Pop open the champagne…

Seriously, there may be the popping sound of a very small bottle of pink fizz opening tonight (well, some sparkling Aussie stuff anyway, as I am the only drinker in the house I have no excuse to open actual champagne) as I have finally updated my Folksy shop.

Long time coming but there have been so many distractions and today is the first in ages that I have felt in control of things and slightly relaxed.

I spent this afternoon stuffing lavender bags and getting this lot ready to send off to Armagh (another order from the lovely folk at the St Patrick’s Trian Visitor Complex), I had to make up new monster purses and extra brooches as I didn’t have any spare, in fact I still don’t have new monster purses for my store, they are on my ‘need to make last month’ list along with new lavender owls.  I will get there eventually, I’m sure.

For now I am concentrating on new items and I have finally managed to photograph and list the new Autumn lavender birds.  I started these a very, very long time ago, they were one of my sewing projects I took on our holidays to Yorkshire this Summer (stitching the eyes on that is)

and the tails of the green birds were used for the ‘grass’ in my ‘Gone Fishing’ photo as they were sitting on my desk at the time waiting to be stitched up.

I do like the new birds, they have a perfect Autumn colour palette in my mind; a nice mix of greens, golds and reds

I’m sure many of your will recognise the fabric as ‘Cloud 9 – Leaves’, I have it in a few colour ways and jumped on the red as soon as it appeared on-line some time ago, stashing it away for this time of year.

I have also made and listed (go me!) some new ‘Folk’ lavender birds, these were made to match another project which I may be some time in completing so I thought I’d get the birds into the shop now.

I loved the slightly miss match colour of the folk fabric so much it prompted me to also make a matching version of ‘little birds‘.  Now, if there is a prize for the worst photo in this post this last on wins, I do struggle to get the burgundy felt that I love and use so much correctly captured and I will need to re-take this one with a longer exposure, but at least they are listed and I can relax tonight knowing that my poor Folksy shop isn’t shamefully bare.

I have many other things also completed and ready so be prepared for some coherent posts complete with nice matching photos, now that would be nice wouldn’t it? 😉

12 thoughts on “Pop open the champagne…

  1. The new birds are lovely Beth, especially the green one, that is beautiful fabric.
    If you need someone to come round and drink champagne with you, I’d be very happy to help. 😉
    Vivienne x

  2. OOOh, I’ve just had a peek at your new updated Folksy shop 😉 I love the cream cashmere bunny – so beautiful. You really are talented lady.

    1. Thanks Nina! It’s a ‘sneak’ look at what should be arriving with the ‘Woodland Animals’ coming soon to my main site. As you can’t re-arrange the order on Folksy I have to list things in a way I’d like them to sit together on my shop page so I popped a couple of the bunnies in for now (along with a squirrel) to beak up the lavender birds etc. Glad you like the look fo them 🙂 Bethx

    1. Thank you! The pretend fizz went down very well, I plan to repeat tonight with a second mini bottle and a thai takeaway – ahh, the good life 🙂

  3. Oh Beth,

    Now it’s me who is lurking behind your beautiful posts 😉 Well done, dear, fantastic job! Everything looks brilliant, and i am absolutely sure you’ve earned a bottle of bubbly!

    Happy sewing with you new projects!


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