Summer Holidays 2012…

It’s been a lovely holiday so far.  I feel guilty for not blogging much, but I often find myself in that trap where you have left it so long, there is almost too much to write about so it’s a bit daunting and you don’t know where to start.  I’ve also been a bit lapse with my images since getting an upgrade on my phone at Christmas (thanks to my husband) that takes half decent photos, it means I tend to use this instead of reaching for my ‘proper’ camera and although the images are fine, they aren’t nearly as good as ones taken with the Nikon.

Anyhow, here’s a little round-up so far:

The Olympics were amazing, we had a fabulous day out with swimming in the morning (second row back!!) and athletics in the evening (again, great seats, I assume because we bought them last minute and they were the ones originally reserved for ‘important people’, who didn’t use them).

We spent the middle part of the day hanging about the wild flower meadows which were just amazing, and generally soaking up the atmosphere.  I wont go on, you either managed to get tickets and know how fabulous it was, or you didn’t and probably don’t need me telling you what you missed.  I would say, though, it is absolutely worth getting tickets for the Paralympics, or even just park entrance for the day to walk about.  I felt very proud to be British.

Which brings me to this photo.  Whilst in Yorkshire, on our holidays, I couldn’t help but notice the local news was all about Yorkshire athletes and how they were doing in the Olympics, there was even a mock medals table of how Yorkshire would stand if it were a country, ha ha that did make me laugh!

When we visit, we stay in a family cottage in Burnsall (a small village between Bolton Abbey, where our family farm is, and Grassington, where my Mum’s family all live).  A teeny tiny village near Burnsall is Hebden, which is where Andrew Triggs-Hodge is from so we took the obligatory ‘gold post box’ shot, painted to celebrate his gold medal win.

We had a great break in Yorkshire and were generally very lucky with the weather.  We spent a huge amount of time driving ‘Up Dale’ towards Kettlewell (in Upper Wharfedale), the thing that I became rather obsessed about were the wildflowers.  I always notice how many there are when we are home, but as you travel further up, the limestone and farming schemes (where farmers are paid to leave the meadows to a later date before cutting, to allow the wild flowers to grow and re-seed) mean you can’t miss the beautiful flowers.

I kept meaning to stop and take photos of the roadside ones, and probably drove M mad commenting on this, the problem being the roads are quite narrow and often you are in a convoy of cars following a tractor/bus/person-driving-at-stupidly-slow-speeds, so stopping for me to run out with the camera was very impractical.

One day we drove right over the tops to visit The Forbidden Corner in Leyburn and met these lovely highland cattle lounging around on the road. 

The Forbidden Corner is on my top 10 list of things to visit, it’s quite a drive from where we stay but is the best folly garden I have ever visited.  It’s great for all ages, with mazes, castles, gardens and (a bit scary for small ones) quite extensive underground tunnels with multiple doors leading to different ‘scenes’.  I especially liked all the metalwork sculptures.  I am cross I didn’t take more photos, but we were too busy enjoying ourselves.  You can see plenty on google images here.

We made time to eat in Bettys twice, once in Harrogate and once in Ilkley, a record for us.  I normally just buy lots of fat rascals and bread from the shop area, as the long queues to eat there put me off, we were lucky as there were none at the time we arrived.  I am especially fond of the smoked salmon rosti, ideally with a glass if pink champagne.  C enjoyed his butter biscuit for pudding. 

There was the obligatory breakfast in bed for M’s birthday.  As with earlier years this has to be a simple breakfast as M usually chooses a super long bike ride as his birthday treat, followed by a celebration late lunch so can’t eat too much first thing in the morning.  This year it was omelette and the tray HAS to be decorated with a Lego Hero and flowers picked from the small cottage garden (always chives as that’s all there is in bloom when we stay!).

And of course, there had to be a visit to Fents in Skipton for fabric.  I find Fents very hit or miss, the same supplier of the tweed I buy also supplies them I’ve noticed.  The very first year I went there was loads of tweed but it’s been a bit sparse since, with less tweed choice, and often ones I’ve already bought on-line.

I managed a couple of long walks, on one F even came with me, shame it was the one day it absolutely tipped it down, but he did well with only minimal moaning and the promise of goodies when we got back.

Apart from hanging about in Grassington and Bolton Abbey, we also visited Ilkley LidoWhite Scar CaveHarrogateHarewood House to name but a few.  There is never enough time, I find, but that’s often the way of holidays.

