Birthday Gifts…

We went to my Sister’s house over the weekend for her birthday.  We had a lovely time eating, playing outside in the sun, terrorising her cat and dog (the boys that is, not me) and generally enjoying ourselves.

For her gifts I took this wonderful scarf by Donna Wilson.  In all honesty I was buying one for myself when I realised it would also be a perfect gift for her, I do love a bit of Donna Wilson.

I also included some of the most amazing chocolates ever, in the form of a box of Artisan du Chocolat, Couture chocolates.  I used to work near the store in London and it was a treat to buy a box of these for very special occasions, I included a tin of their famous Salted Caramels as well, I have a bit of a thing about chocolate and salt together.

Finally I added a sheep biscuit cutter that I bought ages ago from Hus and Hem, I had tucked this away for Christmas (I like to do that over the year, it keeps the cost more manageable) but I decided to give it now.  For those who don’t know, because I don’t mention it often (ha ha) we are from a Yorkshire sheep farming family so sheep, tweed, and anything similar always go down well with us both.

After all the lovely comments on the recent post including the acorns (thank you for such positive feed back), I made up a set with a plaited hanging thread to attach to the outside of the package, I did consider making the hanging loop in some kind of gold ribbon but it looked wrong, I slightly stitched the hanging thread to the leaves to keep a nice arrangement when it’s hung (on a cupboard or drawer knob maybe?) but the acorns dangle freely, which is quite nice.

Lastly, I’m sorry I am yet again behind in my blog reading and commenting so do please bear with me if you haven’t heard from me for a while, I will get around to catching up with everyone’s news soon as I do so enjoy reading other people’s blogs.  There’s rather a lot of ‘stuff’ going on around here and it’s taking up all my time so I’m struggling a bit but it will all settle soon, I’m sure, these things tend to in the end 🙂

31 thoughts on “Birthday Gifts…

  1. What lovely gifts to give (and receive!) sounds like a lovely way to spend a weekend. Those acorns are wonderful, I do love autumn and it’s rich colours and crunchy leaves. x

    1. Me too, I am in fact a bit miffed we’ve slipped back into summer as I’d brought out all my winter woolies for some nice crisp autumn walks! Oh well, people keep talking about snow in October so we’ll see. Bx

    1. It already has, thank you 🙂 I feel a lot more relaxed and ready for a week of finally listing new products. Bx

    1. Hi Vivienne, the chocolates are amazing, you are forced to eat them slowly and ‘guess’ the flavour of each and discuss, I’ll admit it can be like eating a bag of Revels, there is occasionally a flavour I don’t like or don’t expect, I know these days to avoid the chili ones! Bethx

  2. Love the scarf, Beth and the chocolates look wonderful….yum! I just adore everything you make and the acorn and leaves are no exception…simply fantastic! I am a bit behind on my commenting, but I was reading your post regarding Anthropologie…I buy kitchen items there but I agree about some of the clothing….the quality is just not up to snuff for the price you pay.

    1. Thanks for the comment on the acorn, I am glad you like it as I’m now considering making some for the shop (it’s great to get feedback on things you’re not sure about). Also, glad I’m not the only one to feel as I do about Anthropologie. Bethx

    1. Life has slowed pace this weekend, thank goodness, it was all too stressful for me. Glad you like the acorns. Bx

  3. I’ve missed loads of your posts! it’s been super manic down our end. i love your acorns! they are fantastic! well done you! good luck getting the folksy shop stocked up (ours is looking pretty pathetic at the moment too!)

    1. Hi Bex! Busy is a good thing (I hope?!). I’m nearly there with the Folksy update, I do tend to neglect F as I don’t sell a lot there in comparison to my own site but I hate the shop being all empty and sad. Bethx

    1. Hi Emma, I hope to, I just need to list my Autumn products then I plan to make up some acorns for sale, probably for listing in mid October. Bethx

  4. Oh more wonderful sisters-time, that sounded wonderful! And your gift seems perfect, loving it all! And that sheep is too funny, I would love to have one too!

    And your handmades are so beautiful, as always, those acorns are just perfect… Autumn at its best!

    Happy Thursday!


    1. Thanks Mia, I am such an Autumn girl so anything connected rocks my boat. Sisters are great 🙂 Bethx

    1. Oh she treats me so well (my Sister that is) so I do owe her, half my posh wardrobe is her cast offs, and she often take me to the Opera or out for a meal. Funny as we were very much enemies until out late teens but good friends these days. Bethx

  5. Gorgeous presents! I love the acorns too.Talking of sweet things, a friend of mine makes yummy fudge – seasalt and pecan – being my fave- check out the gingham chicken!

    1. Thanks for the acorn love, I am thinking of making them for the shop after so many positive comments. Seasalt and pecan fudge sounds delicious, I just ate some ‘Heston’ ice cream that was popcorn and salted caramel flavour, it was nice but not salty enough for me and a bit pricey, saying that I’d happily eat it again! Bethx

    1. I bought a sheep cutter for myself as well, I can’t wait to make a batch of ginger bread cookies with the boys, we might even have sheep gingers for the tree this year! Bethx

  6. Oh Beth I’m only just catching up with people’s blogs and as for mine?!
    My mum commented yesterday that she keeps checking but there is never any ‘new’ news!
    I guess it is good to be busy, I keep telling myself that it’ll be quiet after xmas & then things may go back to normal!!
    Your sisters presents look gorgeous, and I can’t wait to see your new listings, #3’s (linen cat) fox still takes pride of place in her bedroom.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend
    Jenny x

    1. Hi Jenny, Oh good news you are so busy but I do sympathise that it can feel rather stressful. I think with blogging it’s also quite easy to fall out of the rhythm but difficult to get back into once this does happen. I hope you get some time for yourself in your hectic life and really glad to hear that one of my foxes has found such a great home and is still so popular, having just got the ones I’ve been making over the summer out for photographing I remember just how much I like them. Bx

  7. Hi Beth,

    Really liked the blog post (great gifts- I want that sheep cutter!). I have recently started a company which prints photos into gifts and personalised cards. I don’t mean to spam but seeing your beautiful photos I thought they might make a brilliant book or card and if you’re interested then I’ll happily send you (or your readers) a free voucher.

    All the best,

    1. Hello, there’s spam and spam and this kind I have no problem with at all. I shall be checking out your link once my little horrors are asleep and I finally get some ‘me’ time – thanks for dropping by!

  8. Hi Beth, that scarf is really cute I bet your sister loved it!

    I’m looking forward to seeing your new collection as you know, the little acorns are very sweet.

  9. ooh, i think i shall seek out that choccy shop next i’m in london – and if you ever come across lauden you might like them, also very pretty with some wonderful flavours

    i love that scarf

    1. Sounds lovely, I’m all for trying out new fancy chocolates! I’m wearing the scarf now, it’s nippy in my Studio and I’ll take any excuse to swan (ha ha – I know, terrible) around wearing it. Bethx

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