Give away: Mr Monster…

I have a little Monster Purse with very wonky ears.  I’d meant to do a give away when I did my recent post about the replenished (and now nearly gone!) monster purses but I forgot.  So here he is.  Usual rules, just leave a comment to be in with a chance, I’m happy to post worldwide and I’ll pick the winner on Sunday 26th August.

That’s all 🙂


30 thoughts on “Give away: Mr Monster…

  1. Ooh I would love to give your wonky eared monster a new home , my son would love him!

    PS just read your birdy pinterest post – gggrrrr! I love your birds, and yes I could probably make some myself BUT it was your fab idea and the birdies arrive with your time, effort, and love attached to them so people should buy them from you 🙂

  2. Mr Wonky is welcome to come and live with me Beth, please count me in.
    Thanks for a fun giveaway, I am planning on one next week stop by. Enjoy the last weekend of the Olympics, how fab have team GB been!
    Jane x

  3. Hey, I recognize that corduroy! I made my daughter a coat from it.

    I really want to win this cutie, if only to see which of my children soon steals it from me…

  4. Wow Beth what a lovely monster wonky eared or not
    I would love to be considered as a home for such a cute thing

  5. I would love to meet this certain Mr Monster in person but know someone who is even keener than me who is only 7 and also goes by the same initials Mr M.

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