So when did these first appear?  Back in September 2011 I blogged them for the first time and even then, I’d been working on/thinking about them for a year.

They then appeared again twice more, used as decorations on wrap gifts and lots of you lovely folk asked me when they would be arriving in the shop…..I optimistically said that winter.  Sadly it didn’t happen as I just got snowed under with lots of other projects and the acorns proved to take a lot longer to make than I had anticipated.  I had to spread out felting the balls (for the acorn body) as the whole soap hot water/cold water thing makes my hands itch like crazy, and sewing the cups was a nice little bit of therapeutic hand sewing, but it did take a while for each acorn so I decided to spread it out over the spring and summer months.

Also, I figured that brooches might be a better thing than hanging decorations and this is where I’ve dragged a bit on listing them.  I did manage to make up quite a few brooches, but the hanging ones I made were snaffled up by family and friends before they were even mounted on cards.  I’d hoped to make more but I’m being realistic about time so figured I’d just get what I have put into the shop and if I do get more hanging ones done – bonus.

Ah those group shots do make me happy.

This gives and idea of the size.  You know, the acorns kind of make me giggle as they remind me of comedy ‘boobs’ in a Beryl Cook kind of way.  Perhaps that’s just my mind and not something I should share, but there you go.

So they are now, finally, listed.  Sorry it took so long and if you’re in the market for a new tweed purse you might want to hang on a bit as I have some coming with an acorn brooches attached, I just need to take the photos (although they will retail at about £30, maybe a bit more when I price them out).

Oh and there are 2 hanging ones left, here.

34 thoughts on “Acorns…

  1. Oh yipee Beth I have been waiting all that time to buy one…and I finally have ;0) They are so gorgeous, can’t wait for it to arrive. Happy autumn,
    Jane x

  2. Yay! Love these acorns, very cute and I think will look good as well hanging on the Christmas tree 🙂 well done for making so many, it must’ve taken a long time but as you say feel very good to see them all in there glory together! Safxxx

  3. I have been waiting for these too! Hurrah! Although I now can’t get the comedy boob visual out of my head. x

  4. They are gorgeous Beth, really lovely. 🙂
    You do like your little group shots, don’t you, everything in neat little rows. 🙂
    Vivienne x

    1. I do Vivienne, it’s the same with cleaning, which I do too rarely, I get a great kick out of sitting down in a tidy room, ideally with a coffee and just admiring it all. Sadly tidy rooms don’t last long in this house 😦 Pesky kids 😉 Bethx

  5. Wow, Beth, you’ve been very productive! And I’m so pleased that your items are selling well.
    I love, love, love the Monster Purse I purchased a few weeks ago (sorry for not letting you know I’d received it sooner), and am looking forward to giving it to my nephew for his birthday. Perfect for ice cream money!
    Hope you enjoy the autumnal weather – very windy and ‘crisp’ in Leeds this morning.

    1. I think it’s because I saw them (the ‘boob’ acorns) sitting in rows with no cups or leaves….then they look even more boob like. But that’s enough of that – glad you like them!

  6. Oh I love them. I have my eye on a hacking jacket, not something I’d usually wear, but this brooch would look lovely on it. When I’ve bought it I’ll be back to buy one! X

  7. Hi Beth – I love these acorns and will pop over to your shop to see if you’ve got any of the hanging ones left.
    On another note. Violet absolutely loves her new yellow monster purse. I’ll try and take a photo of her with it when the weather’s a little sunnier.
    Jill x

    1. Oh fabulous 🙂 I’d love to see a photo if you do get to take one, V’s smile is very infectious and always makes me happy, she’s such a cutey. I hope school continues to go well. Bethx

  8. Thank you so much Beth. The real thing is even more exquisite than the photos show. A real thing of beauty. Such fabulous workmanship and attention to detail. What a bargain for such a work of art. I know my mum and friend will love theirs too. I feel I need a new winter coat to show mine off! x

  9. Oh I meant to say we’re off to the Hollywood Costume show at the V&A in December. Have you seen the publicity? Can’t wait!

    1. It looks great, I’ve heard a bit about it (Hollywood Costume at the V&A). Really glad you like the acorns in ‘real life’ and thanks so much for buying them. Bx

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