Mr Badger…

Update:  Thanks for all your lovely comments, all the Mr Badgers have now sold and I am thrilled at such a positive response.  Thank you 🙂

Yesterday I finally finished the badgers.

The finishing touches such as making up the rose brooches, stitching noses and sewing on buttons have taken me a lot longer than I’d imagined,

in fact I still have one badger body to complete, I ran out of stuffing and he needs a bit more in his belly,

on which note, I should say that the only disappointment in the lovely badgers is that their waistcoats are a bit too snug.  This is partly because the tweed I’ve used for the bodies is very stretchy and soft and has expanded more than expected when stuffed and the corduroy doesn’t stretch in the same way the linen does, I’ve also opted for very chunky buttons that don’t help the situation.  I did um and ah about whether to re-make them but I don’t have enough time or fabric and I’m pretty sure it’s just me being a perfectionist.

The cravats are in Liberty ‘Claire-Aude’, a nice red and gold floral print which compliments the yellow corduroy suit very nicely.

I’m really, really pleased with these.  I only had enough of the tweed to make 5, and I decided to add a little rose brooch to each, they have been listed here and I do hope you like them 🙂

23 thoughts on “Mr Badger…

  1. Ah, these badgers really made me smile. Everything about them is so lovely, from the tweed, to the gorgeous yellow corduroy, to their lovely expressions. I can just imagine all your characters in some kind of wind in the willows/period drama type storybook, set in Yorkshire, with their dapper outfits. You are a very talented lady.

  2. It is the beautiful details that really make your animals! Like those flowers, and the Liberty cravats. I love the pictures of everything all in little piles too!

  3. The badgers are fabulous! I am now wondering if our Mr Fox at home might be a little bit lonely and need a woodland friend to hang out with when we’re both out at work… ;o)

  4. The piles of noses really made me smile Beth. What a wonderful Badger, you must be really pleased with the way he has turned out. A real Brock the Badger to me ( I read Sam Pig as a child, just the best stories!!)
    Jane x

  5. These are my absolute favourites, I really love them. I do have a soft spot for badgers anyway. Do you always think of badgers as masculine too, or is it just me being odd? They somehow seem to be very chunky ambling boys.
    I’m pretty sure the waistcoat tightness will be noticed by no-one but you.

  6. These are most adorable little chaps, Beth, and the clothing is just perfect, a little 70s feel there with yellow corduroy! Fantastic – no wonder they’ve all found new homes!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  7. I think badgers’ waistcoats are always straining at the seams – it just wouldn’t seem right otherwise. And thank you for your very comforting comment on my blog! Slipper Satin is becoming my answer to every question . . .

    Pomona x

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