My beloved…(Yorkshire that is, although M counts as well!)

We have just returned from our Yorkshire holiday at my sister’s cottage in the Dales.  It was lovely, wet but still lovely.  I managed quite a bit of sewing (there are lots of new things to complete and list but I will wait until September, when the boys are back at school and I can feel a little more organised).  I also spent time playing in Photoshop to come up with some new banners and tags.

I was quite happy with the above, until I loaded up the Folksy version and it just doesn’t match my shop and despite this being intended as a winter header the whole red and green thing (should they really never be seen?) isn’t working for me right now.  So after a walk on the moors, during which I took this photo (on my iPhone in quite heavy rain hence the quality)

I decided to swap for my favourite Dales combination of greens and pinks

I’m still not sure but I will build a front page around it and then see how I feel.

One thing I love about being ‘home’ are the colours of the landscape and all the wild flowers.  Even on a dreary day (and we did have quite a few of those) I find it inspiring.  I managed to pick up this cotton lawn on a Fents shopping trip (there wasn’t a lot else this time, no lovely tweeds) and it’s colours really did make me think of the Dales.  I’m planning a shirt for myself, when I find time to cut a pattern and loose the 5 lbs I managed to put on whilst on holiday 😉

We made ourselves at home at the cottage, I brought along some Postcarden matchbox cress sets for the boys to grow and we maxed out on the Red Lion’s takeaway pizza at weekends (remember that 5 lbs?!).  Bettys also played it’s part in my weight gain, the odd fat rascal was devoured along with some of my favourite Florentines.  In fact food in general is quite important to me, I like the memories involved in certain foods and I love eating nice food and especially in good company.  M is quite different, although he enjoys good meals, he can also happily just eat for fuel, which I never could.  A great example of this is on my ‘big walk’ day.  I am the only one in our household up for very long walks, the boys are simply not ready yet and M would rather go out on his bike so as always on one day I planned a 15 mile hike up the hills on my own (in the rain I might add).  I didn’t take a rucksack with us and so had to pack my lunch in the camera bag which has limited space.  M suggested some of his protein bars and energy drinks but no, I wanted a sandwich, crisps, chocolate, water and

a compact biscuit and cheese selection complete with chutney, a knife and a wet wipe.  I kid you not, I might have looked a bit of a prat whilst perched on a bench in the wind and rain by Grimworth reservoir delicately eating my cheese and biscuits but it did make me very, very happy half way through quite a sodden walk.

Despite the rain, it was great, I even took extra time to detour by Trollers Gill, not something I’d actually recommend in the rain when you are on your own as you have to clamber over the rocks of the old river bed.

This is the photo I took with my iPhone, whilst hurrying through attempting to keep my ankles unbroken and thoughts of American Werewolf in London out of my head.  Not a great image but you get the idea of the scrambling involved.

We had some great family days out.  Catching minnows at Ghaistrills near Grassington, picnicing with friends at Brimham Rocks, following the nature trail at Kilnsey Trout Farm plus Fountains Abbey and Mother Shipton’s Cave to name a few.  We visited Family (lots) and even got to spend most of one day in Airedale hospital after M came of his bike quite badly and tried to headbutt a car (he’s fine but was very, very lucky).  What I didn’t achieve was meeting up with any of my lovely twitter and blog world friends, there just wasn’t time and I should have organised it in advance.  Next time it’s a must.

Finally, M turned 40 whilst we were away, the boys insisted on making him breakfast in bed (I knew he was planning a bike ride so couldn’t eat much, I persuaded them eggs would be good).  They helped to cook it and decorate the tray in the way that little boys do.  Bless.

I am behind in replying to comments at the moment, apologies, I’ve sort of lost my blogging mojo at the moment but today I feel like I’m returning to normal and no doubt once the boys are back at school things will shift back into place.  I have lots to show so there is plenty to talk about as I start to change over onto my Autumn/Winter stock; I am quite excited, it is after all my favourite time of the year 🙂

14 thoughts on “My beloved…(Yorkshire that is, although M counts as well!)

