Open…and GIVEAWAY!!


I opened the shop and Folksy back up last weekend, they are are a little bit empty to be honest, my ‘to do’ list, just to re-stock, is quite long:

Cashmere Bears (cut but not stitched up)

Lavender Birds (in a nice new spring colour)

Linen Mice (cut out but, again, not stitched together)

Tweed Bunny Purses (yet again, cut out, and partly stitched)

Monster Purses (I can’t keep up with these)

Felt Flower Brooches (mostly buttercups and auriculas)

As you can see, many have been cut but are sitting in their project boxes waiting to be completed.  I’m starting with a re-stock of flower brooches.  Almost the most time consuming bit of this is assembling the pieces to sew, but I do like seeing them all laid out nicely on a tray, ready for stitching.


It reminded me that I have a tweed bag, complete with buttercup brooch, sitting in a box, ready for a Spring giveaway.  I couldn’t work out what was wrong with it when I took it out to photograph today, I knew there was a fault and it was why I’d popped it aside,

DSC_0026but I can now see that the strap is on the wrong side.  Doh!  otherwise it’s in perfect order and I don’t think it makes any difference really, especially if you’re left handed….although then the zip would pull the wrong way…maybe.

DSC_0001It has cheery ‘Snow White’ lining and is ready to be given away, so do please comment below to be in with a chance and I’ll pick a winner in the 2nd March.  I’ll post anywhere, and sadly, can’t reply to comments as it pushes the numbers out.  On which note, I am trying to catch up with all my blog reading and replying to comments here, so do please be patient with me.  Things are slipping.

DSC_0019And on a complete tangent, I have new boots, just arrived today from the Dune sale and I love them.  I might need to invest in some flouncy long Victorian style skirts.

Right, I have to go clean now, I’ve been neglecting my housewife duties and I’m at the point where I’d be too embarrassed to invite anyone through the door, never a good thing.





47 thoughts on “Open…and GIVEAWAY!!

  1. Well that is certainly a “spring” bag. How beautiful! You can see faults in your makes but honestly no one else can. If anything that I had made was as faulty as yours then I would be chuffed to bits!

  2. id love to be entered!
    Love your boots too!
    Ive just opened a late christmas present from my fella’s brother and his girlfriend…it was one of your monster purses!Soooo pleased!
    Hope your well

  3. Oww Beth, I love your new boots! Very jealous 😉 Yes I think you need a long Victorian style skirt to go with those too! Yes please enter me in, I gave the purse I bought from you to my sister for Xmas (as she loved it so much) but would love to have one myself!!!! I’m sure you’ll get through your ‘to do’ list, sounds mammoth but looks very good fun to make, I like all your pictures of the beautiful flower broaches so can’t wait to see many of these things on your blog, love safxxx

  4. Love the boots Beth! 🙂
    Please count me in the giveaway, I’m left-handed so it would be perfect for me! 😉
    V xxx

  5. Winter is supposed to be a time of ‘hibernation’
    anyway, that’s my excuse………..I would very much
    like to win……..JX

  6. for us left-handers the strap is on the correct side though honestly can’t see what fault a right-hander would find. As if we didn’t know already this confirms that you are a perfectionist .. and doesn’t it show in your lovely work.

  7. I’d love a chance to enter your giveaway. I just adore the fabric on the inside of your purse – and the tweed & buttercup brooch – luscious! Hope the cleaning went well – did you wear your new boots?

  8. The bag is just lovely. The colours match an outfit I am making, for a Spring family wedding, so please count me in.(And I’m left-handed too) xx

  9. Would love to win the ‘faulty’ bag. It is gorgeous, especially with that lining. Well done getting the shops opened again. I’m still hoping to open up folksy again but can never seem to get enough stock prepared to make it possible. Love the boots- you’re right about the flouncy skirts, would look extra fabulous with them!
    It isn’t great when you worry about visitors because of the state of the house is it 9it happens to me too, more often than I’d like)? Try not to let it get you down, I’m sure things will gradually get a bit more under control. Juliex

  10. Lovely to see you back, hope you’re OK 🙂 I bought my daughter a gorgeous cat from you at Christmas-she loves it. I now need something of yours myself! The bag is just gorgeous, it’d make me feel pretty & grown up x

  11. Hello Beth,

    What a beautiful bag, it seems just perfect with handle just where it is – so please count me in!
    And those booths are adorable – and very Little My too 🙂

    Happy day!


  12. Lovely to see you back on the blog, and I would love to win the purse. I bought one of your acorn brooches a while back and it would match perfectly. Looking forward to seeing all your new products – I’m hoping to get a couple of little things for easter for the children – the bunny purses sound wonderful. Best wishes, Donna x

  13. Your faulty looks like my idea of perfect! It really is a gorgeous spring bag, especially with the yellow flowers on it. Thank you for sharing. Can’t wait to see all your new stuff.

  14. Hello Beth, Very happy to see you back!! Please put my name in the hat. It’s a lovely bag–I like the contrast of the lighter and darker fabrics. The yellow brooch would cheer up our neverending snow. Enjoy your new boots.

    Thank you for this generous giveaway.


  15. Not a fault…unique! It is gorgeous.
    I Love those boots, might have to toddle along to the website, think I NEED some new boots!

  16. What a lovely bag! Yellow makes my heart sing – so perfect for spring.

    Those boots are rather yummy – should show you a photo of my new yellow and black polka dot sandals.

    Thanks for the chance to win this bag – so good to have you back.

  17. It’s a beautiful bag and I would be so delighted to win it and love it. I have missed reading your posts, I follow only a few blogs these days but love the warmth and creativity of your posts and it is lovely to ‘see’ you back.

  18. Delighted to see you back in the saddle so to speak. I look forward to seeing your fresh products executed to the highest of standards. I would be happy with this (almost) perfect purse to carry on my left wrist!

  19. I can’t see a problem with that gorgeous bag and would love to give it a loving home 🙂 I hope you are ok by the way after everthing you have been through lately , keep creating all those gorgeous things you do xxx

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