Red Riding Hood Linen Mice…

I had forgotten about inset day at school this week, followed by lunch out with my Mum and Aunt (down here visiting my Sister from Yorkshire) and then coffee this morning with some friends, all in all there hasn’t been much sewing done.

On a very happy note, I did manage to finish and photograph the new Linen Mice specials so without any more chat here is the first, a sweet Red Riding Hood version.

My only regret is I did think of adding a white underskirt with a lace edge but I could keep on adding more detail and there has to be a cut off point, I keep thinking how yummy this shot would be with a lace underskirt….ah well, she does have very nice white linen frilly knickers.

The linen for the capes was hand dyed and the colour mixed as I had a very specific kind of dark scarlet in mind that I couldn’t get from using straight Dylon dye colours.  It’s always a bit hit and miss, even though I do lots of mini dye tests when mixing the colours but on this occasion has worked a treat.

This last photo makes me very happy, you know what I’m like about ‘neat little piles’ shots 🙂

And just so you understand how long some things take me to complete, the below photo was taken back in May!!!  Now I had planned this as an early autumn product but I got side-tracked, as you do.

Still the few that are left (sorry, half were already spoken for) are listed here.  Also, just to be clear I wont be making any more girl Linen Specials this side of the New Year, I had hoped to make a batch of Ballerina Mice but time hasn’t allowed and I think I am done with the fiddly turning out, as above, that is like squeezing a camel through the eye of a needle.
Next post, Pirate Mice.

14 thoughts on “Red Riding Hood Linen Mice…

  1. They’re beautiful and look so well made too. I love the fabric you have used with it’s dala horse motif. As we bought a ballerina last year I can’t justify another mouse! If pushed, I’d say I like Little Red Riding Hood better though. Lovely!

  2. These mice make me so happy too,Beth, thank you so much for the wide smile on my face now! Happy weekend from rainy (oh yes, all snow gone!) Finland!


  3. Katie’s little red riding hood mouse has arrived and she is perfect. I’m sure she will be very much loved…..we’ve got some major room re-organising going on in the next week or two, a beautiful new loft bed for Islay so that Katie can share with her (when she learns to sleep at night…..sometime waaay in the future) and I’ve ordered a couple of sets of matching shelves. One set will be above Katie’s cot and her mouse can have pride of place up there until Katie is a little bigger.
    The detaild on the mouse make her so special. Thanks, Julie

  4. I’m about to start making a Little Red Riding Hood cape for my 3 year old for Christmas. I was planning on making a cape for her Poppy Doll (a pattern from Hop Skip Jump) but seeing your lovely mice, I feel as though what I turn out will not be quite as sweet! Great job. those little dresses look perfect on those mice

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