Vintage Decorations…

I wont go on about it, as I know many are in the same position, but we’ve all been sick again and I have spent my second year running trying not to cough all the way through the boys’ school nativity.  I feel a little better today, I realised last week that I have mild vertigo on the back of the recent flu, which explains the dizzy sick feeling I permanently have, hopefully this will go as my body repairs itself.


Enough.  Back to the title.

I loved this question over at Lyn’s blog – if things as old as you are vintage, then are you vintage as well?  It has pushed me to write a post (sorry, blogging has gone by the way side as of late) about my most recent collecting obsession – vintage baubles.


When I was little, every year that we bought our tree, we would also buy one for my Gran.


She had a ‘mini’ tree, that sat on a table, in front of a window, in the corner of her room and it was covered in beautiful vintage decorations.  If we were lucky (and when we were a bit older and more trust worthy) we were allowed to put them on the tree and I have very fond memories of the mercury glass fish, birds and baubles that adorned  it. I decided this year, to obessively hunt vintage decorations buy a few vintage decorations from ebay so I could have my own little special tree in the studio.


Apparently, vintage being very in fashion and all, everyone else had the same idea. Still, I started early enough so managed to get some good deals.  I’m also quite relaxed, things don’t need to be perfect for me, chipped paint and mixed quality are all the appeal.  I tell you, I was amazed at some of the ‘buy it now’ prices, I mean, I know vintage is all the rage but there was some wishful thinking from many sellers.


I got some beautiful decorations, I even managed to collect some clip on birds, a fish and a rolling pin! The plan was to buy a little tree in a pot, which I could then try and keep alive in the garden for next year, and to pop it in the studio in front of the window, for the world to see from the road and to make me smile.


Sadly, at the weekend, when I bought the tree for our living room from the local garden shop there were no small trees, in fact we bought their very last one (six foot and now in the living room), so I’m now debating leaving my stunning, cunning plan until next year.  That and the fact that the boys have already broken two of the modern glass baubles off the big tree, maybe they need to be a bit older before I can expect them to be careful around pretty, breakable, vintage goodness (I share the studio with the boys as a play room these days, they are SOOOOOO messy, I keep joking about taping a line down the middle of the room so they know which half is theirs – ha ha).

I’m happy though, the decorations have been collected over a number of weeks, during which time they have sat on my desk, where I’ve spent happy times looking through them and wondering whose house they used to decorate, plus I’ll have a fantastic ‘Gran’ tree next year 🙂

32 thoughts on “Vintage Decorations…

  1. Ah I love vintage decorations. We have vintage baubles that always go on the tress first, then the rest of the decorations go around them (including your lovely handmade little birds!). You’ve got some gorgeous ones there Beth, I think my favourite is the rolling pin just because it’s so bonkers! Good luck with your Gran tree next year.
    Hope you manage to shift your flu, have you had your ears checked? I’ve got a slight ear problem and the first thing I notice when I get a bad cold is my balance is affected. Anyway, look after yourself and have a wonderful xmas. xx

    • Hi Jane – very good point about the ears, I have permanently bunged up ears due to an allergy I’ve had for years (we think to the cat and wine amongst other things!) and it does flair up when I catch a virus….I feel so much better today, but I will be off to the Doc’s should it not improve drastically in coming days! Bethx

  2. sorry to hear you’ve all been ill, hopefully it will be over by the big day. Love the vintage decorations… you’re lucky to have found so many, they are beautiful x

    • Thank you, I’m pretty sure we’ve had every bug going around here, so should be good for the day itself (finger crossed!). I am lucky, I find bidding on ebay rather stressful, but it was worth it in this case 🙂 Bethx

  3. Oww Beth I am jealous! I wanted to get some vintage bubbles this year and I found a small box in a shop in Exeter and they were £20! Too expensive for me sadly, but so, so pretty. Your collection is beautiful though, at least next year you will be ready for your mini tree! Safxxx p.s me and henry got a mini tree from M&S in there food court and it was just the right height to go on a table, I don’t know if this would help or not?xx

    • Thanks Saf 🙂 A lot of my vintage boxes cost a lot less than that, I bet there are some cheap ones on Ebay after the big day, if you fancy having some for next year. Thanks for the M&S tip, might well check that out. Bethx

  4. The old baubles are a little more imaginative than modern ones aren’t they? Glad my post inspired you too!
    I do hope you get well for the big day, it has been awful here and I can’t count the amount of tissues we have gone through, still lets hope it’s all better for the big day itself and you can enjoy it with your family. Xxx

    • And you Lyn, I do hope you are feeling better soon. I carry a plastic bag around with me that is stuffed with snotty tissues, as I am permanently blowing my nose! Perhaps I should make a special fabric bag for this purpose the next time around – ha ha! Thank goodness for Night Nurse 🙂 Bethxx

