Gifts given and received…

I thought I’d blog some of the gifts given and gratefully received this year.

First up we have a couple of things I bought for my sister, a Dachshund wheatdog in lambswool check which I’d seen in Country Living and though would be a lovely gift.  It comes from Indigo and Rose and smells lovely as well as being nice and toasty after a couple of minutes in the microwave.

The bowl is a Robert Thompson (know as the ‘Mouseman of Kilburn’) nut bowl.  For those that don’t know about him, Robert Thompson was an early 20th Century furniture maker who was famous for carving a wooden mouse into the things he made.  As children my sister and I used to visit Hubberholme church with my Gran where we would hunt for the carved mice on the pews, the church is also where a lot of my family are buried, including my Gran’s ashes and even though it’s quite far ‘up Dale’ from where our family now live we still enjoy hunting the mice when we get the chance to visit.  It’s not an original bowl but one made by the Robert Thompson’s Craftsmen Centre in Kilburn (North Yorkshire) where they continue make his range, all made in the traditional method.

On the receiving side, from Germany I received some fabulous Skandi goods including a Hus and Hem voucher and some hand knitted socks, all of which I love.

From family here, amongst other things some Donna Wilson gloves, a Cath Kidson pouch,

and a selection of goodies from Orla Kiely.

As you can see I was a very lucky girl, my relatives know me well.

I am now enjoying an empty house for the first time in weeks and I’m keen to tidy, de-clutter and sew.  I have opted for sewing today as the heating is off (broken boiler) so I’m sticking to areas of the house with underfloor heating and there are bright things on my desk ready to welcome the new year.

I hope to have new products to list shortly, as always I am impatient to change with the seasons and want those changes to happen now.   I feel cheated by the Winter so far this year, it’s not been that cold and there’s been no snow 😦  I am perfectly aware that there is still plenty of time for these things to happen but I’m in post Christmas clean up mood and ready prematurely for Spring and that includes new colours in the shop.

Right, best get on, things wont do themselves and no doubt this first day back will disappear in a flash and 3pm will be here before you know it 🙂

10 thoughts on “Gifts given and received…

  1. I love the gifts for your sister! How interesting about Robert Thompson and your connection with Hubberholme church. Your gifts from Germany are fabulous…what a lucky girl! So glad you had a wonderful Christmas 🙂

  2. Beautiful gifts given and received. 🙂
    I love the mouse story and that is a very cute mouse on the side of the bowl.
    I’ve been very happy with winter (which in my personal calendar is now over) this time round!
    Spring can’t come quick enough and I love your new makes especially that gorgeous yellow.
    V x

  3. What fab gifts, you’re right, your family do know your taste very well! Love the look of the new birds, especially that gold coloured flower fabric. x

  4. You got some lovely gifts and gave some wonderful ones too.
    This is my first day alone and I’ve totally blitzed the house, sewing tomorrow yay : )
    The new colours look fab especially the blue x

  5. Happy New Year Beth! You’ve received, and given, some lovely gifts. I got mostly craft books, which I like, I’ll post about them eventually! School here isn’t back till tomorrow, I’ve rather got used to the children being around the house and not having to rush in & out to drop off & collect them throughout the day so I’ve mixed feelings about them going back.

  6. Lovely presents both given and received, and yes don’t your relatives know you well, wish mine had such good taste!!
    Happy New Year
    Jenny x

  7. Lovely gifts, Beth, so you 🙂
    And I love the new and bright colors on your desk, those have such a spring feel in them. And I love it, winter can leave for good – it’s been on and off here anyway. Happy crafting!


  8. What a gorgeous selection of gifts! I bet you were all happy over Christmas with all that new eye candy. Is that new birdies I spy, they are so adorable. I want snow too, I bought a sledge last year after the kids used a tray to sledge the year before, since then we have had no snow 😦

  9. What lovely gifts, especially the dog! I had the same idea and blogged some of my gifts last week.

    I’m not overly keen on snow (our road turns into an ice rink) but I was very prepared this year, sledges, ice grips and they’ve all stayed neatly packed away which seems like a bit of a waste.

    I love the bright spring colours of the pile of unmade birds, they’d look amazing hung from an easter tree, not that I’m planning ahead or anything 😉


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