Thank you

Thank you to everyone who left such lovely, and often personal, comments on the last post.  I really do appreciate the support, it was very comforting to read and I had hoped to reply direct, via email, but in all honesty right now, I find it easier to just move on as best I can so do please forgive me for that;  I know you will, but people wrote such lovely things I would have liked to have replied back, but for now I just need to leave it all be as best I can.

So, I’m back.  Gosh I’ve missed my little studio space (now shared with the boys, who don’t know how to stick to their half….I think we might have to set some rules).  I have actually been sewing, but mostly tweed curtains for my sister and as I’ve mentioned before, I’m not mad keen on ‘straight line’ sewing.


So today, I moved the nearly finished curtains aside and tidied up my desk, ready to get back to some fun sewing.  I love this room, even though it’s quite cold outside, the hint of sun warms up the glass wall, making it quite cosy in here and I often stare out into the garden and watch the wildlife.


I have many piles of new fabrics, waiting to be put away, and lots of magazines that need filing.  I’m thinking of cutting back my subscriptions.  I find more and more that it feels repetitive reading the same ones, perhaps if I take a break, then come back later, I might find them more inspiring?  I couldn’t give up Country Living though, it’s my yearly little Mother’s Day/Birthday gift to myself.


I’ve updated my inspiration/note board ready for a more spring vibe, although I might try to get ahead with some products for next winter whilst it’s still cold outside; there was so much I didn’t get around to that I’d still like to make.


Right, I need to get back to tidying, now to tackle ‘their’ side, honestly look at it!  I’m not sure where to start.  Oh, there’s a giveaway next post to celebrate my (belated) bloganniversary – hurrah 🙂

23 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. So pleased to see you’re back and your work room looks fab, so organised (well at least on your side anyway!) I miss the days of lego, except for standing on bricks with bare feet! Julie x

    1. I should have mentioned, I had just tidied my desk, so sadly, it doesn’t normally look so neat! This house is turning into a Lego shrine, this winter all my husbands old lego from the 70’s & 80’s turned up, the boys (and my husband) love it and spend hours making space stations. Thanks goodness for the Dyson, at least I can fish out the little pieces that get sucked up!


  2. Lovely to have you back Beth and re the replying etc. , you do what feels best for you!
    Lovely new fabrics and your inspiration board looks – well, very inspiring! 🙂
    V xxx

  3. I can completely understand why it is simpler and better for you not to reply and to keep looking forward. Please don’t ever feel that you shouldn’t do what is best for you. I like your little pile of nursery versey, I have one or two of the prints and love them. As for the boys side of the room – at least you can look away from it while you are working! Juliex

    1. Hi Julie,

      Thanks for all your kind comments, we are on the mend (emotionally) and I’m looking forward to 2013, we can’t go backwards so we may as well forge on with a positive outlook.

      I’ve had the nursery versery since last Autumn? (I bought them from Japan before they were available here) and I’m really looking forward to using them, the plan is little belly patches for new cashmere bears 🙂


  4. Lovely to have you back! I know exactly what you mean about magazines. I find Mollie Makes a bit samey and I won’t be renewing my subscription when it runs out. It’s a shame as I loved it the first year. As for your room……I know which side I’d rather be in! X

  5. Lovely to see you back Beth. I am glad you felt the warmth that we all tried to surround you with at such a sad time. Spring is on it’s way, the garden’s are looking brighter. Take care and take a big deep breath.
    Love Jane x

  6. nice to see you back! The boys space looks like my hallway and livingroom! Its so hard to try and confine their mess..although my craft space has been far messier lately but I’m gradually sorting it out! Your fabric stash looks amazing! Happy crafting x

  7. So chuffed to see your feeling better and getting back into your studio Beth 🙂 especially am loving your pin board with such beautiful illustrations going on, love the two mice under their umbrella and the beautful flowers going on 🙂 getting back to doing the thing you love the most I think is the best idea right now, best to look forward and enjoy life 🙂 its a comfort to know you are feeling happy again 🙂 can’t wait to see your future spring designs, love safxxx

  8. Absolutely delighted to see a new post from you Beth- I’ve missed them! I cannot wait to see what The Linen Cat will be stocking this Spring- no doubt more beautiful things that will empty out my piggy bank!

  9. So sorry, I did notice you were absent, but missed your blog post explaining why. Welcome back, big bear hugs xx

    P.S. Love your spring noticeboard – it’s a good way to hurry things along, although I did notice my miniature daffodils are about to open any day now, so not long to go.

  10. Morning Beth! Tweed curtains? Sounds pretty cool to me.

    Ah, yes, magazines. I stopped my subscriptions a few years ago, and have just been buying the Waitrose Kitchen magazine every month. Recently, I have been buying back issues of Country Living on ebay, and really want to start subscribing again. The subscription prices have gone down so much, I was really surprised.

    I also want to say a very belated thank you for the amazing little birds I ordered before Christmas! They were divided up, and sent out to various family members who all loved them. Maybe this year I’ll be able to keep them for myself!

  11. Lovely, lovely to have you back, Beth! I wish you many bright days creating in that beautiful studio of yours. And oh my, my creative space looks just like… the boys’ side 🙂

    Warm greetings from ever-so-snowy Finland!


  12. Hi Beth- lovely to see you blogging again- I am loving the fabrics. I am so envious of your neat studio space. I think I will have to sort mine out now! I agree with you about some of the magazines and have to say I checkily pop into a supermarket on a lunch break and have a peruse when I can! Its much cheaper and i only buy the ones I really want x

  13. Hey, I stopped getting Mollie Makes as I found it was very ‘cliquey’ and just too expensive so now I just buy 2 . Country Living is definitely one though. If you think that your boys things are a mess then you should see my two’s mess ha ha

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