Green Auriculas and Giveaway Winner…

It’s a beautiful day today, sunny and a little warmer than it has been, so I am looking forward to a potter in the garden later.  I plan to hunt for signs of spring in the borders, see exactly what has survived the winter (and the pesky squirrels and chafer grubs, who keep eating my bulbs).

DSC_0063 2

My recent sewing work has been echoing my need for spring.  Ever since I made the green auriculas for my tweed messenger bag, I figured they’d be a good addition to this year’s flower brooches and I’ve been carrying a tray of relevant hand sewing around with me for weeks.


I know these images have been popping up a lot in recent posts (sorry, there are other things on the go, not just new flower brooches) but with Mothers’ Day nearly upon us, I thought I’d better get a move on and get them completed and listed.


So, after a couple of days of frantic sewing, here they are,


and the backs


Even though we have had some quite clear days, with good light, they were difficult to photograph and to get the colours correct.  Most annoying as today is perfect for taking photographs but sadly too late, they are mounted on card and bagged up, so I could finally list them, here.


Whilst I was creating a new colour version of the auriculas, I also re-visited the original design of the burgundy ones.  When I made the recent brooches for tweed bags, I added a second yellow ring to the middle, I really like this as it adds a nice pop of colour to set off the mustard and dark red petals, so I decided to add this as a standard from now on.  There are a few of the original burgundy auriculas left, but I’ve popped these up on Folksy, with the new ones on my own site.  Please don’t think I’m treating Folksy as the poor cousin, it’s just easier for me to keep them separate, with the relevant photos in the right places this way.


I still need to finish up the latest batch of buttercups, which are currently out of stock, then I’m done with flower brooches for a while, it’ll be nice to tick one of my re-stock items off the (rather long) list.

Screen shot 2013-03-03 at 09.08.22

Which brings me nicely to the buttercup bag winner – number 1 was picked by the random number generator, I don’t think I’ve ever had a ‘number 1’ picked before, so Fran of Patchy Rose, congratulations, I’ll email you for your address and get your purse into the post.  Thanks everyone that entered and for your lovely comments.  I hope to have another giveaway soon.


Finally, I wanted to show you this lovely parcel, that arrived last week, how nice is the wrapping!


It contains Claude the Cockerel, which I bought from Julie and Helen’s Folksy shop Haggiz.  I fell in love and as I’m about to start a week of solid house clearing and cleaning, I thought he’d brighten up the mantlepiece, along with some other birds I’ve collected over the years that come out to decorate the house near Easter (which I know is a bit away, but the boys like seasonal decorations so we tend to rather string them out).


Julie was extremely kind and added in an extra, in the form of a notepad and cover in what happens to be one of my favourite fabrics, as I was the first Folksy customer to Haggiz.  Perfect, I plan to put it into action this next week when I get a grip on the house and it’s contents.  I wont be getting much sewing done, but I do have some half written posts and things to show, so hopefully I’ll find time for that, but I know taking a week out to tidy and, essentially spring clean will make me feel so much fresher and calmer, so it’ll be worth it.

I’m off to the garden now to hunt for green shoots before starting Sunday lunch, I hope you’re having a lovely weekend 🙂

22 thoughts on “Green Auriculas and Giveaway Winner…

  1. Brooches are as always beautiful in their neat little rows ! 🙂
    I love your little cockerel and I definitely don’t think it’s too early to decorate for Easter, I love it!!
    Happy shoot hunting Beth. 🙂
    V xxx

  2. A perfect post for this morning Beth as we have some milky sunshine here and I am about to head out to the garden for the first time this year for a clear up. Your brooches are so Spring like and really made me smile. Well done to the giveaway winner, I was only saying to my Hb today that no 1 never comes out as I was the first to enter a competition today with one of my cards but seeing this…fingers crossed. Have a lovely week, spring really is on its way now, Jane x

    • Yes, I used a new random number generator and had to check it, as thought it might have miss-calculated, but nope, it was working properly and it was number 1 that came up. I hope your garden tidy went well, I started mine today, so nice to get out there and clear things up whilst the sun shines. Let’s hope it lasts! Bethx

  3. Such fabulous brooches! and well done Fran for winning that gorgeous tweed bag- big green envy here! Hoping you find lots of shoots in the garden!

