Monster Purses…grrrrrrrr

That’s a nice little monstery ‘grrrrr’ by the way, not a cross one.  I am being forced to watch ‘The Wizz’ (in case you’ve never seen it, the movie tagline is: ‘An adaptation of “The Wizard of Oz” that tries to capture the essence of the African American experience’ and it was filmed in the late 70’s and has Michael Jackson in it) for the umpteenth time so perhaps it’s even a cowardly lion kind of grrrrr, at least that’s what I think of whenever I see the monster purses.  

When I often say I started something weeks ago, I wonder if you think I exaggerate?  Well I really don’t.  The below little stack of monster purses have been patiently sitting on their tray for many, many weeks, nearly complete but still without linings.

The linings have to be stitched by hand and it makes my poor fingers very sore, I quite often use a pair of pliers to pull the needle through (it has to be stitched through a number of layers, hence the difficulty) and I’ve tried using a leather thimble but alas it’s not meant to be, I need to spend some time retraining myself to use thimbles as it would make life a lot easier (I used to use them when stitching period clothing but have got out of the habit).  I just get sore blistered fingers instead.  I suffer for my art 😉

Finally, a couple of weeks ago, the little stack was complete – hurrah!

Something I’ve realised over past months is I really enjoy having products completely ready to send out (such as the flower brooches and little birds), and by that I mean with labels attached (where appropriate) and packaged so all I have to do is print off a delivery slip and pop them in the post box.  All lavender bags are stuffed to order and many other things need to be packed up nicely, all little details that take time, something I don’t always have a lot of at the moment, especially in the mornings and I do like to get orders out as swiftly as possible.

So all the new batch of little monster purses have been tagged and bagged and stacked into boxes ready to go.  The bagging is a great help as the cotton corduroy tends to pick up fluff very easily, it comes lovely and clean with the aid of sellotape but if left unbagged would need to be cleaned again before posting off, this solves the problem.

As far as those satisfying ‘project done’ moments go, this one really did make me feel happy.  I took so many photos of the neat little stack of bagged and ready purses and also loads of them lined up on the bench before packaging,

as I figured I’m unlikely to make such a big batch in one go again, it was almost a bit much and I think is partly why they took me so long.  I do enjoy my sewing, some parts of each process I find a bit tedious and some really fun but on the whole I really enjoy it or I wouldn’t do it, I do find I need to strike the balance between the two though or it get’s overwhelming.  The reward of a final finished stack is always my favourite bit as most regular readers know.

The monster purses have always been popular, my boys love theirs and they got a new one each (C a green one and F a red – their favourite colours) to take to Berlin, attached to their messenger bags.  I think these are just one of those things I’ll always be running out of and so need to keep a constant flow going, or simply accept they will often be out of stock and maybe a seasonal item.  In fact I feel a bit guilty as it’s taken me a while to publish this post and quite a few of the purses have sold already (thanks everyone that’s bought one!).

I made a new purple version.

And much to F’s delight a red one that I think has a slight demonic tone to it!  Purely accidental, I didn’t like the yellow eyes so I added a brown dot in the centre of each and it has given them  a naughty devil (in a cute kind of way) look.

I have also taken some new photos of the purses being held so you can get an idea of the size.  I have always photographed them with coins at the side, hoping this had the same result but I’m not sure the scale was obvious enough.  As you can see, they are small coin purses, not big enough to hold a credit card (I have sold quite a lot to adults, so might make a bigger version with this is mind) but I aways imagined them to be the right size to be squished into a little boys pocket if needs be.

Right, enough.  You can find them here.

