The winner is…

Comment number 54 – Mags (I’ve emailed you Mags, to check your  address).

Shocking photo, I know, but I couldn’t get a screen grab and had to resort to using my phone to take a picture.

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments, I did have a great Birthday and still have a last weekend of celebrations to go!  One of the things I like the most about doing give aways is finding lots of new blogs to read, I already have so many on my Google Reader list that it’s difficult to keep up with them but I’m addicted to blogs in general so there’s always room for more.

I really have been very spoilt over my Birthday, there have been chocolates, flowers, lunches out with friends.

My husband bought me this necklace by Alexis Bitter, it’s from his collection ‘Lucite’, inspired by the ‘Grey Gardens’ documentary which depicts the everyday lives of two reclusive 1940’s socialites, and their glamorous lifestyles gone awry.  I see that the movie (filmed in 1975) was selected in 2010 for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.  M also bought a copy on DVD so I’m very much looking forward to seeing that.

On the big day out mentioned in the last post, my Sister treated me to to a fabulous time in London.  We had lunch at Bond & Brook in Fenwicks, the odd cocktail and I was a bit over-excited she had managed to get last minute tickets for the Hockney Exhibition that I have been desperate to see.  So worth it of you can make it before it closes on the 9th April, I especially loved his iPad drawings.

We then went to the Royal Opera House for dinner and to watch Rusalka, which despite it’s very mixed review we both loved.  I’d show you some photos of the day, but I appear to have predominantly taken pictures of food….that’s what happens when you eat out of your fridge most days of the week, the slight sniff of posh nosh and I start to drool, especially if no children and cocktails are also involved.  In fact it doesn’t even have to be posh, just not cooked or assembled by me.

To follow my delight at getting to see the Hockney exhibit, I was also lucky to receive these perfect gifts from my Aunt and Uncle and…

from the sister who, as you have read, had already made my 40th very special, a pair of Chie Mihara shoes that I had been lusting after.  I am slightly embarrassed to admit that there is almost permanently a page open on my laptop of the latest Chie Mihara collection, it’s my very guilty pleasure and I can spend happy hours looking even if I can rarely afford to buy them.

To top off the most perfect of weeks I have a tweed bunny purse in Sewing World magazine this month, there it has hanging out next to Snapdragon Jane’s fabulous mirrors.

Let’s face it, I’ve had a great March so far and have been a very lucky lady, if 40 continues like this I have no complaints 🙂

29 thoughts on “The winner is…

  1. I’m so glad you had a really lovely birthday Beth 🙂 My birthday was yesterday and involved a lot of tea and cake, so am happy too! Lovely to see all your bday goodies especially like that David Hockney book! Brilliant you got into another mag too! take care, love safxxx

    • And a Very Happy Birthday to you Saffa!! Sounds like you also had a great time. I am not a tea drinker (I only drink coffee and herbal teas – mainly mint) and always think I am missing out as tea and cake do sound so right together. I think I may need to turn 40 more often if I get treated so well 😉 Bethx

    • I did, thanks Emma, and yes aren’t the shoes beauuuuuutifull! I have been wearing them around the house, much to my husbands amusement, to make sure they are nicely ‘worn in’ before their first big outing. I do love nice shoes. bx

  2. Hello there, I’ve been meaning to hop over and congratulate you on making it into the Emporium pages – how hugely exciting for you and richly deserved. The little egg cosy is so perfect. I am sorely tempted by your beautiful yellow flower brooches. I have a whole brooch collection though. Hmm, a dilemma….I have the same birthday as your recent one approaching. I think some hints will be made…

    It’s lovely to hear that you had such a great birthday and were so well spoilt.

    • Thanks, I do love Country Living so it’s quite exciting for me. I hope you have big plans for your birthday, I thought I wasn’t bothered about doing much, but having allowed friends and family to spoil me I find I could get quite used to it! Bethx

  3. I want my 40 to be JUST like that Beth when the time comes!!! L-O-V-E the shoes!!

    May your spring continue as wonderful!

    Happy greetings from snowy *sigh* Finland!