    • Thanks for the banner feedback. In the end I changed it again but I’m still not happy, I just need some time to play around in photoshop. We did have a lovely time 🙂

  1. Glad you had a great time, though you’ve left me hankering for cheese and biscuits.
    I like the second banner too, the softer colours are more welcoming.

    p.s. – congrats on the Mollie Makes feature!!

    • Oh I love cheese and biscuits but don’t have them in the house (other than large blocks of cheddar for the boys) as I’d eat the lot late at night after a few glasses of wine. Especially if there were Oliver biscuits or oat cakes involved. I nearly always choose the cheese board if I’m eating out (so rare these days I eat what I like and don’t worry about it!). Thanks for the banner feedback, much appreciated. Bethx

  2. Welcome back, I loved reading about your time away and seeing your husband’s breakfast tray with added superheroes! Strangely, when you were talking about walking through Trollers Gill on your own in the rain, a scene from American Werewolf in London popped into my head, then I read your next sentence…. spooky!! x

    • Hi Jane, I frightened myself silly going through Trollers Gill. There are also stories about trolls living in the caves that throw stones at your head, then eat you (nice!) and a ghost dog with big eyes, all lovely things that my Dad used to tell us about when we walked there as children. I wont be going there again on my own in a hurry – lol! Bethx

  3. It sounds as if you had a lovely time away Beth!
    So glad to hear your husband is ok after his bike accident! My husband managed to take himself and his bike over a 5-bar gate a few years back, which someone had closed over a tow-path and which wasn’t there the last time he had used the path.That was also a hospital job, it can be dangerous enough this cycling business!
    I love the breakfast tray, especially the Transformer ( at least I think it’s a Transformer, I’m a bit out of practice) about to attack the egg. 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing all this new stuff!!
    Vivienne x

    • Ouch! M is often coming off but not usually hitting a car in the process. It is a bit dangerous, I agree.

      That, Vivienne, is a Lego Hero factory toy. They are one of the many recent obsessions of both the boys but I kind of approve as they spend hours making up their own versions and you can even order (at a price) their own one after they have designed it online, which comes in it’s own branded box etc. I prefer it to some of the rubbish out there, sadly they like all of that too – lol! Bethx

  4. Yes, somehow the second banner does look better (maybe a bit softer and ‘lighter’?).
    So pleased you had such a great holiday. I totally approve of your walking lunch. I don’t think I’m as into food as you but I always have to have good tasty food when I’m walking…….when I head off with my friends on our occasional trips up north I always bring much more elaborate (and heavy!) contributions to our supplies.
    M must have a tough head, thankgoodness. John has had a fair few bike injuries too tho’ since he heads off-road he’s mostly in contact with rocks and trees rather than cars……. I always wait and wonder if I’ll get a call while he’s out. Juliex

    • I agree on the softer and lighter comment, in fact I have changed it again and have almost gone back to my old banner as the new one, even the pink version was still a bit too strong in colour and didn’t sit well with some of my bright product images. Glad you see the sense in the effort of carrying those extra bits for the picnic, they do make it even more of a treat I think. Yes, lucky M and only the day before he was trying to justify why so many people we passed were cycling on the roads without helmets – he’d be dead now (these are his own words) if he hadn’t been wearing his so I win that argument hands down. Bx

  5. It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday Beth, plenty of relaxation and enjoying the outdoors. I totally agree with your perfect picnic….sounds about right to me. The breakfast tray for your Hb was a hoot, so typically BOY, I love it and I’m sure he did too!
    Enjoy getting going with all your new projects, I will await them with interest.
    Take care, Jane x

    • The boys did make me laugh, as you may (or probably may not) have noticed there’s a tunnocks caramel on the tray and some nuts as F was convinced Daddy would really like those as well. F then proceded to eat them once breakfast was delivered – typical 😉 Bx

  6. I’m liking the banners… It is amazing how fresh air can help with perspective isn’t? I’m glad M is ok and I chuckled reading about your meal for your hike, only because I am the same way. I’m so glad your holiday was a good one.

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