Mrs Fox in Green…and a small rant about cycle helmets

The weather this week is totally freaky.  For those that have seen photos of my studio, you’ll know it has a wall of glass that allows me to look out into the garden and mist into a dream world when I should be working ;), this week it has been tipping it down in half the garden whilst sunny and dry in the other half.  Wierd.  Today it’s just tipping it down and as it’s so wet, I’ve just given M a lift to the station because he broke his wrist yesterday in yet another bike accident.  I’ve said this before, but if you are a road cyclist, please, please, please wear a helmet.  M and I disagree in this, he doesn’t think it should be compulsory and he probably does know more about it than me, but having seen another totally smashed up helmet, I am very grateful he was wearing one.

So, I was going to take some pretty pictures of new flower brooches but in this gloom, that’s not going to happen, instead I’m going to show you a project from the summer that I already have photos of – Mrs Foxes in Green.

This is my original Mrs Fox, minus her cape.  She has a shirring halter-neck dress, in liberty tana lawn.  This has always posed some problems, the shirring is on such a small scale, I have to be very carefull to get the stretch just right, otherwise the dress is easily too tight or too loose, and tana lawn is too fine a fabric to cope with much unpicking!

When I made new foxes last winter, I made the green capes ready for a Green Mrs to go with the then new Mr Foxes but that was a far as I got with the girls.  I was too busy making up Purple and Blue versions and ran out of time for Green ones.

Shuffle forward to July, when I found myself making up new foxes as part of my ‘get ahead’ list for this winter.  I decided to have a re-think on the girl dresses and after a play around,

I came up with a dress very similar to the ones I made for the cashmere bunnies, so a kind of simple neck tie dress, with arm holes and in the case of Foxes, also a large space for the tail.

I found some pale green cotton lawn for the lining and I had hoped to sandwich some broderie anglaise lace between this and the liberty tana lawn, but realised I wouldn’t be able to get it to do the tight curve above the tail space so opted for some cotton ric-rac instead.

It works really well, I think, and I’m pleased with the final result.

Otherwise the design is the same.  Same cape and a hand woven flower in the ‘hair’.

Here she is dressed.

And with the cape.

And hanging out with Mr Fox – I think they make quite a dashing pair!

They are listed here, along with the other foxes, including the remaining Mrs in Blue and Purple.

35 thoughts on “Mrs Fox in Green…and a small rant about cycle helmets

  1. Oh Beth, I really love these green versions of the Mr and Mrs Fox, how wonderful! Couldn’t resist Mrs Fox! Am dying to buy Mr Fox and the acorns! I love the colours, your work has put me in a very autumnal mood 🙂 Also Mrs Fox’s dress is beautiful, I love the ric-rac detail and colours! So sorry to hear about your poor husband, I hope he will be ok, thank god he was wearing a helmet, hope he gets better soon, good luck with the rest of your making this autumn 🙂 safxxx

    • So glad you like them – thanks so much for the purchase!! Acorns are on the way soon, I promise. M is on pretty good form considering, last time it was broken ribs and collar bone so this seems much easier ie he can sleep/cough/laugh etc without too much pain. Mrs Fox will be on her way tomorrow. Bxx

  2. As always the loving detail in your work makes it so special, Beth! Oh I am so glad M was wearing the helmet this time. My husband has just taken up cycling to work after some years of riding a scooter. I’m not sure which I should find more scary. Helmets are compulsory here (on both kinds of bike) but you do still see some cyclists flouting the rules. Worse, kids riding along with helmets slung over their handlebars… not doing much good there! It’ll probably be my kids in a couple of years….

    • Ah yes, scooters scare me as well (let’s face it, anything on the road that doesn’t offer full body protection kind of scars me if I’m honest). There is always talk of making wearing helmets compulsory here but I don’t know if it’ll ever happen. I’m good with off road biking but if I ever took up road cycling I’d have to be in full leathers – ha ha! Bx

  3. I too as I’ve mentioned before am married to a cyclist and thankfully he does wear a helmet and has had some scrapes and near misses too. Hope your hubby heals soon! It’s my son I have to work on as he doesn’t wear one so I would be happy if they made it compulsory!
    I love Mrs Fox, the new dress is beautiful and they do make a lovely couple, her and Mr Fox! 🙂
    Vivienne x

