I’ve been meaning to show my latest book collecting obsession for a while.  As most regular readers know (and I see I have some new ones – hello! – always lovely and increases my google reader list every time as I discover new blogs to return read), I have fond memories of the books that were read to us as children, many include animals dressed in clothing and I regularly find myself collecting Richard Scarry and Racey Helps among others.  My most recent addition are some books by BESHLIE, my Mum gave me my childhood copy of ‘Romany Wood’ last time I was home, I’d completely forgotten about it to be honest, but was thrilled to see it’s contents.


I’ve found it quite difficult to find much information on Beshlie on-line but from the books themselves it appears she lived a Travellers life with her husband Dominic Reeve and between them they wrote and illustrated a number of children’s books.  The drawings are  of animal characters, generally living an itinerant life and contain a lot of nature details, they are the kind of images that the more you look at the more detail you see.

Even the front pages are beautiful.

My favourite book is ‘Traveller’s Joy’, it contains a series of illustrations of common (weed) flowers that Beshlie and Dominic find whilst regularly pitching their trailer and a description of their features, habitat and uses.  Beshlie heads the written sections with an animal (in clothing, of course!) image to help children remember the plant names.  Love it.

On a work progress note, I wrote myself a list at the beginning of last week of projects that urgently need finishing, the main one being to complete and list new products on Folksy as my store there is very neglected.  I have pretty much failed and the same list was carried over to this week and will now be carried over to next, life is getting in the way.  I am nearly there though so fingers crossed with C on full days from Monday I will finally get to check everything off 🙂

7 thoughts on “BESHLIE…

  1. Lovely images Beth, I can see why you love them!
    And your creations as always, in lovely neat little rows. 🙂

    Vivienne x

  2. That’s a new name to me Beth, they are lovely illustrations. I loved Racey Helps and Richard Scarry and my children inherited my books. I’m glad to hear that the list is getting done…never worry that you don’t do everything on one can always be the start of a new one.Have a productive week,
    Jane x

  3. An another keen reader (and a book hoarder, too!) here LOVING those books, Beth! I am a great fan of older children books, and those images are just wonderful!

    And just wishing to make you feeling better: I have had a felt-mittens on my to-do-list from last year, and it was put on top of the list in June. And guess what: one pair finished…Maybe 2012? As you said, sometimes life just gets in the way!

    Happy new week!


  4. Good luck with crossing things off your list, Beth! What wonderful, lovely books. I am feeling ever so nostalgic these days, and I’m so pleased I can buy books from my childhood for my nephew. Just hunted down an old copy of Postman Pat’s Rainy Day for him (and then I watched the episode online)!

  5. Those books have lovely a/w, they are a great find. I have been lifting a Richard Scarry book from my mum’s house each time I visit recently. I know they are still in print, but there’s something really nice about the paper the old ones were printed on.
    c x

  6. Whilst trying to find some information on Belshie I found this site. It has been very difficult to find any information. My reason for researching her is that I come into posession of a framed original drawing/illustration. It caught my eye because of the quality and detail. It reminds me of Beatrix Potter ilustrations. I would lover to hear from someone about these original drawings.

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