New Flower Brooches…

How was it for all you Mums out there? (and Dads of course but I don’t think any read this blog)  For those without kids, it’s just been the half-term holidays for most of the UK.  We survived.  We had a lovely start with a short trip to Yorkshire so stay with Grandma which also incorporated a day in York visiting the National Railway Museum, stocking up in Fat Rascals from Bettys for the freezer and the first ever sledging session for the boys down a hill on an empty plastic feedsack.  I would show you photos but I didn’t take any because I am crap.  Then it went a bit downhill for us with illness laying the boys out for the rest of the holiday and my ever decreasing amounts of sleep meaning I kind of turned into a grumpy monster.  Top that with my turning up to school yesterday to find it was, in fact, an inset day (teacher’s training so no kids) – duh!

Still, I did enjoy the odd bit of hand sewing though and finished up a nice tray of Flower Brooches which have been hanging around cut and ready for some weeks.  I figured that they’d make lovely Mother’s Day gifts and even for Easter they are quite nice.

The buttercup ones are always popular so I re-stocked a few of those

and then I made some new style purple roses with double blooms, they are quite difficult to sew as there is a lot of ruffle to get through but I like the finished results.

Finally, my favourite, some auricula.  I really do like these, probably because they remind my of my pathetic attempt to grow some last year and also because they incorporate my very favourite dark burgundy felt.

I also like the shape of the leaf, they had started out as pale yellow primroses but somehow changed to burgundy auricula.  I’m keeping one of these for myself.

I had hoped to make some more styles but I need to get these packaged up this afternoon (which takes longer than you think) as I’ve just listed them, you can find both new versions here and some of the purple roses on Folksy.

Next post is a giveaway – hurrah!

12 thoughts on “New Flower Brooches…

  1. What with the lovely weather and all your gorgeous little flowers it definitely feels like sping today! 🙂
    They’re all beautiful but my favourite has to the auricula as well!
    Vivienne x

  2. It’s horrible when the children are poorly, I hate it : ( I’m glad they are feeling better, your brooches are beautiful really springy and cheerful I especially love the buttercup ones, they remind me of primroses. I think they would be perfect for Mothers day and Easter.
    Emma x

  3. I’m so sorry to hear of all the sickness at your home! We have been taking our turns at ours as well. I love the brooches. The tiny bead work on each of them adds so much. Beautiful!

  4. The new brooches are so lovely, Beth, I couldn’t help myself, and had to order an Auricula!
    Sorry to hear of your half term woes. Did the boys tease you about turning up on an inset day?

  5. Gorgeous, as usual! I prefer to think that you are not crap, but too busy having loads of fun, to be able to take pictures. There, I said it, you’re far too hard on yourself.

  6. I too love the auriculas, they do look beautifully made, I’ve got several (real ones!)in the garden. I must say I find the holidays hard sometimes trying to keep the kids amused, but this one wizzed by (Oh dear – bless them) My Eleanor would have been over the moon to have gone to school -to find it shut! She’s not keen on school.

  7. Your auricula are just perfect. They are a particular favourite of mine as my grandad always grew them – pretty without being too gaudy.
    Shame about all the illness again but the sledging must have been so much fun for the boys. Juliex

  8. Luckily half terms are no longer a problem here…it’s quite nice though how little traffic is around at holiday times! These are beautiful flowers, my favourites are the auricula…so realistic Beth.
    Take care, Jane x

  9. Wonderful brooches, Beth, so springly! I love the purple roses, but all are very. very pretty! And as many, many times earlier I admire your organized brooch-lines, you’re my guru on this 🙂

    Happy last days of February!


  10. Hi This totally irrelevant to your post but I want to nominate you for the ABC Awesome Blog content award. You can find out more info on my web page. But I do love following both your blogs they give me so much pleasure and enjoyment thank you!

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