M took this photo on our return, it’s my post pile verses his…yes, I did have a few things on order, mainly fabric and zips but I’ll save that for the next post 🙂

24 thoughts on “Summer Holidays 2012…

  1. I’m laughing at the post it’s the same at our house after we are away!!!
    Yorkshire did brilliantly at the Olympics, there must be quite a few gold post boxes there. 🙂
    Looks like you had a lovely holiday and a great time at the Olympics too.
    Your boys are so lovely. 🙂
    Vivienne x

    • Well, what’s a girl to do? All those lovely long nights, glass of wine, surfing the internet…hey a few things are going to get bought 😉 I’m terrible for my addiction to internet shopping, at least it was nearly all shop stuff (that’s my excuse). Hope you’re seeing some sunshine, Vivienne 🙂 Bethx

  2. Marvellous photos and oh, it makes me want to pack up our boys and get to that Forbidden Corner! Looks like boy paradise. Oh and smoked salmon rosti with pink champagne… yes please!

    • The forbidden corner was just so great, wish it was closer (even up there it was over an hour’s drive, right over the tops with only sheep for company). I might have a go at my own smoked salmon rosti, it was SOOOOOO good. Bx

  3. Ah I loved reading this post, you sound like you’ve had a very similar summer to ours! Our boys have even got matching Wenlock teddies from the Olympic park! We went to North Yorkshire for the first time for a week this year, absolutely beautiful countryside and we could only get to our cottage across a stream. Needless to say the boys loved it! Your photos of the Yorkshire countryside are great. x

    • Glad you had a good time at the Olympics, great wasn’t it?! I am very biased over N Yorks but I do think it’s very beautiful countryside. Sounds like fun, a holiday cottage over stream – boys heaven, I imagine. Bx

  4. What a lovely blog post to read! I haven’t been home (Harrogate) yet this year and I’m missing my annual fat rascal and pot of tea in Betty’s. The Beloved has promised me a long weekend in the Mother County soon. I might add The Forbidden Corner to the list of places to visit, it looks ace!

    • I normally bring back a bag of Fat Rascals for the freezer (they freeze really well) but we didn’t have time to stop in Harrogate 😦 oh well, I’ll just have to place an internet order and pop a few other things in as well – hee hee. Hope you get to visit soon!

  5. So glad you enjoyed your holiday Beth 🙂 it looks beautiful in yorkshire, really love the wild flowers and the wonderful metal sculptures! And it’s lovely to see all your family having fun too, that post pile did make me smile, men just, don’t understand do they! Safxxx p.s. love that fabric too!

  6. Looks like a great holiday with lots of lovely memory making going on. We were in Ilkley last weekend. Bettys was busy (as usual) so we bought cake to eat later!

    • Yes, I am amazed how long the lines get for Bettys, not sure we’d ever wait but we do take out most times. I’m a bit addicted to the macaroons and the florentines…..hummmm…..I’m hungry now 😉 Bx

  7. I’m very envious of your Olympic trip, the swimming and diving is my favourite. You’re pile of post made me laugh, it must have been like Christmas! Is that a Graze box I spied in there? Yummy! X

    • It is a graze box – well spotted! – it’s my little weekly ‘I eat from my fridge for every meal’ treat. I miss having a job and eating out – ha ha. Not that I’d swap being at home with the boys and sewing. Bethx

  8. So pleased you got some good walks, and one with F too. Love the post photo!
    You must be very proud to be a yorkshire lass – very beautiful, wildflowers and lots of medals!
    We’re going down to the paralympics next weekend, can’t wait. Juliex

    • I do so love walking and it was great F came along, he was OK, a bit unhappy at the length but I managed to keep him interested. We’ve got a local ‘long walk’ tomorrow, I’m taking a picnic so I have something to bribe the boys with. Bx

  9. Glad you had such a good time, I remember my grandparents taking me to Grassington as a child, it was lovely. They lived in Baildon. We’re off to the Paralympics next week, but did enjoy the Olympics on TV…

    • Grassington is a great village, a nice size so you can find most things you need but surrounded by such beautiful countryside. Hope you have a great time at the Paralympics. Bethx

  10. Yorkshire looks beautiful! It reminds me that it’s time to get out of Leeds, and catch the train to a new spot we’ve never been to before.

    Sounds like you all had a great holiday, and enjoyed the Olympics. I’m surprised how much of it I ended up watching on iplayer – men’s vollyball and water polo especially. It was great!

    • Oh yes, so many possibilities from Leeds. I was surprised how much I watched as well of the Olympics, it got kind of addictive didn’t it? I was rather sad when it was over really but am looking forward to seeing some of the Paralympics to fill the gap. Bx

  11. Ah I know this area well, its on my doorstep. In fact I am off to Skipton tomorrow to pick up some fabric. Thot of the rain… Mmmmmmm I have lots of wet type photos like that. Your family are so lucky to have experienced the olympics, fabulous. Looking forward to your next post, I get very excited over my zipper orders…LOL! A great post:)

    • I have a soft spot for Skipton as it’s where I went to secondary school and is our local town. We tend to lean towards Ilkley and Harrogate when home these days, largely to do with the playgrounds! It all changes now kids are involved. Still, Skipton is great. The zips are serious eye candy, need to take some photos and write a post 🙂

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