    • Ha ha, glad you like the sound of my birthday celebrations and the shoes – I love them! I see I have a few of your blog posts to read, I am so behind and didn’t realise it was snowy again in Finland. Poor you, I hope it thaws soon. Bethx

  4. Looks like you celebrated your 40th in style. Your gifts are wonderful, the necklace is beautiful!! 🙂
    Congrats too on yet another magazine feature, well done!
    Vivienne x

  5. What a lot of great gifts and treats. Your trip to London with your sister must have been very special. And the necklace from M is beautiful – he has great taste. Juliex

    • M did very well, he forgot my Birthday last year (F reminded him after I’d been up for about an hour and was starting to get a bit grumpy) so it’s a bit hit and miss but when he does remember it’s usually a winner. Bethx

  6. I’m sorry I’ve been very neglectful of your lovely blog lately – and i’ve missed all your exciting news – Country Living! Turning 40! Amazing presents! (my turn for all that next year!) Fantastic news about your Emporium slot – for some reason I thought you’d already been featured there – or maybe I’ve just always thought you should be, anyway, it’s fantastic and I hope it’s bringing you lots of orders.

    Thanks for your lovely comment – ha, you are clearly in the same boat as me (including the mildly disparaging husband). We’ll work it out, I’m sure xx

  7. Oh you did have a great birthday, I would love to see the Hockney exhibition….still hoping some of it will find its way back to West Yorkshire!.

  8. What a wonderful birthday you must had. Absolutely love the shoes. I am a big fan of Chie Mihara too. I own 1 pair and another one is on its way. I hope. Bought them on eBay. One day I will buy the Iona, maybe on my 50th. Lola x

    • I own more pairs than I can admit to, I am a great sale shopper and quick quick off the mark when sales are announced. I’m with you though and would love to add a pair of Iona. Bx

  9. Oh, well celebrated 🙂 Gosh your work and the beautiful objects you post are always so amazingly tasteful (in the fascinating, well-curated sense not as in dull). Those shoes, wow! Enjoy!

    • It’s all an illusion, I am such a bag lady in real life. Don’t get me wrong I scrub up quite well (as does our house) but day by day it’s all a bit scruffy around the edges and not very tasteful at all – ha ha! Bx

  10. I agree with Mia I want my 40th to be just like yours! Sadly I don’t think this will be the case!!!!
    It all sounds wonderful and I can understand about the drooling over food not prepared by yourself!
    As for those shoes they are gorgeous you have one very kind sister!
    Well done also for the magazine appearance and a belated happy birthday x

    • I have a great and very generous sister…perhaps I should loan her out for birthday celebrations – lol! I really am quite food obsessed, I blame my Dad who was a great cook, in fact so is my Mum, but Dad was responsible for feeding us quite exotic things as children such as lobster, homemade curries and salami (this is the 70’s in Yorkshire, it was quite hard to get salami, except in special stores) and he cooked Friday nights and weekends. He used to cook 10 course meals for his friends with a matching wine for each course…you can imagine the mess that got into. A daily cheese sandwich from the fridge just isn’t the same….I need a personal chef. Bx

  11. Happy Belated Birthday!! I don’t know how I missed your special day. It looks like it was an amazing one. Your bunny looks lovely in the magazine. And those shoes – I can’t wait to hear where you where them first. 😉

    • Thanks Regina. I have a final celebration this weekend, my sister is cooking me a special birthday meal so I will be swanning about in my new shoes then. I may never take them off! Bx

  12. Hi Beth, what a great birthday you had and such glorious gifts. Congrats on your magazine feature, you deserve it, your work is beautiful. Don’t ever take those shoes off ;0)
    Jane x

  13. Hi I saw your lvely bunny in sewing world whilst browsing the magazines in a well known store yesterday. They were so many magazines and I couldn’t make up my mind which one I wanted or really which one would had the most things I liked in it or wanted to make so I left empty handed to ponder!

    • I have stopped buying most magazines except the ones I subscribe to, as I quite often find that only a small bit of content appeals to me and like you, I often get confused by the choice! I guess it’s a very good thing that there is so much interest in handmade these days. Bx

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