Sleep, lovely sleep…

What a difference a decent night’s sleep makes.  I was like a bear with a sore head over the past couple of days, little boys who wander around at night, have nightmares and get up at the crack of dawn plus being ‘home alone’ again as M is away with work has taken it’s toll.  Today is a different story, I had a semi decent nights sleep and I’m full of energy and enthusiasm to get things done.

Making the most (hey, it might not last!) I finished up some Cashmere Bears and listed them.  Very productive.  Sadly, it’s not a very big batch and I will need to make some more of the woodland print ones as they are quite popular but for now I have added a new cream version.

I would have prefered a more mustard yellow for the belly stitching but this was the only Tre Cerchi yellow I have (I always use Coats Tre Cerchi for this tight zig-zag when possible as it gives much better cover being a thicker thread).  Still I like him a lot, he has a kind of polar bear look.

Listed here and one day soon, when I get my act together there will be some added to my Folksy store as well  🙂

12 thoughts on “Sleep, lovely sleep…

  1. A good night’s sleep is the answer to almost all of life’s discomforts Beth, glad you had a recharge last night. That is the sweetest bear….hmmm I do hope in the next few years my daughter makes me a grandmum-LOL. I would love to buy one! Take care,
    Jane x

  2. Sleep does make such a difference doesn’t it? I think I normally get off lightly compared to you but in the last few weeks the ability to sleep has deserted me and it makes things so much harder.
    Both bears are really cute and I do really like the new one – perfect for polar bear lovers.
    I didn’t know about Coats Tre Cerchi, I must remember it for the future – thanks! Juliex

  3. I love your new bear! So cute!
    I know what you mean about a decent night’s sleep – if I haven’t had enough I am completely useless and just drift around not achieving anything!

  4. Sleep makes all the difference, especially unbroken sleep!
    I agree the new bear does look like a polar bear – very cute! 🙂
    Vivienne x

  5. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit more yourself , lack of sleep is a killer isn’t it. Your new bear is very polar bear ish and dare I say it with red thread and a bit of green would look very C*****massy ?

  6. I love your cashmere bears – very cuddly! And I am envying you a night’s sleep – last night it was not children but husband – turning on the light and crashing around trying to put an end to the mosquito which had been terrorizing him!

    Pomona x

  7. I hope the sleep continues, it really does make a lot of difference doesn’t it, it is as if you are a whole new person when you have a decent nights sleep. I have returned to the pom pom jar to get esme to sleep through the night and it seems to be working so far (she has 3 pom poms so far – 3 whole nights of sleep, bliss!). x

  8. I know how you feel Beth, I think it’s the fact that we’re not getting any younger 😉 Do you still remember those 20something days when 2hours sleep was just enough to keep us going…Huh. Sleeping is simply the best! And so are your new bears, lovely and cuddly!

    Happy and creative days!


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