A bit of this…

Well, there’s no doubt that Winter is on it’s way today.  As with most of the UK, we have woken to dark, wet, cold weather, not quite as cold as I’d expected after seeing all the weather forecasts, but enough to remind me that gloves and scarves will soon be needed.  I’m still enjoying the Autumn colours.  I’m a bit cross with myself for my lack of walking, I feel like the majority of my view of Autumn is from the window in the studio and on school run.  The boys are on half term next week and I’m really hoping to get them out and about for some wood walks, regardless of the weather.

This post is a bit of this and a bit of that.  First a little round-up of a few ‘new’ shop things.  I’d hoped to do a clever photo mosaic but ran out of energy to work out the best way to achieve this, so I’ve resorted to just uploading small images.  I have no idea if this has worked, so apologies if it all looks a bit messy on your screen.

I like how the early designs look together, I’m pleased with the continuity of design and colour, I’m really getting into this ‘seasonal collections’ thing.

A while back I tried to take a photo, using some of the new pieces.  As with last time, it was a case of grabbing things that were laying around my work space, can you spot the tweed bag handles?

I struggled with the light.  I do own one decent ‘studio’ lamp (which is clipped to the shelf above my desk, with a daylight bulb so I can see what I’m doing on dull days like today), but I would love to invest in some more, so I could take wonderful photos with minimal shadow…..now wouldn’t that be nice!

Another thing I wanted to share are the new packaging labels I worked on some weeks back.  I haven’t actually finished them, I’d planned to add some shades of green or ‘texture’ but I so wanted to start using them when I was sending out acorn brooches, I impatiently printed some off and I fear now, I’m unlikely to work on them any more.  They do need to be mostly white, so as to not use up too much printer ink.

I’ve been sending out quite a few orders, including lots of cats and bunnies.  I’m both sad and happy to see them go, I don’t intend to make more, but when I see them laid out I remember how much I like them,  it’s the right thing to move onto new designs though.

I’m now shifting onto a new colour palette for my work, lots of reds, blacks, creams and golds.  These feel a lot more wintery, I know we’re only just starting the season, but I’m still trying to stay a few steps ahead.  On which note, I ought to get on.  I’m a bit behind in replying to comments – sorry! – oh and I wondered, as I’m on wordpress, when I reply to a comment from all you lovely ‘blogger’ readers, do you get an email saying I’ve replied or do you have to log back into the post to see my comments?  I just wondered, as I’m not sure how it works.  Thanks 🙂


12 thoughts on “A bit of this…

  1. I love your little photoshoot Beth, your oak tree is brilliant!!! 🙂
    Your new labels look great too!
    Well as I’m on wordpress too my little ‘light’ comes on to tell me you’ve replied.
    Happy weekend,
    Vivienne x

    • Yes, I get the same from you when I comment 🙂 I had to set up a blogger account in order to get blogger comments. Thanks on the oak tree, I really enjoy the challenge of grabbing things from the studio to make a ‘picture’ and knew I wanted to make on before I packaged up the acorns brooches. Might have to do one every season now! Bethx

  2. Hi Beth,
    its so lovely to see all your autumn stock together in the pics, I love the green tones and yellow popping up, the acorns are my favourite as are the foxes! So obviously, I love the shoot of Mr and Mrs Fox hand in hand by the tree with the acorns hanging down, wonderful! This collection is my favourite yet from your shop 🙂 I also love the acorn labels a lot, very pretty and nice that your labels change with the seasons too, gives a lovely touch to your shop.
    I can’t wait to see your new gold/red/cream/black collection now! Very christmasy, will be lovely! I am signed up to wordpress but don’t have a blog on it (only go into word press to comment on your blog) so not sure about the signalling thing sorry…good luck with your Christmas stock making, can’t wait to see what’s next! Safxxx

    • I’m glad you like all the autumn designs, I so enjoyed making them, by far my favourite season so I find it very inspirational. I hope you have a lovely weekend Saf, take good care of yourself. Bethx

    • Hi Wendy – thanks! I’m just never sure how it works, I have a ‘blogger’ account especially for comments I leave on blogger blogs, but not sure how the cross over from wordpress delivers (if it does at all!) return comments. Hope you get this 🙂 Bethx

  3. Hi Beth, I did receive an e.mail reply once or twice from your blog but not recently-delete that! Have just realised I probably didn’t tick the box below. Your work is looking fab, and I like the seasonal changes that you have. Will you still look at stocking shops? ( dare I ask with the busy period ahead!)

    • Hello 🙂 Well glad some comments get through, I just wonder sometimes the best way to work my time ie, replying to comments on my blog, or making sure I leave comments on the blogs of the lovely folk who visit here – I try to do both but sometimes I struggle to keep up.

      I’m not sure what I’m going to do shop wise re supplying. I have read some great blog posts about local craft fairs and ‘big’ craft fairs that sadly confirm my theory that the time it would take away from our ‘family time’ might well not be worth the profit, if there is any, and I’m still struggling to make products that I could sell at wholesale prices – it’s not an impossible idea, I’m just not sure at this point that I feel I could work that hard for so little return. I can still really only regularly work a ‘half day’ as my Mum duties take up the rest of the time….I guess that will change sooner than I think! I worry some times that I am just too happy ticking along, but for now, I think that’s ok.


  4. Lovely pictures, Beth, and those foxes on their autumn-walk took my breath away, perfect! I am again pushing my luck here with this comment as it seems that me, from blogger, have some issues commenting on wordpress-blogs time to time but I’m always reading and enjoying all the posts still!

    It’s a sunny yet VERY cold day here, and I am trying to get myself into a jinglebells-mood to tackle those piles of stockings! I wish you a lovely weekend!


  5. HI Beth I love this autumn post and also your lovely poster you bought. You little scene is perfect. I struggle taking photos any time…yours look fab to me. Regarding comments I only see a reply from you if I log back in..but I’m on blogger so I think that is why? Enjoy the autumn months..such a pretty time of the year,
    Jane x

  6. Hi Beth, I am so behind on reading blog posts and I do really get annoyed with myself when I fall behind on yours as you write such a lovely blog. So I’m playing catch up! Love your seasonal makes, it’s a really nice idea. I also love your cats and bunnies I can understand why you want to keep moving forward with your work but they are very cute I wonder if one day you will make them again xx

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