Little Winter Birds 2012…

Another post written a couple of weeks back that I forgot to publish:

I know my posts are very ‘shop’ heavy at the moment.  I am sorry, I do promise there are some non-shop related ones coming up but the flurry of trying to get the stock changed over for the busiest 2 months of the year (for me) does rather take over.

I’ve never been this organised before though, back in May, I had already finished a batch of new robins

and by mid Summer, the blackberry version was also complete.  Brilliant.  It helped knowing that I wanted to make more little birds in these colour ways, it’s for the same reason that I managed to have my lavender bags all done so early as well.  The little birds sell really well over winter, they look so great on the tree or dotted around the house, I have a stash of my own and I add to it each time I make a new colour way.

In which note, I was totally inspired to make a ‘dove’ version by a request on Folksy.

I imagine these will look great on a Christmas tree, especially mixed with the red robins…..they also have a hint of ‘Wedding’ about them, I feel.

They match the new robins in that the last batch have a couple of extra beads in the hanging threads, little gold ones on either side of the large faceted one.  I’ve listed the remainder of last year’s robins on Folksy and the new ones on my own website.

It’s made a huge difference working so far ahead on Autumn/Winter products, even though lots of this stock was waiting to be photographed for months, and there was still plenty to do, I suddenly realised this week that I’m ready.  I am now free to work on new designs, the pressure really is off and anything extra I make is a bonus.

Oh and I haven’t made (and I’m not sure I plan to) and any new linen mice specials, but the last pirates and a red riding hood are listed here.

7 thoughts on “Little Winter Birds 2012…

  1. Your little birds are always so pretty Beth! I really love the blackberry version but the little doves are beautiful! 🙂
    Vivienne x

  2. The dove versions are lovely – I think they may be my favourite of the felt ones. So impressed with all the work you’re getting through, even though it is well planned over months, I can’t imagine I’ll ever be so productive (but hope I can!). Juliex

  3. Lovely little birds Beth, especially love the dove version, really pretty and very festive 🙂 thanks so much for entering my give away too, very kind of you 🙂 now you can sit back and relax now youve made your autumn stock, good luck with your future designs too! Safxxx

  4. Hello dear Beth,

    It’s me again trying to comment! I just got one through in Teje’s blog so I am hoping… Your birdies are so pretty, and those white ones are the most beautiful! A Christmas tree with just those and some pretty lights would be perfect!

    I wish you happiest crafting and lovely last days of October!


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