You may be wondering where I’ve been….or not….let’s face it my blog postings can be quite erratic so you might not even have noticed that I’ve been rather absent.  I’ve opened this post with a shot of the fabulous Christmas Mouse sock advent calendar that arrives every year from M’s Mother in Germany.

It’s a total highlight and the boys get very excited over opening their sock and on the occasion that there is also a card inside, hunting in the ‘mouse bag’ for the corresponding gift.  A huge amount of work goes into putting this together and is much appreciated by us all (I have cheated and used photos from last year as you will see when you read on, I’m rather struggling at the moment).

Unfortunately this is the shot I should really have opened the post with, it’s the mixture of my and M’s meds that we’ve been happily chomping on over the past few weeks.  Me, I got ill as in proper ill, as in couldn’t do the usual ‘I’m-from-Yorkshire-and-don’t-do-ill-just-get-on-with-it-and-stop-moaning’ bit but had to just manage surviving the day instead.  To illustrate, as I write this F has wandered into the living room and has said (quote), “Mummy, when are you going to be jolly again, because you’re not jolly and haven’t been for ages, not since you got ill.”  Hummm, oh well, some antibiotics and a bucket load of Ibuprofen (other pain relief is available;) ) and I’m on the mend.  I can’t talk properly and have to mainly whisper but many would say that’s a bonus 🙂

M on the other hand is not looking so great, after an emergency brake and fall off his bike whilst doing 30 mph thanks to a car pulling out of a side junction in front of him he is slowly mending broken ribs and collar-bone. Or not, actually as we discovered today from the specialist, he now needs an op to re-set his collar-bone correctly.  Oh we’re having a jolly old time over here!

Enough, I’m done moaning now so on to some pretties because it is after all why most of you lovely ladies come visit, and I know you don’t mind my moan, but I like to think of my blog as my ‘happy place’ and ideally moan (ish) free.  I have finally managed to get out a few decorations, the above robin is new and comes from Indigo and Rose.  M doesn’t really do festive decorations, you should have seen his face when I brought the robin out, I have learnt to ignore him and go ahead anyway.

I cheered myself with this hugely festive and vintage cushion made by Felicity of Eclectic Handmade.  Felicity had blogged it a few days ago and I simply couldn’t resist, I have  a soft spot for needlepoint as my Gran used to stitch many and that bobble trim sold it!  It’s going to live on my studio chair but as that’s a bit scruffy at the moment I’ve sat it in out window seat instead next to last years winter cushion from Belle and Boo, where it can be properly admired over Christmas.

I’ve bought and made quite a few things I can’t show you, most frustrating but that’s how it works this time of year. I had a sudden realisation that this is the last week of school for the boys which means I should have made the teachers gifts which I had planned ages ago (oops!) and I only have a few days to complete the boys secret handmade goodies unless I plan lots of night time sewing.  I am this far into some special mice, can you tell what they are yet?

Ok I lied, I’m not done moaning, I started this post over the last weekend but having gone to the doctor’s today, I find I have pneumonia and am now on super high dose ‘they-might-give-you-c-diff-so-eat-lots-of-live-yoghurt’ antibiotics.  I’m actually quite pleased, at least I know what’s wrong and now I’m back on antibiotics it’ll hopefully be gone soon and I’ll feel normal and can get back to sewing/cleaning/being a jolly mummy 😉

And on a completely less miserable note, I did make it down the road to buy our tree on Saturday, I have to say, considering my slight lack of enthusiasm and rush to get it done we did pick well as it’s a beautiful tree and sets Glenda off perfectly and who knows, I may muster the enthusiasm to make gingerbread stars with the boys to hang on it this weekend:)

37 thoughts on “Bah-humbug!

  1. I’m so sorry you have been sick, and your poor husband. I was thinking you were missing because you were wrapping up the last of your gifts and sighing with relief because you were done. So sorry that is not the case. You and your family will be in my thoughts as you rest and return to your jolly self. Your tree is lovely and the stockings? So fun!

