Just call me Mrs Over-reaction…

Just had this pin brought to my attention (thanks F!).

easy bird ornaments | felt and tweed circles, felt beaks, a little stuffing, some beads and ribbon for rest.

The comment above is the tag below the pin and it has been re-pinned all over the place, it took me nearly an hour of slightly obsessive trawling to find the original pin, where the ‘tutorial’ note was added (the very original pinner just has ‘birdies’ under the image, which is fine).  I know, I know, life’s too short, I should have better things to do etc, but this does really p*ss me off.  I’m good for people re-pinning my photos/work, if they simply link to the original page/image and there’s a note of the designer (me!) but this makes me worry people think this is originally a tutorial so it’s fine to copy the design.  It’s not.  I work hard to make a living from my designs and this just seems a bit mean and not very responsible pinning.

Oh well.  I’m sure my momentary crossness will pass.  Where’s the wine.

UPDATE: So the pinner who added the making comments has removed them on her board and apologised – fair enough, I respect her doing that.   Shame all the re-pins still feature in so many tutorial boards and the pin comments added stay there.

It’s brought up some interesting responses (thanks everyone!) about the love/hate relationship of Pinterest.  I do pin….about as well as I tweet (so hardly ever) and I don’t have a problem with pinning in general as long as people credit the designer very clearly in the image title.  I feel the same way about images being used in blogworld, let’s face it, it’s all good publicity….at least it is if done responsibly but that’s the problem I guess, everyone’s idea of responsible pinning is different and let’s face it many people couldn’t care less about the original pin source.

To pin or not to pin….that is the question!

33 thoughts on “Just call me Mrs Over-reaction…

    1. Oh they do Lyn, I wasn’t very clear whilst ranting – it’s the fact it’s been pinned (and re-pinned and re-pinned and re-pinned!) as a tutorial (with flippant comments on how easy they are to make) that bothers me. I’ve never blogged a tutorial about making my little birds, if I did and it linked there the comment etc would be fine. It’s not rocket science on how to make or copy many of my designs, I know, it would just be nicer not to be to blatant about the idea of doing so.

      Who got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning 😉


  1. so sorry to read this! i won’t go into details, in a don’t-get-me-started kind of way – but i cannot begin to tell you how much a i hate pinterest, and irresponsible pinners! i could go on, but…* wanders off in search of wine*

    1. I don’t think my pin issue was all that bad, just annoyed me – thing is, as it’s pinned from folksy and has no mention of my shop name or me, I’d have never found it myself….makes you wonder what else is out there. Paranoid, moi 😉 Hope you get your issues resolved.

  2. sorry to spoil your holiday with this.
    we just need to bide our time, and then one day we’ll rise up and reclaim our images and our hard work from this horrible site.

    and by “bide our time” i mean leave comments and pursue pinterest relentlessly for copyright infringement.

    1. ha ha – you didn’t spoil my holiday at all, I was in two minds about blogging it but thought it would be interesting to see what people think. thanks for letting me know about it. bx

  3. Oh goodness, it makes me so cross seeing stuff like that! However, we all know that no-one could ever replicate the quality of your work and your eye for colour – we love our ‘Authentic Linen Cat Birdies’ here and wouldn’t consider buying anyone else’s! xxx

  4. Please don’t start me Beth, I’ve already had a rant about Pinterest this week. I still have my Pinterest and a button on my blog but I have hovered over delete many times. There is some amazing inspiration on there but this ‘stealing ‘ of images really annoys me. I have found lots of my photos on there but not once had anyone ever asked if they could. I found one of a recipe I had shared with the person who pinned it having a moan about how awful it was. I was a bit cross (a big bit actually) as she never asked if she could pin it and then had the cheek to complain about it when she did. I will admit to adding a further comment!!!!
    I also once found a Vietnamese blog giving a tutorial on how to make one of my brooches. She had lifted the photo from my blog and given a chart on how to crochet it which was actually not how I made it at all. I did contact her and made her link the photo to my blog. She that my brooch was a general pattern already out there!!
    So believe me Beth I know exactly how you feel!
    I’m stepping off my soapbox now, pass the wine!
    Vivienne x

    1. blimey, no wonder you’ve had a rant or two, the recipe one and the vietnamese blog are really taking it too far – makes me realise I have nothing to moan about! wine helps. Bx

      1. Sorry me again Beth. That code that Ali mentioned doesn’t work on WordPress blogs, I tried it a while back!!!
        V x

  5. Oh Beth, to see your work being shared on Pinterest is one thing but to see comments like that and as you say it almost being passed off as a tutorial is not nice.
    I am in 2 minds about the site I like it as away of storing away all the things I see I like for example we’re going to be decorating the boys bedroom soon so its a great for getting ideas on bunk beds colours etc but I can also see how easily an image gets taken away from its original owner. I think the site is here to stay but there almost needs to be something that has to filled out before pinning an image asking for its author etc.
    And I must say I agree with the other ‘Jenny’ no-one can replicate the quality of your work and the choices of fabrics and materials you use, however ‘hard’ they try!
    Jenny x
    PS Hope you enjoyed your glass or two of wine 🙂

    1. I feel similar to you, pinning can be a very useful, and I don’t mind people pinning my work, for me they don’t need to ask permission, just credit the image correctly. You do rather lose control of it though, but I think the same can be said when you blog images, if you put them out there it’s impossible to stop people ‘borrowing’ them. The wine was nice 🙂

  6. There’s a little piece of code you can put on your site if you would rather people couldn’t pin from it. Guess it is a decision about whether the good publicity element pins provide outweighs the down side of upsetting moments like the one you have just experienced.

    Hope you can make your peace with it one way or another.

