sefwedding017I don’t normally blog about very private things here, but as I will be disappearing for a while and also as I won’t be opening the shops back up for a bit I thought I should explain.

After being diagnosed with lung cancer a few weeks ago, my Mum sadly passed away on Thursday after battling an infection over Christmas.  We were expecting to have a good few months with her quite healthy, maybe even longer so it has come as rather a shock and we will miss her terribly.
scotlandfamily77002 Luckily I have a wonderful family, extended family and friends that are helping and supporting us through this terrible time and I will be back blogging and sewing shortly as these things keep me sane and happy.

It’s very likely I’ll delete this post, in time, I just wanted to explain to those of you that I have  got to know well, and consider to be friends, why I am absent.  I know some readers may not understand how it’s possible to consider people you’ve never met in real life as friends, but it is, believe me.

On a very positive note, I like to think Mum is with Dad now, something that I know will make her very happy.