22 thoughts on “Monster Purses…grrrrrrrr

  1. So glad it’s a friendly ‘grrrrr’! 😉
    The new purple ones are lovely! I always love your neat little piles of work Beth. 🙂
    Vivienne x

  2. OOO just in time for Gabe’s birthday, hope you’ll have a red one left in 2 days time ( payday) then he’ll have one just like Milo’s mustard one … Lisa x

  3. What a lovely stash of monster purses Beth. They are so gorgeous. I would be very interested if you did make any slightly bigger ones that would take a credit card as I just know my rather large (23 year old) boy would love one of these in his Christmas stocking. Can I say the C word here-LOL. Have a great weekend. Only 5 weeks today to my girlie’s Big Day ;0) I am getting SO excited.
    Jane x

    1. 5 weeks! You must be soooooo excited. I hope all the plans are going well and the bloomin’ weather sorts itself out! I’m sure it’ll still be a lovely day if it doesn’t but sun would be very welcome, I’m sure. Oh yes, you can definitely say the ‘C’ word, I’ve already started working on Christmas things here, in reality it’s the most hectic time for me, so I have to start early. Glad you like the monster stash 🙂 Bethx

  4. Wonderful purses! I love the fabric choice, and the zip with the ‘beady’ bit on the end -it works really well. Hope you are getting SOME sleep.

  5. Oh I love them! Im thinking I could find room in my life for one as the ‘plaster purse’ you know the one that can be produced in times of inevitable scootering/summer knee scrapage? Couldnt not dry up the tears when this little fellow opens up his zippy mouth and spits a plaster at your jammy knee now could you?! x

    1. A ‘plaster purse’ is a genius idea! I may have to borrow that one for my boys, you are so right, a paster being spat out of a little moster mouth has much more appeal. Great idea and glad you like them 🙂

  6. I didn’t realise you had to do all that hand sewing for the linings. I can imagine what it does to your poor fingers, better get practising with your thimble (mind you, I’ve given up in disgust whenever I’ve tried to use one!). Juliex

  7. Lovely purses, Beth, and makes-me-green-with.envy stash of ready-to-ship products! I am always packaging everything in last minute so that box looks dreamy for me!

    Happy last days of June, and there’s an award for you in my blog. No pressure attached, just a sign of appreciation!


  8. they look great, I use the lovely bunny purse I won in a giveaway from you a while back, and everyone loves him.
    I can see why the Monsters are such a great hit, they are perfect for boys and boys are always hard to buy for.

    1. Oh good, I’m glad you use the bunny purse. The monster purses have flown, really nice for me but best start making more! Bx

  9. Oh Beth, I love your monster purses! They are very cute and I think mill make wonderful presents 🙂 I didn’t realise they involved difficult hand sewing, it sounds painful, you do suffer for your art! Hopefully there is a thimble out there that will solve that 🙂 I love the new colours and all your work has been very inspiring to me. I also love the pictures of them packaged up too, it must be very satifying to see your lovely work all neatly ready to go 🙂 Good luck with your home alone stint with your boys, I hope your husband treats you to a break when he gets home 🙂 take care, safxxx

    1. I feel guilty as sewing in the linings isn’t all that bad, just a ‘humpf, do I have to’ kind of job and I wasn’t kidding about the sore fingers. Glad you like them Saffa, and thanks so much for the order, it really is much appreciated. Bx

  10. Your monster purses are grrrrrrrrreat–so cute! Have you tried just wearing one finger cot–not sure that it would grip enough for what you’re doing, but helps me a bunch in pulling the needle through a bunch of layers for quilting/binding.

    1. I haven’t but great suggestion! I shall be checking the cot-not out and your grrrrrreat made me laugh 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  11. Perfect for little boy presents for party bags etc and stocking fillers. wish my son was still young enough to have one.

    1. I have always felt pleased with this design, having young boys I feel there is not a lot out there for them in the ‘handmade’ market and certainly in my own products – shame on me, I should try harder! Thanks for dropping by and commenting :0)

  12. Seeing those neat, colourful little rows of monsters makes me inexplicably happy!! The red ones are my favourite 🙂

  13. Very beautiful, especially all neatly tagged and bagged and organised. They are great purses, I particularly like the detail of the zip and its pull. The devilish red ones do have an air of mischief to them.
    S x

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