  5. Your baubles are amazing what a collection.
    I too have a passion for vintage decorations and are lucky to have been given my Gran’s collection though they all look quite simple compared to yours!
    It’s difficult with young kids, we have used them for the last couple of years though two have already been broken this year and being glass it’s not great. But as mine are my Gran’s and therefore hold such memories for me as I can remember seeing them on her tree when I was a child, I like to use them and just hang the more precious ones high up on the tree where they can’t reach!
    Have a lovely Christmas and hope you all feel much better soon, Jenny xx

    • Hi Jenny, oh lucky you, I’d have loved to have had some of my Gran’s original ones. I’m glad to hear you still hang yours, it’s a fine line between being too precious about memory laden things and trying to make sure they don’t get damaged. Happy Christmas to you and yours, hope you have a lovely one 🙂 Bethx

  6. Well in answer to Lyn’s question, yes I think I’m definitely vintage. I believe that even more so now having looked at you amazing decorations because I remember having so many like that on our tree when I was a little girl!
    They are beautiful Beth and real little treasures. 🙂
    Hope you’re feeling much better!
    V xxx

    • I believe I am vintage too, or even ‘retro’! Happy either way, I’ve been dusting off all my vintage clothing recently and growing my hair longer so I can pin curl it – it’s time I stopped looking like a bag lady on school run.

      And thanks V, I feel a lot better this afternoon, you never know, I might even go in search of a little tree after all 🙂


  7. We have had a dose of a very nasty cough/cold/achey horriblyness, very glad we are seeing the back of it yuk (woody hasn’t had it yet though, hope he doesn’t get it for Christmas)
    I hope yours is leaving too.
    I love vintage baubles, I try and buy one beautiful one each year as we’ve been married 13 years I’m getting quite a collection, i’m not sure if they are vintage just yet though. Your collection is beautiful I think I have bauble envy :o)
    I love that it’s snowing on your blog too.
    Emma x

    • Sorry to hear you’ve been poorly as well, good luck with the recovery and I do hope Woody doesn’t get it! I love the snow as well, it’s something I ‘turned on’ on wordpress a couple of years ago and they re-activate it each winter 🙂 Bethx

  8. Don’t you think that the tag ‘vintage’ is on just about everything these days when most of it is probably only a few months old and made to look old… it’s all a bit ridiculous if you ask me. Your baubles are lovely though and I recognise quite a few from ones that my nanna’s used to have when I was little. We try to buy at least one every year too , it’s a nice tradition. Hope you feel better real soon x

    • It always happens when people cash in on what’s popular – I saw some silver baubles that I also have (and bought a couple of years ago) with some blurb saying they were rare vintage and a stupid high price tag. So naughty. Also on the down side, I started collecting vintage clothing when I was in my teens and you could get the most amazing things from the local charity shops (which I loved to wear) and I’m sure most people thought I was a bit bonkers. That’s all changed now. I like the idea of buying a new bauble each year. Bethx

  9. Hi Beth, sorry to hear you’ve been unwell. I’ve got a cold too and our daughters concert is on Wednesday, I daresay I can cough during the clapping! I am very envious of your baubles! I LOVE the little birds.

  10. Beautiful baubles – I have never seen any with clips like the wee birds. Some look very familiar from my childhood (so I must be vintage too). Katie is the world’s biggest fiddler so we have a very small tree this year which is sitting up high. We went for a little potted spruce and I’m hoping it will survive being inside for a few weeks and then be happy in the garden until next year – it is very pretty and I think we’ll have it in the dining room in other years (assuming we can have a bigger tree too next time).
    Good luck if you do go out in search of one. And thanks for the blog tip to check out. Juliex P.S. Hope you get better and keep better.

    • I gave up on the tree, sadly we are having a rather stressful time with lots of hospital visits, saying that I am surprisingly ready for the day itself (fingers crossed as there’s a chance I might be cooking the lunch at half a days notice!). I hope you all have a lovely Christmas, it’ll be lovely with so many children (yours, I mean) around, they do make Christmas extra fun, I think. Bethx

  11. Hi Beth I am most definately vintage and proud of it. I too have bought some beautiful vintage decs from Ebay and infact one is winging it’s way to me as we speak. I am lucky enough to have some decs from both my grandparents too and also some from when I was little in the 1960s. Your collection will look wonderful. I do hope you are feeling 100% soon, getting everything going is the only downside of having young children. We went 10 years before we had a Christmas day when either the children or M and I weren’t ill! Take care,
    Jane x

    • Vintage is good 🙂 Ebay is brilliant for tracking down things you hanker after, I love it. I have to limit my time spent browsing there, or my piggy bank would be empty 😉 Despite illness and lots of other sad family news, the pleasure of small children at Christmas means they always make it a special day. Bethx

  12. Hello dear Beth,

    I am so sorry to hear the nasty flu has made it’s visit again, I wish you all are better soon! That tree will looks so stunning with those vintage baubles, I especially love those birds! You have the most beautiful collection, ans I am sure it’ll grow over the years too… 🙂

    Lovely last days before Christmas!


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