Double Red Rose Flower Brooches…

Finally the sun came out, just for a moment but long enough for me to snap my work bench.

I find this a very satisfying shot as the flower brooches do take quite a long time to sew.  There are lots of steps from making the leaves (free machine embroidery on tweed backed in felt) to cutting all the flower petals, stitching them together, stitching the beads on…twice…because I like them firm and would be really upset if any fell off,

to neatly stitching the backs.

This was the shot I was waiting to take (wonky camera angle there but it’s too late, they need packing up asap).  I actually started these before we went on our summer holidays to Yorkshire, I like to take some hand sewing with me for the rainy moments but lucky us, we didn’t really get any so they mostly came back home unstitched.  I did finish them over the last few weeks of the school holidays though and shortly afterwards I took the individual shots but no group ones (as above), which are the most satisfying to see.

They are basically a red version of the purple double rose brooch I made in spring.

I like them and the reason there are only six in the card mounted shot is that, that’s all I have left because some of you were very quick off the mark and spotted them listed before I’d blogged them, prompting a hasty packing up and posting off, of quite a few.

The rest are here, along with a re-stock of the usual red and mixed pink roses.

Acorns next!!

11 thoughts on “Double Red Rose Flower Brooches…

  1. These look lovely Beth 🙂 Very pretty! I can imagine the hours they must take to make, but it must be very satisfying to finish them! My favourite is the mixed pink version, lovely…I can’t wait for the acorns! safxxx

  2. I had been stalking your shop ever since you posted a sneak peak on Twitter as I just love the double red rose. I have a red winter coat that it will just be perfect on. 🙂

    • Ha ha – well so glad you liked them enough to keep waiting and watching! I bet it looks very smart on a red winter coat, you’ve just reminded me that I have a red coat tucked away (I wore a new green one last year instead) so might have to keep one back for that. Thanks for buying one 🙂 Bx

  3. Beautiful Beth!! I love the photo of all the colours together, your own little felt garden. 🙂
    Happy weekend,
    Vivienne x

    • Thanks Vivienne, I was all excited seeing them together, I had meant to set up a big shot with foxes and birds etc, a kind of winter scene to photograph but I’ve stupidly run out of time 😦 Oh, well, maybe I can do a photoshop version using the product images…maybe….I’m not that great on photoshop! Have a great weekend. Bx

  4. Stunning work Beth, no wonder they have sold so quickly. I just looked at your web site…it’s looking great there. I will be very interested to see the acorns, one of my favourite (next to conkers) autumn images. Enjoy the weekend,
    Jane x

    • Thanks Jane, I’m trying to get the site all updated at the moment. I need to work on the front page but it takes me ages to get the photos cropped etc. I too love conkers, I just collected a load from the boys school car park and they in a bowl on our table, it’s such a shame they dry out so quickly, that bit always makes me sad. Hope you have a lovely weekend too. Bx

  5. Beautiful as always, Beth, your handmade quality is just something else! Lovely pictures of these pretty flowers together, made my gray October day much brighter!

    Happy new month!


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