Pirate Mice…

Now, I forgot to hide these one day and the boys found them almost finished, I felt rather mean gently taking them away but before you think I am an evil mother, they would gladly have one of pretty much everything I make if I let them plus I have promised a special one each in their Christmas stocking (which I have explained I will post to Santa so he has it ready for the big day).

These were really good fun to make, my brain is already buzzing with Linen Mice Specials for next year!  I do hope to make some new Super Hero mice this side of Christmas but I’m not making any promises, I need to try and reduce my handmade present list and finish the acorns first.

They are listed here.  Acorns next 🙂

Red Riding Hood Linen Mice…

I had forgotten about inset day at school this week, followed by lunch out with my Mum and Aunt (down here visiting my Sister from Yorkshire) and then coffee this morning with some friends, all in all there hasn’t been much sewing done.

On a very happy note, I did manage to finish and photograph the new Linen Mice specials so without any more chat here is the first, a sweet Red Riding Hood version.

My only regret is I did think of adding a white underskirt with a lace edge but I could keep on adding more detail and there has to be a cut off point, I keep thinking how yummy this shot would be with a lace underskirt….ah well, she does have very nice white linen frilly knickers.

The linen for the capes was hand dyed and the colour mixed as I had a very specific kind of dark scarlet in mind that I couldn’t get from using straight Dylon dye colours.  It’s always a bit hit and miss, even though I do lots of mini dye tests when mixing the colours but on this occasion has worked a treat.

This last photo makes me very happy, you know what I’m like about ‘neat little piles’ shots 🙂

And just so you understand how long some things take me to complete, the below photo was taken back in May!!!  Now I had planned this as an early autumn product but I got side-tracked, as you do.

Still the few that are left (sorry, half were already spoken for) are listed here.  Also, just to be clear I wont be making any more girl Linen Specials this side of the New Year, I had hoped to make a batch of Ballerina Mice but time hasn’t allowed and I think I am done with the fiddly turning out, as above, that is like squeezing a camel through the eye of a needle.
Next post, Pirate Mice.

This and that…

I’m gradually getting through my Christmas list, both in shop products and presents and I don’t feel nearly as stressed as I did last year.  I have also been ‘home alone’ for a while as M has been working in the US, the bonus is I get some new (cheaper) fabric (good old Etsy), the down is I usually get very tired with the sleepless nights due to our boys not being the best at actually sleeping.

It’s been OK though, C likes to keep me company when I’m sewing and spends many happy hours building various creations from whatever box he has dragged out of the playroom.

Felix is happy making picnics to eat in the ‘cinema’, the above made me laugh a lot, I usually have a firm say in what makes it to the picnic tray but he sneaked downstairs at the weekend and collected some things ‘all by myself Mummy,’ ah yes, that would be why there is a mountain of chocolate and a single carrot….with butter on it….hummm.

I have managed to finish some new lavender birds based on last year’s design so now ‘Snow Blossom‘ and ‘Gold‘ lavender birds are listed over at The Linen Cat.

As I am being very random in this post I feel the need to show you some new goodies that I photographed but have never blogged about.  Above it a fantastic plate by JIMBOBART which I bought ages ago for M’s 40th as a gift from the boys; we made a nice cake to serve on it.  I had fully intended to include this when I was blogging my Mr Badgers but forgot, I would buy everything in this shop and was lucky to receive a free print due to a (very slight and well communicated) delay in the order.


I am also getting ahead on buying some lovely Christmas gifts from other folk in the handmade community.  These are for the boys who both love having secret notebooks to scribble, draw and stick things in.  They are by the fabulously talented Fiona T who I have bought from before and who very generously made me the ninja notebook as a special request.  I am so in love with her zombies and ninjas but there are some lovely things for girls and grownups as well so do pop over and check the shop out.

Finally I’d like to say a HUGE thanks for the lovely comments on the last Mr Badger post, I am way behind with my replies, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. I was so pleased they received such a positive response and quite sad to see them go, even though that’s a good thing.  I have also found some great new blogs recently from people leaving comments and have enjoyed some lovely email conversations with online ‘friends’, it reminds me just how great this whole internet malarkey is.

