Red and Gold and a bit of Green…

My desk today is covered in half finished projects I’m trying to complete.

I feel the need to tidy things up and get organised and this means trying to reduce the mass of plastic boxes stacked around my studio, waiting for attention.  Some have been here for many weeks, in a few cases months.

It’s all very gold and red (normally it’s green and purple and pink on my table) and I’m enjoying the new colours.  I noticed when we returned after the short holiday that the leaves had all changed on our school run, and in what seems like only a few days those beautiful coloured leaves have dropped leaving bare branches.  Shame, I do like autumn colours and feel a little like we missed it this year, perhaps there is still time for a park or country house visit this weekend to take in the remaining show.

I made another acorn and leaves up for wrapping a present last weekend for a friend.  I am half-way through a batch for the shop but it’s taking a long time to chain stitch the acorn cups and I have to spread out felting the acorns as it makes my hands very dry using all that soap and hot water.  It’s fun though and I’ve promised the boys we can do some felt making this Christmas, maybe some decorations or cards for teachers?

That’s it today, short post and sorry, I’m behind in replying to comments but it feels quite hectic here even though the boys are back in school.  Time to dig though draws and find all the winter woollens, my favourite time of year 🙂

18 thoughts on “Red and Gold and a bit of Green…

  1. I love your packaging with the sweet acorns and leaves. My youngest helped me the last time I did some felted balls – thank you for the great idea to use them with Christmas cards for the teachers – I still have must of the ones we made…

    • Thanks Regina, glad you like the acorns 🙂 I’ve promised the boys we will make Auntie Torie a felt bead bracelet so that’s now our aim. Bx

    • I agree, that gold and red are very Christmassy, it’s kind of getting me in the mood, I know it’s very early but I really need to start my X-mas makes or I’ll never have them ready in time! Bx

    • Hi Ceri. I am bowing to pressure and hope to have some acorn brooches made up soon. They will need to be a bit smaller than the ones I was working on so it might take me a week or so. Really glad you like them! Bethx

      • LOL! Nooooo don’t worry, I was asked a few times on twitter and it’s been going around in my head how nice they would work as brooches, I may not happen but it is on my ‘things to do soon’ list (an ever moving target 😉 ). Bx Besides, they might look crap!

      • Ok, lol. Def don’t want to pressurise you though. My Christmas ‘making list’ is as long as my arm and if anyone dares to add to it at this stage I won’t be held responsible for my actions! If you make some, fantastic, if it doesn’t happen, don’t worry. Thanks again. PS You shouldn’t be so talented then you wouldn’t have these problems… 😉

    • I am in love with the yellow buttons, they are from my stash but will be perfect on the corduroy clothing I’m busy with. I do like taking photos of piles of bits and bobs. Bx

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