More Donna Wilson…because like shoes, a girl can never have enough…

I didn’t have time in the last post to say how Glyndebourne went – we had such a good time! At the interval, it was a bit chilly for the afternoon tea we had brought to picnic on, but we braved it for a while before heading indoors for a coffee.  We had fun people watching and the general census is we all need proper opera cloaks next year, with big hoods, like the ‘widow’ in the old Scottish Widow ads 😉

I get to go to the opera quite a bit, courtesy of my sister, but of all the things I’ve seen, visually, the Glyndebourne version of Leoš Janáček’s ‘The Cunning Little Vixon’ has been my favourite by far; the sets (by Tom Pye), costume (Dinah Collin) and lighting (Paule Constable) were fabulous.  I quite liked the actual opera as well, although I preferred the second half to the first, but I can never see anything on stage without wondering how I might have approached designing it and I found this visually brilliant.  The ‘rabbits’ were dressed in kilts with frothy net underskirts, wool cardigans and bobble hats with big rabbit tail style bobbles on top, need I say more?!  You aren’t allowed to take photos but you can see some here on the Glyndebourne website, in fact, you can even watch the opera on-line, or this short film about the creating of it, which gives you some idea of how wonderful it was to watch.

The parcel above, with it’s little fox card, is one I’ve been eagerly awaiting from Donna Wilson.  I have pretty much been stalking the website for weeks, after seeing some of the new ceramics appear but with an ‘available  soon’ note, how soon?…please hurry because I have no patience and I want one now.

There’s a Squirrel beaker to hold my pencils (it’s taking over the job from my Wolfie beaker which is now holding my afternoon peppermint tea).  I love that it sits next to one of my own squirrels in a green.

The other thing I was patiently waiting to be in stock, was the new Grace plate.  I hope to look like this after my next haircut, I’ve been growing out my very short hair for some time now, it’s in a bit of a non style at the moment but I’ve decided to return to a childhood favourite  for me, the short bob.  I pretty much had this haircut (courtesy of my Mum, who cut my hair until I left home – she was a hairdresser, I should add) until I was 21, when a student at Vidal Sassoon cut it off very short and dyed it very blond, hence a long stretch of addiction to hair dye of all colours, mainly red, and many years of allowing trainees to do whatever they liked to the style.

Finally, the package also contained a cute little Grey Owl beaker, this one is now holding our toothbrushes, I hope it inspires me to finally decorate the top bathroom, I’ve invested in some material for a blind and finally (only 6 years on!) our shower rail has been ordered so we can actually have a shower.  Most exciting.  It’s no ordinary rail, by the way, as it has to fix into a sloping ceiling but I’ll show you when it’s done.

15 thoughts on “More Donna Wilson…because like shoes, a girl can never have enough…

  1. Love your new goodies! It’s clear that Donna Wilson’s stuff is so perfectly suited to your aesthetic, it fits in perfectly with your handmade stuff. And huge envy of the opera (although not the cold), it looks amazing

  2. Love the little beakers Beth ~ very cute!!! 🙂
    So opera capes are your next make then??

    Vivienne x

  3. I am so jealous of your squirrel mug 😉 it does look quite fetching next to your squirrel in his green jacket! I forgot to say to you, thank you as well for leaving such lovely feedback on my shop, that’s so kind of you. I look forward to seeing your new bob, I’m sure it will look lovely on you!
    I have just got the monster purses in the post and I love them! They are really gorgeous and I fear shall be the start of a monster buying addiction! How shall I give them away now as presents?!! thank you so much, take care, safxxx

    1. Ohhhhh tweed….I hadn’t thought of that….would cost a fortune in fabric but would be amazing. Oh dear, I think that’s fixed in my mind now, will have to keep an eye out for some cheep (but nice) tweed! Thanks for that idea. Bx

  4. Hi Beth I’m on hols at the present but saw your post and just had to read it! I love the mugs- is that your fabric stash I spy behind ? How wonderful ! The opera sounds fabulous! I will watch the film when I get home- take care!!!

    1. It is my cotton reels, I keep them in muji draws, although there’s never quite enough room so I’m always trying to re-arrange them. Hope your holiday was lovely. Bx

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha – that really did make me laugh! I can see an addiction to DW plates coming one….so many to collect. Bethx

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