Monster Letters…

This will to be a super quick post as I am in full multi-tasking mode today.

I have just been checking the boys uniforms for tomorrow, stitching in any final labels and feeling slightly embarrassed about just how huge F’s new jumpers are but as everything is pretty much in order and smugly I only have to re-heat a beef stew for lunch (I thought today might be a bit hectic so I made it in advance – NOTE I am not normally this organised, this is a rare occasion) I decided to make some quick monster letters for the boys’ book bags.

All the kids have the same bag and many put small toys on them but as I’m a bit mean and F is so easily distracted I’ve never allowed toys on his so today I made each of the boys a felt monster letter, with their names stitched on the backs.

They are much brighter in real life, the blue is turquoise and the lettering a gold yellow and they are about 12 cm tall.  I’m pleased for something made so quickly with scraps (don’t look too closely, they are not the neatest things I have ever sown!) and hopefully it will allow the boys to ID their bags a bit more quickly from all the others.

I’m most excited for C starting ‘big school’ he is very ready and I’m sure he will settle well.  Of course I will miss having him around but I am more excited then I can say about having so much time for my sewing and adding a daily walk to school with a run back to help get me back into shape.  It’s all good stuff 🙂

33 thoughts on “Monster Letters…

  1. The letters are fabby (and well done with the lunch – I find it so satisfying if I ever manage to plan like that!).
    Good luck to C, it sounds like he should have a great time. Islay is really enjoying being at school – although she is getting very tired. Enjoy your additional time and the walk and run….should be a lovely way to start the day. Juliexx

    • Glad to hear Islay is getting on OK, it’s always a worry that they enjoy their early years of school, after all there are quite a few more years to go! I agree, it is very satisfying to be that organised, I must try it more often 😉 Bx

  2. Well you certainly seem to be on top of everything Beth, good for you!
    The monsters are great, I’m sure your boys love them. I hope they have a good start to the new term, especially little ‘C’, I wish him well!
    Vivienne x

    • Thanks Vivienne, they have slipped back into the routine nicely, I knew C would be OK I was more worried about F moving into Yr 2 and all the extra work he gets but so far, so good 🙂 Bethx

    • Thank you and I see you also have a lovely blog, I need some time to come over and have a proper visit and read through! Thanks for dropping by and commenting 🙂

  3. Beth those monster letters are so good, I really love them and so will your boys, what a clever Mum they have. This is a really big turning point for you now..both boys at Big School. Be careful or you will find out like me that 20 years have slipped by and your beautiful babies are now 22 and 25 ;0)
    Enjoy having some creative time Beth and enjoy the end of the summer.
    Jane x

    • Hi Jane, I can imagine, the time is already flying by! Oh but to have some time back to myself is bliss, I do miss having C around but I enjoy my quiet time more. Bethx

  4. Oh they are just brilliant! What a wonderful idea. I am going to be such a disaster when even one of mine is at school – he’ll be lucky to have clean uniform, never mind a personalised bag tag!

    • I have no doubt at all that you will be very organised! My top tip is no-iron shirts and trousers from M&S (and order them at the beginning of Summer as there’s not left by September), whatever your great intention to have your child dressed in neatly ironed cotton shirts and quality wool trousers you’ll just give up and have them sparking with static electricity in man-made stain resistant fibers before you know it 😉 Bethx

  5. Beth those letters are great, your boys no doubt love them as I’m sure any boy would.
    Hope C does settle well, I’m dreading tomorrow as I know #1 will get upset even though he is moving into yr 2 he still isn’t keen.
    Enjoy all your sewing time, I have 3 more years until all of mine are at school so more late night sewing for me!!
    Can’t wait to see what you sew next.
    Jenny x

    • Hi Jenny, I do hope it’s going OK with #1, I have experienced the unhappy school child many times and I know how hard it is. I’m VERY excited about C doing full days in a couple of weeks, that will be the big change for me as I really will have a chunk of the day to myself. Bethx

    • Thanks Lola, it went well, they have both settled into their new classes and are really enjoying themselves. Always makes it easier if there are no tears in the mornings! Bethx

    • Thanks Regina. I’m not normally that organised (the stew), although I did manage a fish pie in advance for last Sunday as well, who knows, this may be the all new in control me 😉 Bethx

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