Vintage Decorations…

I wont go on about it, as I know many are in the same position, but we’ve all been sick again and I have spent my second year running trying not to cough all the way through the boys’ school nativity.  I feel a little better today, I realised last week that I have mild vertigo on the back of the recent flu, which explains the dizzy sick feeling I permanently have, hopefully this will go as my body repairs itself.


Enough.  Back to the title.

I loved this question over at Lyn’s blog – if things as old as you are vintage, then are you vintage as well?  It has pushed me to write a post (sorry, blogging has gone by the way side as of late) about my most recent collecting obsession – vintage baubles.


When I was little, every year that we bought our tree, we would also buy one for my Gran.


She had a ‘mini’ tree, that sat on a table, in front of a window, in the corner of her room and it was covered in beautiful vintage decorations.  If we were lucky (and when we were a bit older and more trust worthy) we were allowed to put them on the tree and I have very fond memories of the mercury glass fish, birds and baubles that adorned  it. I decided this year, to obessively hunt vintage decorations buy a few vintage decorations from ebay so I could have my own little special tree in the studio.


Apparently, vintage being very in fashion and all, everyone else had the same idea. Still, I started early enough so managed to get some good deals.  I’m also quite relaxed, things don’t need to be perfect for me, chipped paint and mixed quality are all the appeal.  I tell you, I was amazed at some of the ‘buy it now’ prices, I mean, I know vintage is all the rage but there was some wishful thinking from many sellers.


I got some beautiful decorations, I even managed to collect some clip on birds, a fish and a rolling pin! The plan was to buy a little tree in a pot, which I could then try and keep alive in the garden for next year, and to pop it in the studio in front of the window, for the world to see from the road and to make me smile.


Sadly, at the weekend, when I bought the tree for our living room from the local garden shop there were no small trees, in fact we bought their very last one (six foot and now in the living room), so I’m now debating leaving my stunning, cunning plan until next year.  That and the fact that the boys have already broken two of the modern glass baubles off the big tree, maybe they need to be a bit older before I can expect them to be careful around pretty, breakable, vintage goodness (I share the studio with the boys as a play room these days, they are SOOOOOO messy, I keep joking about taping a line down the middle of the room so they know which half is theirs – ha ha).

I’m happy though, the decorations have been collected over a number of weeks, during which time they have sat on my desk, where I’ve spent happy times looking through them and wondering whose house they used to decorate, plus I’ll have a fantastic ‘Gran’ tree next year 🙂

Tweed Flower Purse Give Away – the Winner!


Thank you everyone who entered the tweed purse give away, and for all your lovely comments. Screen shot 2012-12-01 at 15.42.01

The winner is Claire of ‘my norfolk life‘ who left comment number 18 (Claire, I’ve emailed you to get your address).  I hope to have more give aways coming up, I just need to be more organised.

I have pretty much stopped sewing here.  It wasn’t my intention, I had hopped to get a lot more done this season, including some re-stocks of old favourites such as ballerina mice (as so many people asked after them this year) and a new batch of christmas tree fairies but once I stopped, I felt very relaxed and I realised the only person putting pressure on me to get these things done is myself.  There is so much on at the moment that I feel happy with my decision to just leave the shop ticking over for now and to concentrate on other things, I do have quite a few half-finished projects but I’m happy to view them as a bonus get ahead for next year.


I’ve been trying to get the house in order, finishing up some very long-standing jobs and general tidying.  The boys were over the top excited about advent calendars starting yesterday, after a sort pause, I agreed to start putting decorations up.  I don’t normally do this until further into December, although I am very much a Christmas person, I like to wait a bit before dolling the house up.  We haven’t gone too far, just the odd ornament at the moment.


Charlie was desperate to do a ‘woodland scene’ that he could include ‘Foxy’ his favourite soft toy in so I left him too it.  At the time of taking the photo, Foxy is building train tracks with Charlie.  Marcus hates these bristle animals but me and the boys like them so we win 🙂


The boys are spoilt for choice this year with advent, they have their very favourite sock/mouse calendar from Germany and completely homemade.


Not only do they get chocolates, but on some days there is also a ‘parcel’ in the mouse bag.  It’s a lovely way to spread out the present giving and one we all really appreciate.  I am always amazed how good the boys are at not ‘sneak peeking’ in the bag, they love hunting down the correct number when they need to but otherwise the presents sit happily in the sack, untouched by inquisitive little fingers 😉


They also have German ‘Kinder’ calendars and we bought them each a ‘Playmobil’ one after the success of last year’s.  I love how the scene builds over the 25 days, last time they had dinosaur and castle versions, as above.


For me, I bought a Betty’s, Poppy Treffry one with little chocolates inside, to hang in my studio.  I know I could make one for myself, but sometimes it’s just nice to have someone else do the work.  M doesn’t have or want a calender….Bah Humbug 😉

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend and it hasn’t been too wet, I wouldn’t mind a bit of snow to be honest.