It’s all Yellow…

I have spent the day so far cleaning, not as in the last post nice spring cleaning but necessary monotonous cleaning.  It’s dull and I’m bored of it now so I’ve sneaked back into the studio to do a quick post of some new goodies in the shop.

I mentioned in the last post that I had other plans for the new yellow floral fabric and one of those was a small batch of linen mice, I generally need to re-stock these and I plan to mostly stick with the original dots for the girls but I couldn’t resist a few in yellow for spring.

I also made some new Little Birds using the above as a lead for the colours

all pinks, yellows and some purple.

They have been mounted on their cards,

photographed (badly, very dodgy tones there, one to re-photograph on a brighter day) and listed in the shop.  I have also listed them on Folksy and was pleased to find some orders waiting for me this morning, it’s always nice when new things sell, means I’ve got them right.

OK, back to the cleaning and then school run, where does the time go?  I think this week si going to fly by 🙂

19 thoughts on “It’s all Yellow…

    1. Tutti fruitti is such a great description, it really fits the colours! Spring feels a long way away today as it’s freezing out there. I’m even wishing for snow 🙂 Bethx

  1. Ah, the mice are lovely, Beth. I love how you’ve made the patterned fabric come alive. It’s not something I would have thought about using before but it looks great on your mice. I can see another fabric purchase on the horizon 🙂

  2. “where does the time go?” is right? It is crazy – at least you have a lot to show for your time. 🙂 Love the yellow on the mice, especially this time of year.

  3. Beautiful birds (and lovely mice!), and colors look pretty here, no dodginess (is that a word?!) anywhere! Just lovely, springly tweets!

    I know, it’s almost February already, time really flies…But in January I am not complaining!

    Have a wonderful and creative week!


    1. It’s taken ms so long to reply to comments that now IS February, and hey, one step closer to Spring 😉 Bethx

  4. i have seen your birds first hand through scented sweetpeas and they are wonderful, love your mice too, they look fab in the yellow flower print x

    1. Thank you 🙂 Really glad you like them, I’ll admit they (the birds) have become one of my favourite things to make, I think it’s choosing new colours and the nice mixture of machine and hand sewing. Bx

  5. The little mice are gorgeous Beth, I really do love that fabric.
    I have my bird hanging in my living room, it’s very pretty and I love the waft of lavender I get every time I walk past it. 🙂
    V x

    1. Thanks Fliss, I spent FOREVER trying to find a way to package the birds so they don’t get squashed in the post or when being stored. I think I’ve got it covered now but no doubt will fiddle some more at some point. Bx

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