Half Term Holidays…

I’m not quite sure what I was thinking but I kind of forgot about the half term holidays.  I knew they were coming but I think I might just have been in denile…maybe.  It’s not gone too badly, the boys were in need of a break and in all honesty are playing really well together, some of the time 😉  So far the boys have:

Made Pumpkin lanterns and gingerbread vampires, ghosts, cats and some sheep (the last completely unrelated to Halloween but I really wanted to try out my sheep cutter from Hus & Hem, I’ve just bought the Elk set for Christmas).  These are C’s he doesn’t do scary so he just made normal gingerbread men.

Removed all the bedding, blankets, pillows etc off the boys beds and made cinemas/caves/boats anything that involves lounging in a pile of nice clean bedding on the floor.  On which note, we vamped up the boys room last week with an Ikea trip.  They chose a rug, a light and a clock so F can see what time it is when he wakes at some ridiculous hour and thinks he should get up (bloomin’ 4am this morning and with C in our bed from 2am I wasn’t a happy bunny).

I bought blankets for the boys beds, you can get the same from Hus & Hem (I really love this shop, can you tell?), they were out of stock when I ordered mine but I see they are back in at the time of writing this.

and I made cushion covers for the boys from their old cashmere/cotton baby blankets to try and stop them taking the ones off the sofa for den building.

We have also watched far too much TV and Apple movies.  I know, I’m a bad Mother but it has allowed me to have a moment’s peace and make a start on some new little birds.

I also dyed my hair yesterday, it was supposed to be a mid to dark red brown.  It’s more like purple black, I have a wedding to attend soon so there will be a lot of hair washing in coming days (it’s a semi-permanent but I fear may be more permanent than semi!).

On a final note, thanks for such a positive response to the Foxes, I wasn’t sure how well these would go this year, as I know most of you lovely bloggy peeps who wanted one bought them last time around, but I’m very happy to see them flying out of the shop.  Always a huge compliment to have things so well received 🙂

Have a spooky Halloween!

12 thoughts on “Half Term Holidays…

  1. How spooky, I was just reading your blog and your comment on my blog popped up 🙂 Thanks for your lovely comment, my middle girl is not girly at all but little one somehow is (not sure how lol) so I am not really a pink pink lover either (although I have grown to like it more since having little one) . My son now wants a bag like that but for him in his style so it must be OK and not too girly 🙂 Love your new little birdies, do you do a pick an mix colour on them or sell them in packs? It looks like you have had a fantastic week and you can tell your son he looks very scary but still stylish in that last photo 🙂 Take care Zoe x PS hope your hair goes the colour you want it to.

    • I really do love the bag, you may well have inspired me to make some messenger bags for each of the boys for our winter walks (I would of course ping the inspiration credit back to your blog!). It’s funny how girls taste goes, I have friends who have VERY princess pink girls, when they themselves are not and there are a couple of girls in Felix’s class who refuse to wear dresses and go to all the parties in their football kits much to their mothers distress.

      I tend to sell the birds in packs of 3 as I think otherwise I’d be left with quite a few odd colours and in all honesty it’s easier for me to have them packed and ready for sale in advance. I have thought about a ‘pick & mix’ option, maybe for spring/summer that would be an idea. Bethx

      • I have been asked to create some for a person who has twin boys, just now thinking of what they would like instead of a flower 🙂 A bit scary really aswell as Esme’s is the first bag I made 🙂 oohh I would love to see if you make your boys some for winter and it would be fab to have a link back to mine. When I make the next ones I will have to make a pattern (it got the other one from my head – eekk) and let you have an idea of the sizes. oohh I may not be able to wait until summer for your birdies, will have another look in your site. Take care Zoe x

  2. Now that my children are way grown up Beth I never remember 1/2 term until I see how empty the roads are around here! Your boys are having a wonderful time I can see. If you are making gingerbread with them and sorting out their den you can hardly say you are a bad mother…honestly Beth you are a fab Mum to them and I am sure they know that. You also need a break over the hols so the odd film or TV programme gives you some “me” time which is just as important!
    Love the scarey vampire..he so looks the part bless him. Enjoy your weekend,
    Jane x

  3. Looks like you’ve been quite busy holidayer’s (that’s not a word I’m sure but you’ll get the idea) – and Halloween seems to be a big hit? Here the first children’s toy-catalogues arrived last week and they’ve been used as pillow, day&night… And still 2months to go!

    Have a wonderful weekend and happy spooking 🙂


  4. Love the little biscuits especially the cats!
    That is one scary vampire, he does like his blood, doesn’t he!!! 🙂
    Have a brilliant halloween but with two young boys, I’m sure you will!
    Vivienne x

  5. love the gingerbread men mixed with the cats. I think at our place the gingerbread men and women would far out way the scary. 😉 I have never heard of Hus & Hem, but I really think I would like that place. I hope the rest of your break is a good one and the light helps with the sleeping. I have been there too many nights myself.

  6. I bet the boys had fun choosing things for their room – we did that a few months ago and they were so chuffed….and their rooms get used more now which is a plus point for me too!
    Good luck with the hair – it may not look so lurid to everyone else – she says hopefully! Juliex

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