    1. Thank you Regina 🙂 I haven’t finished my shopping yet, most unlike me as I refuse to go near the local shopping center with the boys after about mid November! Thank goodness for my ability to make and internet shopping 😉 I hope all is well with you and yours, Bethx

    1. Thanks Fran, we are much better and I do know other people are much worse off, at least out ailments will pass with time so I really shouldn’t moan. Have a lovely Christmas. Bethx

  2. Oh Beth you poor thing. Getting really ill is never fun at all and with you hubbie hurt too it must re really tough. Hang in there….the only way is up now! Your tree looks beautiful and the advent stocking looks such fun for the boys. Thinking of you and sending a hug and a “Get well soon”.
    Love Jane x

    1. Thank you Jane, we are so much better now and with the boys finished and no more school runs/parties/secret santas and all that the last couple of weeks of school mayhem brings we shall be chilling this weekend. Hope all is well with you, Bx

  3. What a lovely advent calendar! It’s lovely to see other people’s decorations-your tree is very pretty . Hopeyou feel better soon and get what you need done! I had flu the week before Christmas last year!

    1. Thanks Nikki 🙂 Yes I keep counting my blessings that it has all kicked off before Christmas, it must be awful happening just before or over the festive time. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  4. Dear Beth,

    I am so so so sorry to hear of all the misery you have had lately! I wish you’re all a bit better now and getting a tiny bit of Festive-mood? I am sending you a BIG hug from snowy Finland with some warm thoughts!

    Stay warm and cozy!


    1. Thanks Mia 🙂 The boys are desperate for snow, it sleeted yesterday and they got very excited but sadly it never quite turned to snow. Stay warm yourself, hope the weather isn’t getting you down. Bethx

  5. so sorry to be hearing that you are under the weather, hopefully now you have the tree up you will start to feel more chrismasy x

    1. Thank you, we are all quite bubbly this weekend and I plan to finish decoration the house with my boys. It’s nice to feel ‘normal’ again. Hope you have a lovely Christmas. Bx

  6. Oh Beth, so sorry to hear you are feeling really ill 😦 I do hope you get better very soon! Love your tree, I must get the kids making pom poms, it looks fab! Love your secret creations too, I also have been secretly sewing the girls something, will post about it at some point. Hope your other half gets better soon too by the way, ooh a collar bone must hurt when broken 😦 Re my bird order, if you aren’t well enough to get to the post office please don’t worry about posting them until you feel better, there is no rush for them. Take care of yourself xxx

    1. Oh can’t wait to see what you’ve been making the girls. I bought the pompoms a good few years ago before I started ‘making’ again and they are much loved and come out every year. Glad the birds arrived safely 🙂 Bx

  7. Good grief Beth, no wonder you felt terrible! Just rest up and take your meds, health comes first. I am so sorry to hear about your husband’s accident too, I’m married to a cyclist as well and things like this send a chill down my spine.
    Despite not feeling well you have a beautifully decorated tree. 🙂
    Take good care of yourself,
    Vivienne x

    1. Thanks 🙂 It is worrying isn’t it Vivienne. He has come off twice now, once when the bike slipped and this time because of a car, he cycles into London twice a week (which is a long way, we are in Kent) and seeing how much damage can be done so easily does make me worry. Saying that he loves it so I’m sure he wont stop and pretty much every Christmas present is related to cycling! Bethx

  8. Oh goodness you poor things! Glad to hear you’re on the super-drugs now and I hope you will be 100% by Christmas. My husband and I both had pneumonia a week apart last year… no fun at all! We’re all allowed a moan now and then 🙂 And I’m loving the look of those mice-in-progress.
    – Jane

    1. I haven’t finished the mice which is going to be interesting, I may try to sneak some making during the day but otherwise it’ll have to be a ‘after bedtime’ job. The superdrugs are doing a great job, I even managed to get up without a mass coughing hour this morning 🙂 Bethx

  9. Hi Beth, what an awful run of events! I hope you are feeling better soon and that your husband is on the mend soon. Thankyou for the mention, and so glad you liked it. Even though you must have felt terrible, you picked a lovely shaped tree! Love the socks too.

