Foxes 2011…

I am having a deja vu as my desk is cluttered with fox bodies and linen clothing and I have spent the last couple of day stitching noses.

I tried hard to get ahead on these and have been making the clothing for many months, a bit at a time.  I do really enjoy seeing everything piled up together ready to go, it gives me a great sense of achievement.

I have only made a few of each colour, although I enjoy making the clothing, I find making the bodies quite hard; sewing large amounts of tweed fills my workspace with fluff and there are quite a lot of repetitive processes with a few grrr moments.  Sewing the noses was very satisfying though as it always seems to make each Fox come alive and have it’s own personality (I know they are only softies, don’t worry I don’t talk to them or anything….I save that for the cat 😉 )

I have added a new Mr Fox, in a lovely green linen (hand dyed as always) with cravats in Liberty ‘Poppy & Daisy’ tana lawn.  I really like this combination, I can’t help but notice that the green/purple/pink combination is popping up a lot in my work, I hope to add some girls at some point but to be honest I need a Fox break for a few weeks and feel it’s time I moved onto other projects, also all late and urgent feeling.

I really enjoy the finished Foxes, they are just right some how, they mix my love of vintage, tweed, and a simple design style perfectly and I feel that they really sum up what I am trying to create at The Linen Cat.  I also really like that they are seasonal, they do feel like an Autumn/Winter product and it’s nice to have some variation in the shop content throughout the year.

Blimey some of you are quick off the mark, I’ve already had two emails about orders as I’m writing this post and I only listed them last night!  Right, they can be found in the Winter Specials section and an extra Mrs on Folksy.

I’m taking the day off sewing to design new labels and then clean.  I know, it’s a miracle 😉

Badgers next.

20 thoughts on “Foxes 2011…

  1. I love your foxes they are lovely, I love foxes any way so I’m hoping one of these may end up in my house. Is it wrong to buy myself a present? Or shall I buy one and give it to my husband to wrap up for me? Is that wrong too? Trouble is I adore badgers too and I can’t wait to see them x

    • Hello lovely lady. Only Mr in the Badgers as I only have enough fabric for 5, they will have yellow corduroy suits and attached badges similar to my flower brooches. At least, that’s the plan 🙂 Bx

  2. I agree Beth you really have got these just right and I think you will sell out very quickly. Wonderful work! Love them and I will also love to see the badgers. Have a great weekend.
    Jane x

  3. Hello Beth

    Having just received Three Little Birds from you this morning – which I have to say are stunning – I thought I’d check out your Blog. My goodness i was not disappointed!

    Your work is of such a high standard…each little outfit for your foxes is exquisite…and I can’t wait to see the badgers.

    I also enjoyed visiting the link for Joanna Rutter – couldn’t resist buying a Bird Brooch.

    I am ‘into’ birds in a big way at the moment! But have added Fox and Badger to my Christmas List too.

    Your work is amazing. I love to work with fabric too…but could never be as precise with my stitching as you are.

    I wish you every success – I think Liberty’s will be searching you out very soon…Jill

    • Hi Jill, huge thanks for such a positive and encouraging reaction to my work, I’m thrilled you like the birds and equally my blog. How fabulous is Joanna Rutter? You should also check out Jemima Lumley’s work ( she features birds often in in her silver necklaces and earrings, I’d buy everything in her shop if I could. I have just had a good nosey around your site and I love your work, the ‘Poppy Field Rug’ has especially caught my eye, very beautiful. Best get on with those badgers 😉 All the very best, Beth

  4. Oh man aren’t they cute! And in real life too, I should know as we have a Mr.Fox in our family, and my nephew LOVES him! He (Mr.F) has that beautiful blue suit but oh that green is adorable also! Fantastic job, Beth!

    Happy weekend!


  5. He looks very dapper in green. By the way, I’m looking forward to receiving my buttercup brooch. I have many an outfit in need of brightening up!

  6. Delighted with the fox Beth. A lucky little boy in Australia will be enjoying it very soon. Many thanks, I am so impressed with your work, its beautiful.

    Ceri x

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