Lovely things from nice people…

I’ve kind of disappeared again I’ve noticed, which is odd as I’ve had a very productive week, this week.  I think the rain helps, there is less pressure to be out in the garden plus I’ve managed to get into a routine with my ‘home alone’ ness (you know what I mean).  Unfortunately I’ve been sewing mainly Autumn/Winter products so I feel the need to keep them a secret, it’s just easier that way and I hate to show things that aren’t going to make it into the shop for a long time.  Instead I’m going to show a few lovely bits I’ve bought recently.

First up, and most important, this fabulous paper cut by Saffa Barkhordar.

Saffa has been a very supportive customer of The Linen Cat over the years and I was thrilled to hear she had decided to start selling on-line herself.  She has lots of original paper cuts inspired by the Victorian lace patterns that she collects.  Vintage lace and superb quality paper cuts – what’s not to like!

Saffa was kind enough to include an extra card, also lovely. We have been email chatting for a while and I’m pleased to see she has started a blog, so do please pop over and visit her, if you can.

Second on my new list is this hip bag (I just can’t write ‘fanny pack’, I know this is probably a Brit thing, but the term just doesn’t work for me).  It comes from the Etsy shop Kinies.  I have been keen for a while to find something nice to carry my phone and keys in when I’m out and about walking, I hate having them in my pocket banging about so this is just perfect.

The shop is based in Malaysia, but the delivery was swift and the bag is beautifully made so well worth the short wait involved.

Next, I bought the book Fairytale Food (by Lucie Cash) some time ago, it’s jam packed with really good recipes, all based around traditional fairy tales (and many involving edible glitter!).  As well as wanting to spend hours in the kitchen creating magical food, I instantly fell in love with the illustrations by Yelena Bryksenkova and I got even more excited to see you could buy postcard versions from her Etsy shop.

Whilst happily stalking her blog (as you do), I noticed a link in her portfolio section that said ‘orla’ – yes she even has an illustration inspired by orla kiely autumn / winter 2011 collection!  Enough said.

Apologies for the quality of some of the recent photos, along with much of the UK we are in a period of ‘changeable’ weather and it’s been a bit gloomy as of late and I am too lazy to get the tripod out.

Finally, despite my rather chirpy sounding post (well, I think it is), I’m cream crackered after getting up at 4.30 with the youngest sick.  He is now asleep, snoring louder than a 5 year old should.  Couldn’t resist a photo, he looks cute, you can hardly tell he threw up a short while ago all over our cream linen sofa (he’s asleep in the clean side, the one I haven’t had to attempt to wash).  I remember now why we’ve had a leather sofa since the kids were born, until we changed it recently.  Leather.  Not cream.  Or linen.  Nice wipeable leather.  Oh well, he’s had Calpol and  I think he’ll sleep ‘it’ off and fingers crossed the rest of us stay healthy.

Have a lovely weekend 🙂