    1. You’re welcome, I love the cushion, it reminds me of my Gran and is so beautifully put together. I plan to keep it all year around in my studio 🙂 Bethx

  10. Oh poor you. I do hope the new antibiotics kick in soon and you start to feel like jolly mummy again.
    Poor M as well. I bet he was gutted to hear he’d have to have it pinned. John has had numerous bike accidents (mostly with tree and rocks as he likes mountainbiking) and didn’t get a shoulder injury seen to a few years ago and now it causes problems……so it is a good thing to get it fixed properly now if he can.
    All the best – hope things are a lot better soon. Juliexxx

    1. That was M’s thinking, he could leave the shoulder and see how it goes but there is a big gap and it alters his whole posture, which at 6 ft 5 then effects his back. Best to just get it done whilst he’s still recovering anyway we figured. My antibiotics are wonder drugs and I’m feeling much better thanks 🙂 Hope all is well with you, Bethx

    1. Thanks 🙂 The boys decorated the tree, I did have to do some sneaky decoration removal as they put EVERY last one we own on but it’s the first time they’ve been so keen to do it and they did very well. Bethx

  11. Sorry you’ve been ill. Sounds like it’s been a hard few weeks 😦 Hopefully it’s all up from here. Sounds like rest and relaxation, with lots of family time are in order (it’s the best time of year to throw on a film and cuddle up with a big bowl of popcorn). By the way, I here mulled wine is very good when you aren’t feeling well……

    1. Ha ha, I do love a glass of mulled wine. I am the only drinker in this house so I have perfected a single glass of mulled wine made in the microwave, it’s an art form you know 😉 Have a lovely Christmas. Bethx

  12. Hope you’re feeling better soon Beth and that your husband get’s fixed up soon too. I love your little robin – coveting one of those myself now. Love little birdies… (My husband thinks I’m obsessed!)
    Best wishes for Christmas.

    1. The robin I love, I would have bought more but as I blogged my husband hates Christmas decorations, so I have to sneak them in one per year 😉 Glad the snow made you smile, I added it last year and it has automatically started again now we’re in December. Bx

  13. I hope that you bounce back soon, and your husband recovers well! Beautiful robin! We bought our tree this weekend but it is still standing in a bucket of water/hailstones in the garden until we have a chance to put it up – hopefully in a couple of days when the onslaught of work eases up for a couple of days.
    Take care, and a very merry Christmas to you all.

    1. Thanks Sara, we are well on the mend, M has his collar pin op on Monday so should be well on the road to recovery by Christmas. I hope you have found time to put up your tree, at least it’ll keep it’s needles longer from being outside, ours is already dropping lots despite being ‘trimmed’ and standing in water. Have a lovely Christmas, Bx

  14. I intended to stop by and say how delighted i was with my latest secret elf package from your shop!!! I ADORE them so much i want to deprive my three small children and keep those darned delicious bunnies and mice for myself!! Bad mommy x but now ive read this post im even more grateful for such wonderful carefully made gorgeousness, packaged with such care and attention to detail! If this is under the weather Beth, then theres no hope for the rest of us! Get well soon and be assured those bunnies and mice are going to be VERY well loved in this house, thankyou x

    1. Hi Debs, thanks for such a lovely comment, I’m really pleased you like the mice and bunny, I really enjoyed packing them up together especially the bunny which I have a soft spot for with the cuddly cashmere body, I plan to add some girl versions in time for Easter. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year! Bethx

  15. Hi Beth, I read your post and felt sorry for you but it was a fleeting visit so I’ve returned to comment now. It’s rotten being ill, I was ill last New Year and the previous Christmas and am hoping this year I’ll be fine. I’ve a cold but that’s all it is and I hope it doesn’t develop. You have all my sympathy, never mind feeling unwell, it’s also very frustrating when there’s lots to be done. I’m glad you’re now getting treatment and are on the mend. After having a very bad dose of oral c-diff a couple of years ago I try to regularly eat lots of live yoghurt and less sugar, so far so good.
    I love your robin. What size is he? Your tree is lovely too, you have picked a good one. We have our fairy atop ours, I’m hoping to get a decent photo of her I can post. It’s so nice to have bloggy gifts on our tree!

    1. Hi Anne,

      Thanks for the well wishes, I’m not normally a moaner about illness but the culmination of flu and doing the kids on my own plus trying to visit M in hospital (before I realised it was flu I should add) was horrid, at least it has all happened before X-mas, poor you I can’t imaging it all kicking off over Christmas or New Year, especially with small excited children. I hope your cold passes quickly.

      The robin is the size small and is actually quite large! he is very cute though and I think a worthwhile investment, there was a lot to like at Indigo & Rose.


  16. So sorry to hear that you’ve had such a rough time lately, I haven’t been keeping up with my blog roll. Gosh I hope your OH is ok now and on the mend, it must have really shaken him up.
    I feel like the end of 2011 were quite unlucky for a lot of people I know. Let’s hope 2012 brings us all plenty of good luck!

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