    • Hi Vivienne, yes I remember that your husband is also a cyclist, you probably appreciate the bill the poor man who drove into hubby is going to get on his insurance, we were pricing up the bike damage alone the other night and it’s very high….makes my little collection of chie mihara heels and orla k dresses fade into pennies. Glad you like the foxes, they are quite dashing together aren’t they? Bx

  4. Beth, your foxes are so gorgeous, and the new dress design looks stunning. Mr & Mrs fox look so wonderful together. Are you ever tempted to keep one of each of the foxes you make, I know I would!
    Hope M gets better soon, I agree with helmets, I don’t even let the kids play on their bikes and scooters in the garden without wearing one! And luckily its become second nature to them, they get their bikes out they put there helmets on – result!!

    • Thank you 🙂 Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone but yes I have kept one of each of the green foxes. To be fair they are tucked away out of sunlight but I have started to keep one of each thing in at least one colour way since I got asked a few times last year for samples for photo shoots. I’d like to display them though so maybe, one day, I’ll make myself a pair. I need to work on my boys, they always wear helmets when out and about but not in the garden…considering my time in hospital after getting shoved off my bike by a crazy farm dog when a child you’d think I know better!! Bx

  5. Oh Beth he must must must wear a helmet. One of my best freinds at uni was knocked off his bike just before we graduated and he was in a coma for months. He survived but was left brain damaged. Even though he made an amazing recovery he has never been able to use his degree (and has lived a very frustrated and quite sad life). My husband was also knocked off his bike cycling to work a while ago. He was wearing a helmet but the impact was so hard it cracked in two. So dangerous to be on a bike these days! On a side note … LOVE the fox dress. Ceri xxx

    • That’s such a sad story but really get’s to the point. I have no doubt that after M’s accident, late last year, he would have had serious head injuries had he not been wearing a helmet, he wouldn’t dream of going off without one. M’s helmets from all his crashes got broken as well. Glad you like the foxy dress 🙂

  6. Sorry to hear that Mr Linen Cat has been injured – hope he recovers quickly. Helmets are lifesavers and should definitely be compulsory.
    Stop tempting me with your lovely foxes, Beth. Our Mrs Fox is a joy to own, we all love her and she always gets lots of compliments from visitors.
    Your Mr Foxes always look so dashing. The new dresses for Mrs Fox are really pretty, the little ric-rac edging really sets them off beautifully.

    • I agree on the helmets, we have a teaching assistant who is lovely, but cycles away from school every day in front of the kids with NO HELMET and it drives me bonkers, if I’m honest. Thanks for the lovely fox story, I do like to picture the things I make living in their new homes, the image makes me very happy. Bethx

  7. No worries 🙂 I found him in the end! Had to get the mr fox in green or it would’ve been wrong not too, they belong together! 😉 safxxx

  8. Thanks Beth, thats very kind of you with the postage 🙂 I love your shop! And these green foxes are so lovely and will be happy in their new home with their other fox friends 🙂 xxx (am saving up now for other autumn delights!) xx

  9. Beth, any plans to make more ballerina mice? I’m sure my ballerina would love one to play with her Red Riding Mouse. No pressure, lol… Ceri x

  10. Lovely foxes and colours, so pretty. I’m so glad your husband is okay, so many accidents it makes me quite skittish about taking my bike out, especially with the speed at which cars whizz around our tiny narrow lanes…

    • I would be way too scared to cycle around here, for us too it’s all lanes with blind corners and wizzing cars. M got knocked off cycling into London (as he does quite often to work) it’s a super long ride on really busy roads – it’s not for me!! Glad you like the Foxes 🙂 Bx

  11. So sorry to hear about M tho’ it sounds as if he is relatively okay this time. Thank goodness for his helmet. I always worry about John cycling to work too – especially in winter when the roads are icy and it is cold.
    Mrs Fox is beautiful. I love the purple ric rac, it adds a lovely bit of definition. She and Mr Fox are a very elegant pair – they should be off to some very exciting evening event together. Juliex

    • He’s doing very well, has been going into work and can sleep OK so pretty lucky really. Glad you like Mrs Fox, I agree about the ric-rac, it adds a little something and I love the texture. Bx

  12. Many years ago Ann Ladbury said, that if you steam your shirring after its sewn it will gather more evenly….its true! it actualy works! Your work is so so lovely………….x

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