This and that…

I’m gradually getting through my Christmas list, both in shop products and presents and I don’t feel nearly as stressed as I did last year.  I have also been ‘home alone’ for a while as M has been working in the US, the bonus is I get some new (cheaper) fabric (good old Etsy), the down is I usually get very tired with the sleepless nights due to our boys not being the best at actually sleeping.

It’s been OK though, C likes to keep me company when I’m sewing and spends many happy hours building various creations from whatever box he has dragged out of the playroom.

Felix is happy making picnics to eat in the ‘cinema’, the above made me laugh a lot, I usually have a firm say in what makes it to the picnic tray but he sneaked downstairs at the weekend and collected some things ‘all by myself Mummy,’ ah yes, that would be why there is a mountain of chocolate and a single carrot….with butter on it….hummm.

I have managed to finish some new lavender birds based on last year’s design so now ‘Snow Blossom‘ and ‘Gold‘ lavender birds are listed over at The Linen Cat.

As I am being very random in this post I feel the need to show you some new goodies that I photographed but have never blogged about.  Above it a fantastic plate by JIMBOBART which I bought ages ago for M’s 40th as a gift from the boys; we made a nice cake to serve on it.  I had fully intended to include this when I was blogging my Mr Badgers but forgot, I would buy everything in this shop and was lucky to receive a free print due to a (very slight and well communicated) delay in the order.


I am also getting ahead on buying some lovely Christmas gifts from other folk in the handmade community.  These are for the boys who both love having secret notebooks to scribble, draw and stick things in.  They are by the fabulously talented Fiona T who I have bought from before and who very generously made me the ninja notebook as a special request.  I am so in love with her zombies and ninjas but there are some lovely things for girls and grownups as well so do pop over and check the shop out.

Finally I’d like to say a HUGE thanks for the lovely comments on the last Mr Badger post, I am way behind with my replies, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. I was so pleased they received such a positive response and quite sad to see them go, even though that’s a good thing.  I have also found some great new blogs recently from people leaving comments and have enjoyed some lovely email conversations with online ‘friends’, it reminds me just how great this whole internet malarkey is.

Right, I am surrounded by linen mice limbs, tweed purses and acorns so I’ll crack on 🙂

10 thoughts on “This and that…

  1. The carrot and butter are way too funny! Mine wouldn’t even have included the carrot. So way to go! I’m glad you are making headway with your Christmas projects. I am hoping to catch up a bit myself – someday. 😉

  2. I’ve never tried raw carrot with butter, you never know it might catch on, I’ve seen much worse on Britain’s Best Dish!!!!
    I love the card with the pram full of bunnies ~cute. 🙂
    Have a great weekend Beth,
    Vivienne x

  3. Your boys are the sweetest, that carrot just made my day!! I am happy to hear you’re not feeling too stressed about the Christmas, Beth, that is something I am trying to achieve too. I wish you a wonderful days and oh how I love that badger-plate!

    Many happy greetings from cold Finland!


  4. Love the carrot Beth, that is SO boy!! I think even my son at 23 might do that. At least the message is sort of getting through! Your Christmas coloured birds are really gorgeous and you have found some great internet pressies. Enjoy the countdown to Christmas!
    Jane x

  5. I think he’s a chef in the making. I tend to work on a similar basis, if I feel I’m eating too much ‘bad’ stuff I try and even it out with something healthy and consequently eat even more than I would otherwise, oops!
    So many lovely things in this post. i particularly love the jimbobart plate. I’ve got the shop bookmarked now and just need an excuse to buy something. So many great designs but I think the one you got for M is the best. Hope he is back soon with some great fabric to help make up for your lack of sleep. Juliex

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