Pretty things…

There have been quite a few pretty things arriving in this house over past weeks:

My new (to me) Crown Devon ‘Stockholm’ pattern cup + tv plate and jug, both gifts for my 40th.  I have long been a fan but get regularly frustrated by attempting to bid for pieces on Ebay, lucky me that someone (thanks A & J!) did it for me 🙂

The jug is now hanging out on our new shelves in the living room, next to some critters by Chico Bicalho that I once brought back for the boys from a trip to the Design Museum in London.  As you’ll understand when I do get around to posting about our house renovations, I am more excited than I can say to be able to display things on shelves, it’s been a long time coming.

Beautiful laser cut cards by Skinny Laminx, now living on the freshly painted mantelpiece.

And finally, a necklace, also bought for my 40th, but this time with money I was given.  I fell in love with this on a recent blogpost  over at Silverpebbles and dashed over to Emma’s shop to buy it.  I have been holding on to my money since March, waiting for something suitable to spend it on and this is just perfect.

This last photo is Emma’s, so much better than the one I’ve taken and lets you see all the detail.  I especially love that Emma gave all the history she’d found out about the vintage locket on her Etsy shop listing and the beautiful little flower Emma has made plus the peridot and vintage pearl make it a great addition to my (small, but beautifully formed) jewellery collection.

That is all, just a few things I wanted to share whilst I remember.

7 thoughts on “Pretty things…

  1. Oh that laser cut is exquisite Beth! As for the Crown Devon I swear I’ve seen that in a Christmassy episode of NIgella at some point and was peering at the screen trying to find a clue about it. THankyou for solving the mystery!

    I’m truly honoured that you purchased the locket and I know it has gone to an excellent home. I hope you enjoy wearing it!

  2. ohhhh.i have four ‘stockholm’ plates, my mum picked them up for me! im saving mine for panetonne at christmas time! the locket is lovely

  3. I am in love with those laser cuts and that pendant, Beth! And everything else is so cute too, that all in all I’m not too afraid to turn 40 anymore (well not quite YET still but…) if I’ll get even the half of those beauties!

    Have a wonderful Saturday!


  4. Hi Beth, The laser cuts are beautiful. I didn’t know she did that too, i associate her with fabric. And Emma’s locket is gorgeous, as you’d expect from her lovely work. Juliex

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