Right, I am surrounded by linen mice limbs, tweed purses and acorns so I’ll crack on 🙂

Mr Badger…

Update:  Thanks for all your lovely comments, all the Mr Badgers have now sold and I am thrilled at such a positive response.  Thank you 🙂

Yesterday I finally finished the badgers.

The finishing touches such as making up the rose brooches, stitching noses and sewing on buttons have taken me a lot longer than I’d imagined,

in fact I still have one badger body to complete, I ran out of stuffing and he needs a bit more in his belly,

on which note, I should say that the only disappointment in the lovely badgers is that their waistcoats are a bit too snug.  This is partly because the tweed I’ve used for the bodies is very stretchy and soft and has expanded more than expected when stuffed and the corduroy doesn’t stretch in the same way the linen does, I’ve also opted for very chunky buttons that don’t help the situation.  I did um and ah about whether to re-make them but I don’t have enough time or fabric and I’m pretty sure it’s just me being a perfectionist.

The cravats are in Liberty ‘Claire-Aude’, a nice red and gold floral print which compliments the yellow corduroy suit very nicely.

I’m really, really pleased with these.  I only had enough of the tweed to make 5, and I decided to add a little rose brooch to each, they have been listed here and I do hope you like them 🙂

Blackcurrant Birds…

My oldest came home from school today very excited about a ‘special treat’ he had for me.  He decided we would turn the bunk beds into a cinema (this involves putting blankets over the sides, fairy lights up and hanging the in-car DVD player from the wall), and I would be given a holiday from working and sewing and could squeeze in and eat my tea in there with the boys and watch a movie.  As a result (and my inability to upset him by explaining I’d much rather sew and in fact have lots of household jobs to do) I am now squeezed into the lower bunk, with my laptop watching ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’.  I can think of worse things to be doing, it’s a bit cramped and smells of little boys feet but hey-ho, I’ve made the little monsters happy so that’s worth it.

Anyhow, as I’m sat here and can’t really do anything I thought I’d list some new Little Birds I finished last week.

I made the above ages ago as gifts for the boys teachers (see here) and decided then that I’d like to make a batch for the Autumn/Winter shop.

I love blackcurrants and I especially love jam and cassis made from the ones we grow in our garden.  I also love the dark purple colour, if you asked me what my favourite colour was I would never say purple but deep berry purples and wine reds are most definitely high on my list, in fact my favourite tights at the moment are some lovely merino wool wine coloured ones.  Just and extra little fact for you there, bet you really wanted to know that.

Here they are all lined up…

and mounted up on cards ready to be popped into cello bags.
Annoyingly difficult to photograph and get the colours even nearly correct, especially in the gloom of the weather at the moment but there you go.  Listed in the shop here and probably on Folksy soon….depending on how the next couple of hours go and if I am allowed to leave my ‘special holiday’.
Ok, off to cuddle little boys and swoon over Mrs Foxes yellow painting smock (I am so going to make myself one of those!) 🙂


Red and Gold and a bit of Green…

My desk today is covered in half finished projects I’m trying to complete.

I feel the need to tidy things up and get organised and this means trying to reduce the mass of plastic boxes stacked around my studio, waiting for attention.  Some have been here for many weeks, in a few cases months.

It’s all very gold and red (normally it’s green and purple and pink on my table) and I’m enjoying the new colours.  I noticed when we returned after the short holiday that the leaves had all changed on our school run, and in what seems like only a few days those beautiful coloured leaves have dropped leaving bare branches.  Shame, I do like autumn colours and feel a little like we missed it this year, perhaps there is still time for a park or country house visit this weekend to take in the remaining show.

I made another acorn and leaves up for wrapping a present last weekend for a friend.  I am half-way through a batch for the shop but it’s taking a long time to chain stitch the acorn cups and I have to spread out felting the acorns as it makes my hands very dry using all that soap and hot water.  It’s fun though and I’ve promised the boys we can do some felt making this Christmas, maybe some decorations or cards for teachers?

That’s it today, short post and sorry, I’m behind in replying to comments but it feels quite hectic here even though the boys are back in school.  Time to dig though draws and find all the winter woollens, my favourite time of year 🙂