Half-term Holidays…

It’s snowing very gently outside, it has been since yesterday.  It wont settle, as the ground is too warm, but it looks very beautiful, gently floating down and makes me want to go for a walk….the boys (and M) have other plans, they are swimming right now and then we’re off to Maidstone Museum, because it’s really not very far away and we’ve never been, we do love a good museum.

DSC_0028Half term has gone well.  I’ve been admiring, cleaning and mending (where needed) lots of new (to me) vintage purchases, made over past months (which deserve a post of their own), including this fabulous fabric, which came from the UK-based Etsy shop NiceworkByTheYard.  I have no idea what I’m going to use it for, but I fell in love with the little clothed animals and it kind of jumped into my virtual shopping basket.  The colours, as it sits on my desk, seem to be reflected in my recent work.

DSC_0032I’m trying to get a batch of brooches ready, as they sell quite well for Mothers’ Day and it works well for me to be hand sewing when the boys are around.  They are mid way done, sitting on their project tray waiting for beading and then brooch backs, before being photographed and listed.  The red roses are for next winter, yet another thing started this last time around that had to be abandoned.DSC_0034I also have this fabric, which I am rather taken with, it’s ‘Red Folklore’, by Isso Ecco & Heart (Lecien) and it came from The Eternal Maker.  Again, when I ordered it, I didn’t have a specific project in mind, I just fell in love, but now I know exactly what I’m going to use it for and I couldn’t resist abusing my husbands regular US trips by ordering some in mustard and grey (which I can’t find here in the UK) for him to bring back next time he is over.

DSC_0030The boys have been amazing this holiday.  Although there have been the obvious squabbles, they have mostly played really well together, choosing to go outside lots, despite it being quite cold and inventing games together.  It has allowed me to get quite a bit of sewing done and I’m pleased to have made good progress on some projects that have been in the pipeline for months, if not years – more in the next post.

PS, just got back from Maidstone Museum and it was a great afternoon out, another of those fab Victorian collection museums; lots of costumes, animals (stuffed, as they tended to be back then) and much to the delights of the boys, an Egyptian mummy.  We had fun, I’d happily go back there.

21 thoughts on “Half-term Holidays…

    • Hi Lyn, they fly by, and I’m quite sad as this one has been quite relaxing plus I’ve enjoyed hanging out with the boys 😦 saying that, I always love that first day, when they are back at school and I arrive home to a nice quiet house and a whole day to do as I please (clean and tidy, in next weeks case 😉 ) Bx

  1. I’m impressed you’ve managed to get so much down over half term, we didn’t! We’ve had the same snow here today and while it was pretty to look at I shall be equally happy if it goes away now!

    • It’s not often that way, so I’m quite impressed too. It’s an inset day tomorrow, so we have extra time to get ready to go back, but I already have that sinking Sunday afternoon feeling, I always dread going back to rushed mornings and homework etc, but saying that, I need my house back, it looks like a bomb site! Bethx

  2. It sounds like a great time for you all Beth and a real bonus that the boys have been content to play and that you got some sewing done. I do love that vintage animal fabric..that is so “me”! The snow has fluttered around here today and it does look so very pretty and causing no problems to anyone for a change. Enjoy the end of the holiday and I glad you had fun at the museum, Jane x

  3. Lovely fabrics and lovely makes again, Beth! I am so happy to hear you’ve enjoyed your holidays together, and boys have “given” you some creating time too, and the flowers are looking fab…And Mother’s Day (at yours) is just around the corner… This year is flying by!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


    • Hi Mia, it is flying isn’t it? I’m ready for spring though and it’s trying to snow again today. I hope you are having a great weekend, we’re planning a day at home with Sunday Lunch (in our case roast duck) and a home movie this afternoon 🙂 Bethx

    • They played well when younger but have just hit that point where their age difference shows (F likes all things scary and a bit rough and my youngest is still into soft toys and building train tracks) so it’s a bit tricky, but they find common ground when they need to. Poor Charlie gets rather bossed about, but he copes. Bx

  4. I was just saying to my husband today that I miss taking our children out to visit museums. I used to organise the school holidays so we always had something like that arranged. Now they are teenagers they are loathe to leave the sofa and/or bed. You got quite a bit of sewing done too. It won’t be long till mother’s day, brooches make wonderful presents instead of the usual flowers and chocolates.

    • I do love museums, it was actually my oldest’s (he’s 7) idea to go, which is quite a new thing, in the past he’d try to opt for some indoor play space, given the choice, or the cinema, so we’re making the most of it whilst it lasts and I’m sure, as you pointed out, it wont. They grow so quickly 😦 Bethx

    • Yes! It’s a little apple pocket, the idea (and fabric, which I have been storing for months/years) came before the apple lavender bags (which I made last spring) but I’ve just never got on with the actual aprons (which is what they are). The boys loved the mummy, but they also got very excited by the nature section, full of stuffed animals. I like that they love nature. Bx

  5. Am glad your enjoying the half term holidays with your boys Beth 🙂 I am a bit in love with your fabrics, especially like the one with the little animals in clothes, very sweet images. Love the colours in the red fabric with the birds and fabrics a really lovely pattern… am glad you’ve been doing some retail therapy too 😉 Also love your fabric broaches, its good to get ahead of the list for next winter too.The museum looks really good, it must’ve been a lovely visit…it’s been trying to snow in exeter today too, so pretty, hope your well, love safxxx

    • Hi Saf, Holidays can be a bit stressful sometimes, but I’ve really enjoyed this one, I realised this morning it’s probably because the last few were dominated by Mum’s news so maybe that’s why (not that for a second I begrudge the time spent focusing on Mum). I have written myself a little ‘get ahead’ x-mas list again, if I can get some it covered before the boys break up for summer I’ll be super happy, it helps loads come next September. I love museums, I used to go a lot when I lived in London, often on my own if none of my friends would come with me. It’s something I miss about London actually. Hope you are also well and taking care of yourself. Bx

  6. I love the fabric with the animals in clothes and look forward to seeing what you will make with it! It is snowing gently in Suffolk too, but I really want it to warm up now so I can get on in the garden! Julie x

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