Give away: Leaf Lavender Birds…

Well, Autumn has certainly arrived today.  I’ve just driven to the village and coming back see our lane is strewn with leaves from the poor horse-chestnut trees (which all have leaf miner moths and drop their leaves rather early), the branches are looking very bare now and there are rivers of water running down either side of the road.  I don’t mind, to be honest, I’m kind of ready, I want to unpack my wool tights, make treacle toffee and drink hot chocolate.  I don’t live in a dream world do I 😉

I’m also, finally, ready to start the winter product listings – hurrah!  I’ve worked quite hard over past weeks to catch up and in the last few days it’s all coming together.  I’m starting with the lavender birds, they are the same as last year as they sold so well and I really like them.  I hope to add another colour version but as I made these up over the summer holidays (when I was attempting to ‘get ahead’) I feel I should just get them listed.

When I made these for the first time, I was expecting the red/gold version to be the most popular but it wasn’t the case, the green ones flew.  I stupidly used my last of the green fabric (which is Cloud 9 – Leaves) for some purse linings and then realised, too late, how much I loved it and how I wanted to make some more birds.  Luckily I managed to source some from Etsy and had my lovely husband bring it back from the US for me, it’s a definite bonus of his working there often.

So I thought I’d give a single set of two lavender birds away, you’ll get one each of the green and the red leaf versions, just leave a comment on this post and I’ll pick a name out of the hat on Saturday 6th October.

I’ve also listed some more of the gold and snow blossom lavender birds, they can all be found here in my on-line shop and hopefully some on Folksy soon.  I should mention that sadly the birds have gone up by 50p this year, when I costed out the material and making time they just weren’t adding up as they should.

On a random note, another lovely internet friend has started blogging – Chloe of Flagon & Satchel.  It’s already a wonderful read with very beautiful photos so do pop over and say hello if you can.

Finally, I have been getting ahead on my Christmas shopping and couldn’t resist these hand cut snowflake cards by Saffa.  They are wonderful, as always, and have been squirreled away in my x-mas box along with a few other things.  I’m spreading the cost and panic this year by getting in there early.

I should be on a roll now, and pending good light for photo taking I hope to spend the next week updating my shop so that I can be free to work on some new designs for November, I have lots of ideas in my head, desperate to get out and it’ll be a shame not to find the time 🙂

40 thoughts on “Give away: Leaf Lavender Birds…

  1. Beautiful birds as always Beth. 🙂 I love that green material!
    Looking forward to seeing all your new ideas. 🙂
    Have a good week,
    Vivienne x

  2. Ow Beth! I love these lavender birds…I am tempted by the gold one and the green leaves one is so pretty! They are making me feel very festive already! Thanks so much for putting my cards on your blog, its so kind of you and I’m glad there helping you to get ready early for Xmas! I have an Xmas box too, I stated in February would you believe (I know I’m a weirdo) but my family is so big I have to spread it out or its total bankruptcy in December…I can’t wait to see your other autumnal designs, very exciting! Hope your getting on well at the mo 🙂 I can’t blog at the mo as have no computer! Good luck with it all this week, safxxx

  3. Me me me me me! Please can I enter, I’d love to win a pair of your lavender birds they’re lovely. I do like the green one best too, so I’m a follower of fashion rather than a trendsetter then!
    The snow blossom one looks rather tempting for Christmas methinks.
    Off to check out your link, always nice to search out and find new blogs to read (I say read, but often for me the pictures are as (if not more) important).

  4. The Lavendar birds in Cloud 9 are just lovely. Like everyone else I think the green is my favourite too, but then I wouldn’t say no to either of them, if offered! ;o) Have to start thinking about Christmas too – wish I was as organised as you!

  5. I’m dreaming of hot chocolate (and cosy winter boots) too just now, nothing wrong with a dream world! Love the birds – I think I prefer the red. Hope all the listing and sorting goes well so you can get on with some of your sewing plans. Juliex

  6. Well you can always mix in a bit of wool tights, treacle toffee and hot chocolate with the realities of everyday life 🙂 We’re just emerging from wool tights weather here and I’m dreaming of fresh basil pesto and linen dresses! – Jane x

  7. Your Lavender Birds always looks so pretty – I’m planning on buying some more to decorate our tree with this year. Last year I hung some from my mantelpiece and they looked lovely.
    Thanks for the blog link to Flagon & Satchel – I’ll pop over and have a look.
    Fingers crossed I’ll be a lucky winner.
    I’m hoping to do a giveaway soon, as it’s nearly my 200th post. I bought some linen the other day, so it may well be embroidery related. I’ll have to give it some more thought.
    Jill x

  8. You’ve been busy and I’d have real difficulty choosing between the red one and the green one! Such beautiful fabrics. Our silver birch is all golden now and it’s been bright and breezy between the showers. Autumn has definitely arrived!

  9. I used to be much more organised with Christmas, I haven’t even started this year. I really must do something about that soon.
    Lovely generous giveaway. The lavender birds are so sweet, it’s easy to see why the green one was so popular x

  10. Your lavender birds are divine. I don’t know why your red and gold birds didn’t just fly away… they are certainly my favourite and they will be wonderful at Christmas. Please enter me into your giveaway and I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Thank you.

  11. Hi Beth as always you seem to have the most wonderful sense of colour co-ordination. The birds are beautiful. If only I had such skills. One day ………….

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