    1. Thanks for the tip Ali, one to think on, but as you’ve suggested, the plus side of pinterest, I’m sure, must outweight the negative as far as shop publicity goes.

  7. Don’t worry Beth, I don’t think any one could replicate the quality in all your designs, and part of the reason I love your work isn’t just all the lovely design, details…it’s because you made them and they are very personal to you, so I wouldn’t want someone else’s version frankly. Don’t let this upset your holiday time, hopefully individuals on pininterest will start to ask for permission but if they don’t, don’t worry, I shall always return to your lively shop and I reckon many others will too, safxxx

  8. Sorry to read this Beth. Can you encode your photos in some way, so that even if they are Pinned and re-pinned, the photo will always show that it belongs to you/your blog. I know I used to put a watermark either through the image or on the bottom of some of my blog photos. Either that, or you could consider Ali’s idea of encoding your site so that your images can’t be Pinned at all.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Beth.

    1. I made a decision early on in blogging not to be too possessive of my images, I figured it’s all good publicity and things like Folksy Friday etc can only be positive, but they always point directly back to the shop/blog, usually will full credit, because bloggers are mostly very polite people. If I continue to pin, it will make me even more fastidious about checking where the pins originate and make sure they are clearly credited (I try to do this anyway, in fact I rarely re-pin, I prefer to pin from the original source so I can control who it’s pinned). Bxx

  9. Thanks for the post. I’m new to pinntrest myself and didn’t realise that people can’t find your stuff if you don’t credit the designer/shop (I think I assummed it worked a bit like a link). I will def be crediting people from now on and I hope I have accidently upset people by doing it wrong so far (not that I’ve pinned that much!). Sorry this has happened to you.

    1. Now I’m a bit confused – it does work like a link. If the image is pinned from your shop, it links back to you… i think Pinterest comes under too much fire. People can just as easily take photos from your blog. With Pinterest there is that link back and most people do use it responsibly. I also don’t think you need to ask to pin a photo, you’re not claiming it as your own, you’re pinning it. Having said all this, I still dont’ really understand what happened to you Beth! Someone said it was a tutorial and easy? I wouldn’t worry about that, it’s just one opinion. And people will rip off your work whether you allow pins or not, they can just as easily rip it off from your Folksy site or your blog. I’m not condonning it, it’s just one of those things we can’t prevent.

      1. Hi Wendy. My problem isn’t the pin, I’m happy for people to blog and pin my work but by adding the comment and putting it into a tutorial board it makes it appear OK to just make these yourself. Most people who repinned it (and there are lots) will never click on the folksy link, they have no idea this is an individual designers work, one who works bloody hard to make it pay, because that isn’t clear. You’re right that people can copy my work any time they feellike it but I don’t go out of my way to encourage it, hence my never writing tutorials of my shop designs. I just think when you pin its polite to add who the artist is if its relevant and not note on how easy they would be to copy. Bx

    2. Hi Beth, I don’t think I’ve been very clear here. All pins link back to the original image if clicked, but, for instance, anything pinned from my Folksy shop (ie NOT my linencat.com shop) has the link wording ‘folksy.com’ at the botton, no mention of the linen cat or my name, ie so when just looking at the pin, there is no mention of the designer or shop name unless you manually add it as a note. Hope that makes sense and clears that one up. Think I may have confused many people here!! The other Beth 🙂

      1. That’s helpful 🙂 After you mentioned this I looked at my pins and it seemed to be only the ones from Folksy that came up as Folksy, with no mention of the shop, or name. It’s good for me to know because I always want to give credit where it’s due, so now I just need to mention the designer/shop. If you hadn’t said anything, I probably would have gone for ages without realising!

  10. I think you’re right to be upset Beth! It’s just rude – probably unintentionally so but, hmm, you would think if someone had the inclination to think about making one of your birds themselves, they might have the sensitivity to think about your own hard work and original design! I quite like Pinterest for inspiration but I like to think I’m fairly careful about the way I pin and credit. I follow ‘tutorials’ back to the original site and repin from there if I think it’s useful. I suspect the amount of people who actually try a ‘tutorial’ they’ve pinned is a pretty miniscule proportion. I hope this pin only leads to more sales for you 🙂

  11. I looked into being a responsible pinner a while back : http://stripedpolkas.com/pinterest-politics

    There’s a tool Francesca mentions in her posts that lets you search for pins that are sourced from a specific site. I use that once a month or so to check any pins from SP are correctly attributed. you could use it for your own site and your shops.

    the far bigger pain is bloody tumblr which completely disconnects images from sources… and then people pin from tumblr… google image search is the only way to track down the source…

      1. The link below is incredibly useful – thank you mags! I’ve had a very interesting look at the various pins from my blog, wouldn’t have known how to do this otherwise. Bx

  12. The 4 o’clock Angel

    Hi Beth
    Its me again
    I am glad that you have received an apology re pinterest I am always a little wary of it and like you have not been too involved with them
    Here is hoping that others respect the great deal of work and effort that goes into designing and making and don’t take all the enjoyment out of it
    I just love your Monsters

  13. I think you have every right to be upset and annoyed. My blood would be boiling to see my original work being passed off as someone else’s. But I agree with the comments above that your work will always stand out. I’ve only very recently started using pinterest. I delayed because of all the problems with proper crediting and working out where something originally came from if it has been repinned a few times. In the end though I have started using it, it is such a good tool for keeping track of inspiring ideas, but have been very careful to go back to the original source and pin from there rather than repinning. I think there’s one where I couldn’t find the source but decided to pin anyway as it was a very generic item – otherwise I just haven’t pinned if I can’t source it properly.
    Take care and enjoy your wioe! Juliex

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