so I could ring it when I need something, like they do on TV.” !!!!???) it promises to be just as wonderful as all the issues so far, most definitely a magazine to be proud to be in.

I have made a little ‘Gone Fishing’ sign for the shop front during my holidays. Not great timing considering the MM mention but I’m looking forward to two weeks in my beloved Yorkshire, breathing in the Northern air (which is most definitely different ;)) and hopefully not eating too many Bettys yummies.

Not bad for a 5 mins grab at things hanging around the studio, need to learn more about my camera though, a bit of variation in exposure wouldn’t go amiss.

And if that’s not enough to get a person out of a grumpy mood how about this beauty made from a tutorial found on Heather Bailey’s blog.

It’s a super cute wrist needle pincushion.  I’m not really one for too cute things but this I fell in love with, I really wanted to make it in the purple colour way from her original pincushion version but this was the perfect time to use up all this scraps of felt I insist in keeping (hence the top photo).

So, the shop will be closing this week and I’ve already shut down Folksy.  I need to do some drastic re-stocking and I’ve quite a nice stash of new things to photograph when I get back, ready for the Autumn change over but for now, I intend to enjoy our Summer 🙂

22 thoughts on “Grumpy…

  1. Enjoy your time in Yorkshire. I spotted the piece about you in Mollie Makes, congratulations – very well deserved. It was quite a thrill to actually turn the page and see your familiar bunnies in print, they leapt out of the page at me! x
    PS. Your son’s comment about the bell is exactly what my son would say, it made me laugh out loud!

  2. Congratulations on the Mollie Makes feature, that is bound to lift the grumps!!
    I just love your little ‘Gone Fishing’, the little fox is so cute!
    Looking forward to seeing your new things but in the meantime have a wonderful holiday. 🙂
    Vivienne x

  3. Congrats on the Mollie Makes mention! I haven’t bought any issues yet…at the moment, £5 is beyond my budget for a magazine (I just enviously pour over photos that people take of it on their blogs instead!). It does look lovely though!

    I hope you have a lovely holiday! Your ‘Gone Fishing’ sign is a very imaginative use of supplies, and funny too x

  4. I tried to leave you a comment on Friday when I received my Mollie Makes to congratulate you but Blogger was having none of it! Well done. I’d love to have a mention in there. Maybe one day! Have a fab holiday x

  5. I was very excited to open up Molly Makes and see you in there, well done! I still love the mag, but this issue was a bit disappointing – other than your feature of course!! I felt there was too much felt! I mean, I love a bit of felt, who doesn’t, but it was all felt!

  6. Well done Beth seeing yourself in print, how lovely! I am sure that got rid of the grump! Have a wonderful break, enjoy some time outside in the hopefully sunny countryside.
    Jane x

  7. Congratulations on your feature! Glad to see you’re feeling better. After seeing Atonement, I was obsessed with the green magnolia wallpaper. Different streaks… The vacation banner is wonderful, looks like it should be a card. Hum?

  8. Congrats for MM, Beth! And the happiest holidays! I know, the timing never seems to be perfect, but you’ll need a break – the autumn and winter will be busy busy busy! And how seriously cute is that gone fishing-sign???!!! I love it!

    Have a wonderful holiday!


  9. I love your gone fishing photo what a great idea.
    Enjoy your time breathing in Yorkshire air, I agree air does smell so different depending on where you go.
    We are off to Cornwall camping next week and I can’t wait to smell the salty air!!
    Hope your son gets better before your trip and as for the bell idea, humm I can think of another two boys here that would love that idea!!!
    Jenny x

  10. I hope you feel more cheerful soon. Thanks for your comment on my blog, no need to feel the need for a girly to make skirts for, you can make me one of those dresses you blogged about instead 🙂 Love that wrist pin cushion, off to get the pattern now. Take care and have a fab hol. xxx

  11. I saw the pin cushion as well! Your get awa y will hopefully help with the grumpy feelings. I love the going away banner and congrats on “Molly Makes” – I must find an issue.

  12. My mum had a little china bell that we were allowed to have by our beds if we were ill. It was great!

    Not just for “I’d like a sandwich” but also “I’ve filled the sick bucket” calls. 😉

    1. This made me laugh as I remember well having chicken pox and having a string line above our beds with bells attached (which my sister and I made – she was also pox ridden), I’m not sure my Mum was all the responsive though 😉 Bx

  13. Great to see you in Molly Makes.
    I hoep you have a wonderful time in Yorkshire. two weeks should really let you relax a bit and breathe in lots of wonderful fresh air – I’m quite sure that you are right that it is different. Enjoy Bettys! Juliex

  14. Oh goodness Beth! How lucky to be featured in Mollie Makes! But of course very deserving….you have the best softies! congrats 🙂

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