  4. I’m so pleased you liked my piles – I can’t make a neat little pile of work without thinking of you!
    The auriculas are so pretty (I think I’m going to order one for my mum), I like the extra yellow layer – it works well.
    I hope the cleaning goes well. I do wish I was able to set aside more time to get things cleaner. The house is okay but not exactly sparkling! Juliex

    • Thanks so much for ordering a brooch, I do hope your Mum likes it. I love your neat piles of work, it makes me smile, even when it’s someone else’s………perhaps I should run a vegetable stall or something. Bethx

  5. Oh, I’m so ridiculously excited!! 🙂 I absolutely never win anything, had to pass the iPad over to Mr PatchyRose to double check for me… Thank you so much x

  6. Congratulations to the lucky winner! And pretty, pretty flower brooches, and all your colorways are so beautiful… Always! And that happy Claude, I think I’m in love!

    Happy March-days!


    • Thank you Mia. Happy March, I do hope you are seeing some sun, we had a glorious day today, for the first time this year, all the school run parents were coat-less! Bethx

  7. Thank you Beth, I’m glad Claude has gone to such a good home! I love the fabric on the notebook too and thought it would be your kind of thing. Your brooches are beautiful.
    Happy gardening, I’ve just been out to inspect mine and the rhubarb is up! I love the warmer days. Julie x

    • Claude is lovely and is sitting pretty on show today. I love the apples and pears fabric, I have some in my stash in a couple of colourways, it helped inspire my apple lavender bags so it was an excellent extra gift which I really appreciate – thank you. Bethx

  8. The cockerel is so cute. Your burgandy brooches are lovely. I would be so happy to have one for mother’s day, some how chocolates and flowers just don’t match up to such a thoughtful gift.

    • I am lucky if I even get a card on Mothers’ Day – I’ve just pointed out to the boys that it’s this Sunday, so they remind my husband – ha ha – if I’m lucky I’ll get coffee in bed 🙂 Bethx

  9. Ow Beth, I love Claude the cockerel! How lovely for Easter…I’m sure he is now looking lovely and settled in your mantle display 🙂 I love things like that but Henry gets funny about it so I have to limit decorations! I love your flower brooches at the mo, I can imagine when you have completed so many it must feel like a real achievement as each must take a lot of sewing but are very worth it, they’re beautiful 🙂 thank u for the kind comments about the drawing, I agree with u it is important to find the time and enjoy playing around with ideas, hope your Sunday lunch was lovely today, love safxxx

    • Claude is cute isn’t he? M also gets funny, he hates any kind of seasonal decoration, and especially anything cute, so I manipulate the kids love of these things to be ‘allowed’ them. I am sneaky. Hope you’re enjoying drawing still, and we had a lovely Sunday lunch, thanks, followed by some Harry Potter watching with the boys. Bethx

  10. Do hope you found some cheery signs of spring on your hunt! Such lovely brooches and bag… Wondering where you source the webbing and fittings from (do I mean fittings? Can’t think of better word!) I used some bright and cheery webbing when I madevthat pattern, though a little too flimsy…

    • Hello 🙂 I found the webbing I used on the bag on ebay, I’m afraid no idea which shop now, but it was 100 cotton and I think aimed at belt making. The findings came from U-Handbag. It definitely makes a difference, I ordered webbing elsewhere but it was also too flimsy, before finding the belting on ebay. Hope that helps, Bethx

  11. Congratulations Fran!! I love all of your brooches, Beth. I’m sure they’ll make lovely Mother’s Day presents. I like Claude; I’ve never seen a little cockerel like that before.

    Happy March from snowy America,
    Happy Mother’s Day soon to you……
    PlumCreek22 Studio

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